Sempurna Community ServicesHow the organisation started:

I am just a retired teacher who wants to give back to society. I have always believed that helping the poor and needy is not merely an act of charity – it is also an act of social justice.
I approached the local developer, Dato Tan Seng Leong, to give me the free use of a shop lot to start this community centre in early 2009. For the first two years, I used up all my monies from my EPF to finance this project. In 2011 and 2012, it was funded by the Nanyang Press Foundation.

What Sempurna Community Services does:

I provide three free services – English tuition for UPSR pupils, counselling, and a library. I had single-handedly taught the classes for the first two years, with one class in 2009, and then two classes in 2010.
In 2011, with the financial support from the Nanyang Press Foundation, I was able to have seven classes (7 x 40) with a total of about 280 pupils. However, in 2012, I reduced the class size to about 30, so I had only about 210 pupils. About 80% of the pupils are from the urban poor
In addition, I personally teach two VIP (Very Important Pupils) classes. They are referred to as at-risk student. They are poor secondary school students who are mainly from single-parent families and/or who are having disciplinary problems in schools.
(I am currently enrolled in the Master in Counselling program at the Open University Malaysia).

Needs from volunteers:

This year, I was given the free use of an extra adjoining lot to be used as a library-cum-counselling centre. It will also be used as a place for youth to hangout and to “chillax” (to chill out and relax).
1.I need a volunteer to help me to key in the data of the books and magazines.
2.I need a volunteer to teach the VIP classes if I happen to be out of town (attending seminars or workshops).

I also need a van – for use as a mobile library and to ferry students who don’t even have transport to come for the free tuition.

Cash donations:  About RM500 per month.


Sempurna Community Services

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