QuickCauses.com is a project level accounting system that helps Cause owners and Donors keep track of publicly sourced funding towards Causes. The nature of the Causes can be anything under the sun from whimsical fund raising efforts to get your favourite school teacher a gift, or perhaps organise a high school reunion party with old friends and their families, or perhaps a drinking club for a pub crawl night. We leave the creativity of the Cause to you!

The Public’s Right to Information

On the more serious note, we would like QuickCauses to be used to raise funds for relief towards genuine tragedy due to conflict, natural disasters, famine and the other nastiness in our world today. We believe that the way public donations are being managed today, in its opaque nature is extremely open to abuse. How much money have we all donated to various charities and towards relief efforts everywhere and what do we know of how this money is spent and how much was actually collected? We the public donors are the stakeholders of any public funds and we have a right to know exactly how this money is spent and how much goes where.

Manage and Report

To this end, QuickCauses was birthed to provide a means where public donations towards any Cause can be raised in a transparent manner where all donations can be scrutinised and all expenditure from a Cause be reported visibly for all public viewing. Our automatic email notification alerts Cause Owners and Donors on changes and updates to the Cause and provides a report at the end of the Cause to all Donors outlining how their money has been spent.


While making it easy to manage Causes, QuickCauses itself does not handle any transaction of cash or goods. We are a management tool that enables the transparent monitoring and reporting of Donations towards Causes but the responsibility of each Cause is left to the Cause owner. As all Causes are public documents, we can decide to freeze Causes or even ban Users that are deemed suspect and will cooperate with authorities if certain Causes are not providing honest response and reporting. We urge the public to contact us immediately if there are discrepancies for us to investigate and take action. QuickCauses is about transparency and our responsibilities are primarily to the public.

Support Us

We hope that you will use QuickCauses to raise funds. We appreciate feedback and we will continue to develop more features in the time to come. If you agree with our struggle and our Cause, please support us by pledging some money to us.

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Every donation goes to Touching Hearts Welfare Society, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and is exempted from tax under sub-section 44(6) of Income Tax Act 1967. Hati.my does NOT collect donations on behalf of other NGOs. Kindly email [email protected] after your transaction is successfully completed to receive a receipt. The receipt will feature the following fields:
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