The Malaysian Association Help For The Poor Terminally Ill (PPPM) was established in 1997 by retired officials of the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. Its mission was to:

  • Provide Aid to terminally ill patients of Malaysian origin without bias to race , religion and creed.
  • Provide courses and knowledge to members that are involved in volunteer work in the country.
  • Setting up with the approval of the relevant governing bodies, care centre’s and elderly homes for terminally ill patients that are recommended by the government.
  • Provide basic financial aid and support to members of the public that are in dire need of help.
  • To instil awareness in road safety via lectures, seminars, talks and other knowledge sharing activities.
  • Providing financial aid for deserving student.

Our services

Medical Equipment
One of our key focus areas is supplying poor patients with the basic medical needs. Working with government hospitals and welfare departments we identify needy patients that require medical equipment and supplies that are not subsidised by the government. Some of these equipment are vital for post hospital care and most to ensure a decent quality of life for poor patients. Some of the equipment and supplies that we provide.

Single Mothers
Parenting is a tough and crucial responsibility. It is harder and extremely challenging if you are a single mother,what more when you are financially poor.
According to a Malaysian study focusing on urban single mothers who are largely from the low income level:

  • 72% are widows
  • 23% are divorcees
  • 4% husbands went missing
  • 1% abandoned by husbands
  • About 64% have 2-4 children
  • About 92% of these women have monthly incomes of less than RM1,000

At PPPM we believe we should not let single moms face these challenges alone. We believe its our duty to help in the betterment of these critical lives.

Financial Aid
At PPPM we identify single mothers that are financially unstable and help them with financial aid. Potential candidates are carefully reviewed and aid is given according to their needs.

Our officers closely monitor these families to ensure their basic needs are fulfilled and their quality of life is improved.

Financial aid is only a single part in our efforts to enrich the lives of single mothers and their children. We provide counselling services and carry out workshops for single mothers. These workshops are focused on providing single mothers job opportunities and valuable skills.

Hardcore Poor

The importance of a stable financial income is utterly important to ensure the basic rights and needs are met. All of us deserve the very basic in terms of shelter, food and clothing. PPPM works with welfare departments to provide financial aid for the hardcore poor.

Aid provided ranges for monthly contributions to need based allocations. Our officers carefully study each application before funds are disbursed. If you think there is someone with a dire need for financial aid please contact us for more info.

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