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Who are we

Rumah Sayangan began operations as a department under Charis Christian Centre. Since 1997,the Home has been registered separately as a legal entity under the Registrar of Society and under the Care Centre Act of 1993. They were given their annual operating licence by the Welfare Department in the same year as well.

Our objective

The Home’s main objective is to demonstrate God’s love by ministering to underprivileged, abused, abandoned and orphaned children irrespective of race, creed or religion for the enhancement of their holistic well-being.

Our services

To date a total of more than 60 children has passed through Rumah Sayangan’s doors, majority of whom have been reconciled with loved ones / next-of-kin. At present, there are 15 children ( five girls and 10 boys, age ranges from four years to 20 years) living in the Home. The Home is also supplying monthly food provisions to nine families.

The staff consists of three caregivers ( for the day and night shifts)and one cook ( part-time).

These include expenses for the children’s education, food and provisions, housekeeping, the rental of two double-storey terrace houses, utilities, maintenance of three vans, administrative costs and staff emoluments. The overall decision-making is managed by the Board of Management, with an Advisory Board rendering service.

Rumah Sayangan hopes to expand the ministry to take in more children. They also hope to acquire their own property. One of the terrace houses the children occupy has been bought. They plan to purchase the remaining corner lot unit costing approximately RM300,000+ or the adjacent lot and use it as an educational centre for IT training and tuition.

Our needs

Number of Paid Staff:     4
Sources of Funds: Funded by public donations
Estimated Monthly Expenditure:     RM10,000

Please donate to:

   Public Bank  account no: 3125255900

– Volunteers and manpower to join hands in helping the children through giving tuition, encouraging them, showing that they are loved and not unwanted, gardening and other household and outdoor activities.
– Sponsorship for some of the Home’s expenses eg utility bills, rental, children’s school bus fares, daily pocket money etc.

Description of Needs:
– Financial ( regular financial aid)
– Food provisions ( perishable and non-perishables)
– Toiletries and Detergents
– Stationery

NB: If tax-exemption receipt is needed, kindly advise name and IC No.
Cheques Made Payable to: Persatuan Rumah Sayangan

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