Small Changes, Big Differences” is the ideological root that flowered into our organization, Small Changes. In 2011, a group of motivated and enthusiastic young adults spearheaded the birth of this initiative during a leisurely but productive meet-up.

Unperturbed by the limitation of time and resources, they put their heads and hearts together to bring Small Changes into existence, with the unwavering belief that any small changes they make today will lead to big differences. Almost a decade later, this belief continues to resonate through all of our members and acts as the driving force behind our volunteer work.

Small Changes aims to be more than just an organization, but a platform for any person – be it an influential CEO or a still-struggling student – to empower the communities around them. With the keen awareness that many in Malaysia still lack sufficient access to education, we aim to bridge the gap between different pockets of societies by bringing them together through our projects.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure under-served groups are both aware and equipped to grab opportunities available to them, while inculcating social consciousness in our volunteers. It is our hope that through volunteerism, they will be empowered to become compassionate leaders who advocate for others.

Since 2017, Small Changes Malaysia (a.k.a. Kelab Belia Transformasi) has been registered as a youth club with the Registrar of Youth (ROY) Malaysia.

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