Who are we

SOS is a non-profit organisation committed to saving the seahorse and the Pulai River Estuary in Malaysia. SOS is comprised of a group of young scientists, students, public volunteers and local fishing communities.

Since 1995, massive port development around Pulai River Estuary have destroyed large tracts of seagrass beds, which are home to the Spotted Seahorse, Hippocampus kuda. The Spotted seahorses, which once thrived in the Pulai River Estuary, is losing its habitat as well as numbers. SOS is particularly concerned that they may vanish soon.

SOS is fighting to conserve what still remains of the Pulai River Estuary through non-antagonistic approaches. They work with the government, local communities and developers in seeking mitigation measures. SOS holds exhibitions aimed at raising public awarenesses besides fundraising activities.
Sources of Funds: Public, corporate sponsors (including Ford Motor Company, Project Aware Foundation)

Our needs

SOS has established a volunteers programme to enable the public to help gather scientific data relevant for conservation of seahorses and seagrass ecosystem.

SOS is currently collecting more petitions in their bid to save the seahorse. The petitions will be sent to the Prime Minister, the Menteri Besar of Johor State and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. Download petitions forms from SOS website.

SOS seeks funding for research, education and conservation works on seahorses and seagrasses at the Pulai River Estuary. Three areas in urgent need of funding:

– Purchase of satellite images of the seagrass beds.
– Construction of an in situ research station.
– A 10-15 ft boat and outboard engine.

See SOS website for more details.

Cash donation for utilities

Cheques Made Payable to: SUARAM KOMMUNIKASI

Save Our Seahorses (SOS)

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