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Registration Number: 496903P
By Whom: Pastor Jacop and Bridget David

It was officially launched in 1994 as a foster home for orphans, abandoned, abused and neglected children from broken families.

They shared their newfound vision to Rev. Joseph Ramayah and his wife Stella Ramayah, the senior church pastors of Christian Life Centre, Malaysia. They embraced this unique vision into their church and since then together with their church board they have been a great blessing and encouragement to this ministry. Consistently they give financial assistance and spiritual guidance to this work.

In the year 2000 this ministry was formally registered as Shepherd’s Centre Foundation. Initially this home started with only 2 children, now there are 97 children. They are in upper-secondary, lower-secondary, primary, kindergarten and nursery curriculums. Few children are learning skills in Montfort Boys Town in Shah Alam and non-school going children are in the in-house skill-training programmes.

Referrals for this foundation comes from the National Social Welfare Department, police, hospitals, churches, prison departments, NGO’s, individuals and family members.

Currently Shepherd’s Centre Foundation is officially registered and recognised by the National Social Welfare Department.

Our objectives

Special Projects- Shepherd’s Centre Foundation has also established the following:

* A Home for Terminally Ill Children
* An Education Centre
* A Skills Training Centre

Goals For The Home for Terminally Ill Children

* To provide shelter and care for children who are terminally ill due to the failure for cells to reproduce, generate or undergo repair. We will also cater other forms of reproductive health problems, especially for the homeless and abandoned children. This home will only accommodate eight to ten children with illness at any one time. This is to facilitate better personal attention to each child.
* To provide these children a loving, caring and meaningful environment in order to develop them into holistic persons.
* To guide and to provide these children the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
* To provide the necessary general education, medical attention and loving care during the final stages of the disease or illness.
* To encourage research into these cases and so discover ways of preventing or relieving the suffering caused by discrimination, abandonment and other related factors. We will also keep such statistics and basic records available to facilitate research.
* To educate and inform the public, the media and the relevant authorities, of these children and to encourage the support by professional workers for the purpose of helping such children deal and overcome their problems.
* To campaign for and promote the need for affordable and accessible health care centres open to all in need of help.

Goals for Education Centre

* Every child will be equipped with Information Technology (IT) by learning about computers and their functions. Module includes: the Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office Programmes and using the Internet.
* Every child will be trained to speak and write in Bahasa Malaysia and the English language, and to do so in proper grammar and diction.
* Every child will have the use of a library of reference books, encyclopedias, and many kinds other books to enhance their knowledge. This also would be a place for them to undertake group studies and discussions.

Goals for Skills Training Centre

* They have also planned the following Income-Generating Programmes. They plan to work with the children to set up a car wash centre, a bicycle repair centre and a welding centre.
* In setting up and maintaining these centres, the children will occupy their time on useful and productive things in addition to generating some pocket money. All the money they earn from these endeavors will be banked into their individual accounts.
Estimated Monthly Expenditure: Rm55,000
For more information, kindly contact the home.

No. of fulltime staffs and trainees : 18 persons

A new home to begin soon at Bukit Beruntung, Rawang, which can cater for 40-50 children. Kindly contact the Home if you are able to help in any way, thank you.

Our needs

Volunteers needed to help out in computer classes as well as general work around the Home. Please contact the Home directly to enquire about specific help needed for the moment.

Non-cash donation:

To provide a daily balanced diet for all our children. Besides, you could help support a child with the following items
* Comfortable Clothes
* Warm Shelter
* Medical Attention
* Education
* Vocational Skills
* Spiritual and Moral Guidance
* Parental Care

The centre requires donations and help to set up their new education and skills training centre. Food, utensils, toiletries and various other items are also needed for their children’s home. Donations towards their running expenses are also greatly appreciated.

The Home also appeals for a donor to sponsor some software for their computers used by the children.
Cheques Made Payable to: Shepherd’s Centre Foundation

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Shepherd’s Centre Foundation

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