Persatuan Kebajikan Inspirasi Kemanusiaan (Story of Seed) Reg. No. PPM-016-10-25102016 is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) funded entirely by public donations, to help animals and human who are underprivileged and needy. The purpose of this NGO is to provide opportunities for those who want to be involved in volunteering work, to inspire themselves, their family members and friends. Through the activities organized by Story of Seed, we hope that the volunteers can gain a better understanding and wisdom about life. Subsequently, we hope that they can impart this wisdom and knowledge to the next generation.

Since year 2016, we managed to sponsor about 500 stray dogs through independent rescuers and independent stray dogs’ shelters. In the process, we also built kennels and shelters for them to live in. We continue to provide funding for the stray dogs’ shelters’ operating and maintenance costs, which includes food for the stray dogs, medical costs for their vaccinations, treatments, neutering and medications.

Story of Seed’s next target is to train the stray dogs we have helped and give them the opportunity to rescue other stray dogs by doing their part in fund raising efforts. We would also like to bring these stray dogs to visit orphanages, old folks home and schools to allow the people involved to experience dogs’ unconditional love, happiness and joy. Through their interactions with these stray dogs, we wish that the positive impact they receive will lift their spirits and inspire them to approach life with more positivity.

Story of Seed seeks funding and sponsorships to support independent stray dogs’ rescuers and shelters to help them sustain their noble effort and operations. We plan and run projects and events to fund-raise with the help of volunteers.
Story of Seed is dependent entirely on public donations to meet our monthly operating costs. Below are some of our previous and on-going projects:

On-going projects
1) Provide continuous financial support for Keong’s independent stray dogs’ shelter;
2) Provide continuous financial support for independent rescuer (Ms Chan);
3) Provide financial support for KL & Ipoh Perak stray dogs’ medical and surgery programme; and
4) Provide financial support for KL & Ipoh Perak stray dogs’ neutering programme.

Previous projects:
1) Financial support for Aunty Kelly’s independent stray dogs’ shelter from end of 2017 to May 2020
2) Built stray dogs’ shelter to provide homes for dogs dumped at Papan landfill;
3) Built kennels at Aunty Kelly’s shelter for stray dogs;
4) Built temporary housing for flood victims from Kelantan in year 2017;
5) Charity Hair Cut event to raise funds;
6) Donated to Ti-Ratana’s Orphanage Education Fund;
7) Second-hand book sales at Taylors University to raise funds; and
8) Designed and sold over 300 T-shirts to raise funds.

Donation Info:

Name : Persatuan Kebajikan Inspirasi Kemanusiaan (Story of Seed)
Bank Name : CIMB Bank Bhd
Account No : 8009461593
Payment Method : Online Transfer / Cash Deposit / Cheque
Please email / whatsapp your donation slip to [email protected] / 0183884759

Story of Seed (Persatuan Kebajikan Inspirasi Kemanusiaan)

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