Recovr Resources is your ideal partner in reducing your waste footprint to zero. We provide comprehensive services ranging from waste audits, setups, collections to reporting of your results, in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Aluminium, glass, paper, plastic and steel make up 50% of the municipal solid waste stream, which includes residential and commercial waste. All can be diverted from the landfill through recycling.

Our Goals

Recovr aims to:

Move individuals from the traditional and unsustainable welfare/charity system into an independent status as contributing taxpayers and equals in society

Elevate individuals from the poverty trap perpetuated by discriminatory social, cultural and economic hiring practices

Encourage cross-cultural understanding across different spectrums of society through community and volunteer opportunities at the Centre, to foster empathy and goodwill between people

Help communities understand sustainable waste management and redirect waste from the landfills in a bid to allocate resources more effectively

Extend the life cycle of items that are thrown away by converting them into useful and desirable entities

Encourage job creation particularly for the underprivileged and Special Needs job applicants in an under-addressed market

Addresses unemployment especially among the underprivileged, in line with current efforts and investments in education and community development

What we do

Recyclable Waste Planning and Collection Services, Waste Trail Reporting and consultancy in Office Recycling Outreach and Education. Our organisation champions equal employment and holds health, safety and environmental processes at the highest regards.

We offer a range of management, assessment, planning, and collection and distribution services to transform your waste streams into recycling streams to improve the use of resources as well as operational cost efficiency. Our support also extends to advice on process innovations that will help to decrease your waste at the outset, reducing the need for disposal services

We provide a comprehensive reporting standard to manage your waste trails from the point of collection to further segregation and subsequently distribution. Our reports detail the breakdown of the different type of recyclables, collection points and dates of collection for the management of your environmental performance records as well as reference for future reduction plans.

Our expertise in campaign planning and execution are designed to inspire corporate communities to recycle through powerful communication strategies, engaging campaigns and volunteer opportunities. Our campaigns advocate fun, memorable, achievable and simple ways to make incremental changes in recycling at work and at home.

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