House Of Love was established in 2012 by Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Pang with a group of difference professionals.

During his service, it was serving orphanage plays the role of the father to monitor children’s growth and to help the orphanage home looking for the assistance of the Fund. After accumulation of experience, he found a lot of broken families, the tragedy, such as: the child is neglected, abused, abandoned, it because the parents of the child are facing different from the stress in their lives, leading to no experience in handling different situation. Different situation will have different result. Sometimes, all of this happening is not what they (parents) want. They need our help to guide them past through all of their problems. Therefore, the establishment of the House Of Love is not only to provide children with free shelter and take care of their establishment, is also set up for parents who need counseling, The goal of House Of Love is want the children back to their family.

House Of Love is not just a children’s home, is also a single mother protection place. We have single mother protection Home. The single mother of ministry is responsible for the by Christine Lim.

A healthy home, with a mother and a father. The mother’s role is to take care of the child’s daily diet, educate their children taught. Dad is the breadwinner.

House Of Love is to serve as the “mother” role, responsible for the care of these unfortunate children. That the role of the father would have needed “Public(Dad)” to assist. If without you (Dad – public), we would not (mother) survive. We continue to need your support and assistance, so we (mother) is no worries to carry on our duties to take care of this under privilege children. Thanksgiving! Noble work! .

At House of Love, these under privileged children stay in a home style environment with stay-in parents/nanny.  The house started its operation in Klang with 4 children.  Presently House of Love have a total of 35 children (21 Boys & 14 Girls) residing at the home together with 8 live-in staff.  Its aim is to provide physical, spiritual, mentally, socially and educational well-being of these children. The home is located at Taman Klang Jaya, Klang, with a total floor space of approximately 14,000 sq ft ( 2 Homes: Boy House & Girls House) .Every effort is made to provide a home atmosphere and love. Children are come for living in cottage/ home style environment with house parents.

House of Love also have an “HOL Food Bank Ministry” that reaches out to 200 families (with a total 400 Children) which we help monthly by giving counseling, provisions such as, rice, cooking oil, milo, can food, toiletries, etc. ( About RM 300 worth of provision each family)   and help in their children education.  At present, the home can house up to 40 children. Our monthly Expenses for 2 homes is RM 15,000.

House of Love is governed by a board of committee members of different professional background.  These committee members are committed to the local community services. The home is also in good standing with the Klang Social Welfare Department and we have their blessing to operate the home.

As for funding, the home get theirs funding solely from well-wishers, dubs, organization, companies, public and individuals for funding through our sponsorship program.

Beside, we also welcome you help the poor family by giving the daily food stuff to give them monthly provision.

” If you received a call one day and was told the following: A father (36 years old) had passed away before the new year, he had left behind a heart-broken wife (32 years old) who committed suicide 2 months later due to extreme sadness and 8 children (age between 1 and 15). These children are now in desperate need of your help. What were you do to help them?”

House of Love is a new charitable and Christian organization children home for the orphans, abandoned, abused, and neglected children.

We are the Tax Exemption organization under The

“Potongan Di Bawah Subseksyen 44(6) Akta Cukai Pendapatan 1967: Rujukan: LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.7923.

House Of Love is:

    • A house for the homeless children (orphans, loss of the parents)
    • Love for the unloved children (careless parents, abused)
  • Security for the abandoned, neglected children (abandoned)

Our Aim and Objectives:

    • Provide shelter, food, clothing, education and tender love for the abused, abandoned, neglected and orphans
    • Provide Godly home like atmosphere that the children can all their own, and
  • Provide parent- child relationship and to build brotherhood among the children equipping them in their growth towards adulthood.

Our Theme & AIM (BEST)

·         Bring  Children to Know God

·        Ensure children the best education

·        Share our love to Children

·        Train children toward Right Attitude

How can u help?

    • Sponsor a child (RM 500)
    • Co-sponsor child (Any amount:  RM ______ )
    • Sponsor a worker (Any amount:  RM ______ )
    • Sponsor the rental (Any amount:  RM ______ )
    • Sponsors the necessities of the center on a monthly basis.
    • Give tuition to the children Or Sponsor tuition fees.
    • Help clear the home or take the children out for a day trip on individual basis or in a group.
    • Come spend some time with children
    • Let other know about the home.
  • Become the “Volunteer” for the House Of Love..

All Donations and contributions can be banked into our accounts as below:

Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih
Hong Leong Bank : 339-000-19040
MayBank                : 5129-0551-4888

Our Contact:

Home Address  : No: 35, Jalan Serunai 15, Taman Klang Jaya, 41200 Klang. Selangor

Contact: 603-3322 1748; 016-2250723016-2565646

Email: [email protected]

Website: &


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