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Rita Home is a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans – children whose parents are deceased or otherwise unable to care for them. Parents, and sometimes grandparents, are legally responsible for supporting children, but in the absence of these or other relatives willing to care for the children, they become a ward of the state, and orphanages are a way of providing for their care and housing.  Children are educated within or outside of the orphanage. Rita Home provide an alternative to foster care or adoption by giving orphans a community-based setting in which they live and learn.

Our services

Generally we rescue children or un-attended old folks via public calls.  Upon bring them to our home we will seek all government related registration, police security reporting, preparing welcoming activity to make them stay.  In our effort if we not able to search their original parents or care taker then we will handle other process such if they are children register them in schools, if they are un-healthy then bring to hospital for health check up.

Within our care we will solve any birth certificate issue (BC), national resident identity card (NRIC) and obtaining those for them for better future as legal citizen of Malaysia.

Same of category for summary briefing we cover almost from born baby up to any age of gold age adults for both male and female.

Child disability care
Children are taken into care because they have a disability, normally a mental or learning disability. A team of carers would look after the children, who may or may not go home to their parents. Conditions and disabilities such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome, epilepsy and cerebral palsy (to name a few) may require that children receive professional as well personal care.

Adult disability care
Adults are taken into long-term care because of a disability, normally a mental disability such as Down’s Syndrome or Autism. This often has serious impacts on their life-opportunities – for example, working, having sexual relationships, or starting a family.

Foster Care
There are some children who, due to special needs or past abuse, are not best served in a group home setting.  This allows the child to bond with and be nurtured in a more intimate setting by a set of “parents.”.

Cradle Care
Offers a tender embrace as volunteers pray over each child by name, encouraging, training and standing beside nurses to help nurture little lives so that they experience loving human touch and are given a greater chance to develop normally.

Other Requirement
We will and have the basic facility from beds, food, multi-religious praying place to make them self a home.

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Rita Home (Persatuan Rumah Kebajikan Rita)

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