Who are we

Established in 1988, House of Victory (Rumah Victory) is a non-profit organisation.  Its objective is to provide community services especially in the area of drug eradication and rehabilitation. This welfare-based organisation aspires to offer a new hope for a victorious life for those who are misguided and in need.

Founded by Bro. Philip Mok in 1988, the following three major ministries have been established:
1. Drug Rehabilitation Centres
2. Preventive and Training Centre for Youth in Kuala Lumpur
3. Old Folk’s Homes

Our needs

Rumah Victory depends on the financial contributions from the general public, Churches and personal basis. The organisation needs to embark on regular fund raising projects to fund our various centers. To supplement the income of the rehab centre, part-time small-scale contract work is done whenever such assignment is being offered to the centre.

Rumah Victory Elderly Home needs volunteers to come to the Home to share time with the dependents. All forms of assistance is welcome.
Sources of Funds: Approximately 50% of the fund from the students’ sponsorship, odd jobs undertaken by the centres and other donations. The Home appeals for cash donations as well as donations in kind.

Estimated Annual Expenditure:     RM900,000 per year

How volunteers can help

Volunteers are very welcome. Rumah Victory is initiating a Volunteers’ Fellowship to be based at their Youth Centre. This Volunteers’ Fellowship is to organise and train a group of volunteers to assist in Rumah Victory’s activities. All are encouraged to join. If you are interested to volunteer your time, please contact the Youth Centre directly.

Rumah Victory’s elderly home: No Jalan 8, Taman Bukit Kuchai, Batu 8, Jalan Puchon, 47100 Selangor.

Non-cash donation:
Provisions Needed

1. Cleaner All Purpose
2. Counterpain Ointment
3. Dishwashing Liquid
4. Medicated Oil
5. Ointment – Neck & Shoulder Rub
6. Ointmet – Tiger Palm
7. Salonpas Medicated Plaster
8. Shampoo
9. Soap Bar
10. Soap Powder
11. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
12. Toilet Rolls
13. Toothbrush
14. Toothpaste – variety
15. Bath Towels
16. Body Shampoo
17. Bedsheets
18. Pillow Case
19. Bed
20. Dettol
21. Floor Liquid Cleaner
22. Brooms
23. Gauze
24. Rubbish Bags (Big)
25. Hanger
26. Chopper
27. Big Wok
28. Spoon & Fork


1. Water Heaters
2. Thermo Pot
3. Kettle
4. Computer
5. (15kg) Washing Machine (15kg)
6. Ceiling Fan
7. Standing Fan
8. Double Decker (Adult)
9. Sponsored Astro Fee (Elderly Home)
10. Grass Cutter


1. Anlene Milk Powder
2. Beehoon
3. Biscuits – Variety
4. Coffee Tea Mix
5. Cooking Oil
6. Flour
7. Instant Noodle
8. Kopi O
9. Milo 3 in 1
10. Nescafe 3 in 1
11. Oats
12. Peanut Butter
13. Planta
14. Oyster Sauce
15. Rice
16. Sugar
17. Sweetened Creamer
18. Tea Leaves
19. Vico Chocolate Drink
20. Ribena
21. Milk
22. Salted Fish
23. Thermo Pot
24. Sardine Fish
25. Soya Bean
26. Luncheon Meat
27. Vit Mee
28. Cup Mee
29. Ikan Bilis
30. Dried Prawn
31. Dates
32. Ajinomoto
33. Bombay Onion
34. Garlic
35. Dry Vegetable
36. Chinese Herb
37. Sesame Oil
38. Cooking Wine
39. Tropiaco Flour
40. Tomato
41. Potatoes
42. Red Beans
43. Green Beans
44. Variety Meat
45. Variety Vegetable


1. Orange
2. Mango
3. Apples
4. Watermelon
5. Grapes
6. Pear
7. Honeydew
8. Bananas

Please contact Rumah Victory if you would like to make a donation or help them in other ways.

We need donations

1. Rumah Victory is appealing for donations to help run all its centres. The centres’ monthly expenses run up to about RM70,000.

Rumah Victory welcomed all contributions to help in running of these centres, finances will go to paying utility bills, buying food supplies, books and clothes, among others.

2.Rumah Victory needs support for new elderly shelter

Rumah Victory is expanding to care for more senior citizens.  The home needs funds and contribution to help complete their new elderly shelter in Puchong: They need:

Building materials and utilities

  • Red Concrete
  • Solar Power System
  • CCTV
  • Autogate

Household appliances

  • Filters
  • Fans
  • Air-conditioners
  • Exhaust fans


  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Cabinets
  • Printer
  • Computers
  • Cupboards

Cheques Made Payable to: Rumah Victory

Other contact

Contact Person’s Name:     Sis. Grace Gan/Sis. Rebecca Looi (for Youth Centre and Elderly Home)
Rumah Victory Youth and Elderly Home: Phone:     +603-80751660, +603 8080 2608 Fax:     +603-80750626
Rumah Victory Elderly Home: PIC Loi Bih Shyong
RumahVictory Children’s Home : +603-79814245, No 2 Jln Awan Cempaka 3, (opposite Shell petrol station), Taman OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
Semenyih Rumah Victory Drug Rehab:PIC Gan Chin Keong
Melaka True House of Victory Sdn Bhd (phone/fax: +606-2681799)

Our Facebook page, here.

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