Project Liber8 [liberate] is a human trafficking awareness campaign organized by Onyx Charity Association of Selangor (Purple Cow).
Our mission for this project is based on the Triple A concept; AAA. Attention, Attachment, and Action.

We aim to attract the ATTENTION of citizens to this issue as it is only with proper edification that people are truly aware of the situation. With that, we hope to clean the windows of the minds’ eye of the public so the people, especially youths, can be given a clear view of the cruel reality that is human trafficking.

We then hope to gain the ATTACHMENT of the public with regards to this issue so that we, as one movement can ACT together to bring change in whatever ways we can; be it by making donations to main anti-human trafficking organizations or by using our powers as consumers to go against human trafficking by not supporting brands that exploit trafficked victims.

Human trafficking is a term used to describe the activity by which millions of people are transported around to become enslaved each year.
But how many people know about human trafficking? Or that it’s happening everyday in our country? Sometimes in our own backyard.

This is where Project Liber8 comes in! We feed you information, ideas and ways to help fight against human trafficking. Which is h
ow our name comes in, the 8 in Project Liber8 signifies the 8 fun and exciting things you can do to help us stand against human trafficking today!
Help us help everyone be aware of human trafficking, and eventually help stop trafficking.
It’s an awareness campaign! You’ll have tons of fun following us around. Join us now to see what we have up for you!

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