The aims andobjectives of the Association shall be as follows:-

  • To recognise andimprove the professional status of child-developmentalists.
  • To advance theeducation and training of registered child developmentalists by organisinglectures, seminars, workshops, render, more effective the organisationaland administrative capabilities of such personnel.
  • To provide suitableteaching aid, other useful materials for references and to act as a meetingplace for its members through the establishment of a Resource Centre.
  • To promote theminimal standard and further up-grading of child-care in all child-carecentres in the urban, rural and plantation sectors in accordance with theChild-Care Act of 1984.
  • To collaboratewith individuals or agencies on research pertaining to child developmentespecially child rearing practices of the different ethnic groups.
  • To undertake thepublication and dissemination of a journal/newsletter and other materialsbearing information, opinions, suggestions and research findings in thefield of child-care and child development provided that approval from therelevant authority has been obtained.
  • To advise parentsand the public who seek help and information on child-care services.
  • To maintain closeliaison between the Association and the Department of Welfare Services,Sabah and to make representations to the Government on matters relatingto registration, licensing and operation of child-care services.
  • To serve as aco-ordinating body between the Association and Enforcement Agencies, privateVoluntary and Statutory bodies responsible for, and the provision of child-careservices.
  • To initiate andassist in the formation and operation of child-care centres in the urban,rural and plantation sectors.
  • To obtain, collectand receive Moines and funds by way of contributions, donations, subscriptions,legacies, grants, covenants or any other lawful method and to accept andreceive gifts of property of any description (whether subject to any trustsor not) for or towards the above purposes.
  • To utilise allincome for and in the promotion of the Aims of the Association.
  • To affiliate withother bodies nationally, regionally and internationally which have as theirmain objective, matters or services pertaining to child-care and earlychildhood education.
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Persatuan Perkhidmatan Taman Asuhan Kanak-kanak Sabah (TASKA)

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