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In 1993, the housing development corporation of Taman Desa Rahmat started out an Al-Quran class at the housing area’s mosque; Masjid Al Khairiah as part of their contribution to the community. This class expands to a Tahfiz Al-Quran school for children with the help of Ustaz Hilmy al-hafiz in 1994. The students who are admitted comprises of orphans [boys] from all over Kelantan.

In 1996, the Tahfiz Al-Quran centre officially becomes PEKAYATIM, which is a part of PEYATIM – Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Malaysia [Malaysian Orphans’ Welfare Organisation] (Reg. No: 1193/96 Kel). PEKAYATIM is now a full-fledged orphanage for boys, which provides education in the form of Tahfiz al-Quran, care for the orphans, and help prepare them for the future by helping them secure places in Islamic courses within local higher institutions.

However, currently the Tahfiz centre can only accommodate up to 30 orphans, due to lack of resources and financial means as it relies on public funding. Thus they are also currently unable to accept girls. Stringent interviews are conducted to ensure the orphans accepted are serious about studying Tahfiz al-Quran and make it their chosen stream in Universities.

PEKAYATIM only admits orphan boys aged 10 to 22, and they will spend the next couple of years studying the al-Quran and prepare for the exams that will enable them to further their education. There have been 12 graduates of the school thus far.

Our objectives

  • To give shelter by taking care of poor Muslim orphans.
  • To educate and provide knowledge to the orphans to enable them to live a better future.
  • To give sound Islamic education, to teach, and nurture them with high morals as preparation to face the society.
  • Produce orphans who are academically excellent and entitled to be called Hafizul Quran.

Our needs

Volunteers are welcome.

Description of Needs:

– Two computers for computer room
– Books for resource centre
– Monetary donations  daily expenses (eg. for school going children and essentials)

– School supplies (uniform,shoes,stationery)

Cheques Made Payable to: PEKAYATIM

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Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Kelantan (PEKAYATIM)

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