Who are we

St Nicholas Home is a multi-service institution serving the visually disabled throughout Malaysia. It is a voluntary non-profit and non-governmental organisation whose work is supported by donations and voluntary manpower of members of the public. Their aim is to integrate the visually disabled into the Malaysian community. They have a home visit scheme throughout Penang, Kedah, Perlis and North Perak.

Our services

1. Early Intervention Programme
This programme is involved with the care of newly born blind babies and children up to the age of 6 years, and their families.

2. Massage Training for the Blind
The blind is trained to be self-employed masseurs, or be placed in open employment as masseurs.

3. Handicraft Workshop
They are trained to make different types of handicraft work.

4. Multi-handicapped Programme
The programme takes care of severely handicapped children who are not only visually handicapped but have one or more other disabilities, namely the deaf-blind, blind mental palsy and blind physically disabled.

5. Community Based Rehabilitation Programme
It cares for those 14 years and above, where this service together with Early Intervention and Multi-handicapped Programmes are organised on a home visit scheme throughout Penang, Kedah, Perlis and North Perak.

6. Satchel Low Vision Centre
It conducts eye testing and screening and dispenses low vision aids prescription.

7. Aftercare and Job Placement Service
It takes care of ex-Nicolites and looks for suitable jobs for them.

8. Home for the Elderly Blind
It caters to the growing number of ex-Nicolites who are past retirement age, and who do not have living relatives and benefactors.

9. Orientation and Mobile Training
This is provided for the trainees of the Rehabilitation Centre and newly blind clients.

10.Computer classes for the blind
Computer classes are held regularly in the computer room.
These classes are meant for the blind as well as the sighted.
These are free of charge and anyone is welcome to attend.

11.Library services for the blind
The library produces Braille books, Talking books (books read on cassette tapes) and newscast (weekly selections from local newspapers and periodicals).
It also lend outs, by mail despatch through the courtesy of Pos Malaysia, a collection of Braille books and tapes.

Our needs

Donate to us at:

  • Bank transfer -Bank name: Maybank
  • Account name: St. Nicholas’ Home Penang
  • Account no.: 507068124535

By cheque: Cheque made to St. Nicholas’ Home, Penang


Kindly contact our Volunteer Programme Co-ordinator, Ms. Cecilia Raghavan at 04-2290800 or email to [email protected] for more information.


Fill in the volunteer form which is available here and our co-ordinator will contact you shortly to answer all your questions.

Non-cash donations: 

Pastry equipment

  • Wok (50 cm) Thick Metal, RM 40
  • Stainless steel Pot, RM 100
  • Uniforms, RM 500
  • Ingredient Costs for one year, RM 5000
  • Table Oven, RM 1000
  • Bread Mixer, RM 1500


  • Uniform, RM 1000
  • Oil and Cream, RM 500
  • Big towels (30 pieces), RM 500
  • Office Chairs (3), RM 300


  • Mould for weaving, RM 2000
  • Raw Material & Tools, RM 4000
  • Tables (10), RM 1500
  • EIP / DBMH
  • Tactile Book Project: need RM 5000, received so far RM 2700


  • Educational Toys, RM 3000
  • Renovation of dormitory and classroom, RM 6000
  • Daisy Project

Social Care Unit

  • Camera, RM800
  • GPS, RM400
  • Early Intervention Programme
  • Camera, RM 800
  • Video Recorder, RM 1500
  • Sponsor of educational toys for children
  • Plastic cups with a handle RM 1500
  • Colour Pencils (24 pcs – 30 sets), RM 500
  • Portable Whiteboard, RM 200
  • Laptop with portable Speakers, RM 3000
  • GPS, RM400
  • Video Recorder, RM 1500
  • Webcam, RM 200


  • Sponsorship of Training sessions
  • Software: Windows 7 and Office 2010
  • Library
  • CD/MP3 Players (3), RM 600.00
  • Book Shelves
  • Audio Production
  • MP3 Recorder (3)
  • Microphones (2)
  • Low Vision Centre
  • Sponsorship of Low-Vision Devices

Music and Arts

Rebana and Accordion, RM 3000

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