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Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) is a project oriented voluntary organisation dedicated towards addressing the welfare and needs of women and children. For more than 44 years PERTIWI has played a vital role in providing various forms of assistance. This has included lobbying for women’s rights in Malaysia, educating, nurturing and empowering women, while maintaining their traditional family role. Some of PERTIWI’s social missions and welfare activities include the provision of literacy skills and education awareness seminars, provision of medical aid to remote villages, sponsorships for educating foster children, and the provision of skills training for single mothers, among other programmes. PERTIWI’s activities are run by a central committee and by groups of volunteers from all walks of society.

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To help extend its reach into the community, PERTIWI commenced its mobile soup kitchen project in March 2010 to provide free meals to the homeless and hardcore poor people in Kuala Lumpur’s inner city four nights each week.

Soup kitchens can be found in many of the world’s cities. They exist to provide basic meals to those who go hungry, not because they are lazy or are looking for handouts, but because they simply cannot get enough food or proper nutrition. Those in need may include children, parents and the elderly. Malaysia’s economic success and prosperity has ensured that hunger is not a matter of not having any food at all, but whether those in need are getting enough food on a regular basis and whether we care enough to provide food to them.

Soup kitchens provide an important way to give back to the community by offering a healthy meal to those who are in need. The few soup kitchens that do operate in Kuala Lumpur are already providing this critical service but there are still too many homeless and hardcore poor people in our city who are unable to eat properly on a daily basis.

The PERTIWI Soup Kitchen project provides a humanitarian food-aid service to the hardcore poor irrespective of race or religion. By interacting with various destitute inner city communities on a regular basis, additional support programmes have been introduced to address the needs of the people we serve, such as our medical services for the needy.

The areas we serve are Chow Kit, Kota Raya, Masjid India, Masjid Negara and Syed Putra. Between 500-700 food packets may be served at three or more locations, depending on the number of people lining up for food.

PERTIWI volunteers, in association with other volunteer groups, individuals, college and university students, employees of corporate organizations, have come together to make the PERTIWI Soup Kitchen a warm and caring community outreach project where we get to see volunteers from all races and religions, working together with so much care, reaching out to the homeless and hardcore poor.

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