Who are we
Suriana Welfare Society For Children is a registered child focused non government organisation(Reg No 0892-10-SEL) set up to advocate for children in crisis. Established in June of 2010, the organisation has a mission of speaking up for the protection of children in crisis situations. Suriana seeks to advocate rights of children through empowering the community, training and development programs and as well as projects within the community.
Our mission

1. Protection – To actively advocate the rights of children in Malaysia. Children have the right to live in an environment where they are safe so as to grow and develop, free from harm and violence. Suriana strives to uphold a child’s rights.

2. Intervention – To intervene into the lives of young people who are in difficult situations. This would include juvenile offenders, abused and neglected children and children at risk. To set up projects that would provide support for children taking into account their best interest.

3. Empowerment – To empower children and the community to have effective programmes and activities that would enable children to be protected and provide an opportunity for them to develop their skills.

4. Training – To train persons working with children or in children related issues. To educate them on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and that Malaysia is a signatory to the convention.

Our work

1. Advocacy Campaigns

Suriana will hold campaigns on specific children issues that will encourage people to take action in protecting, developing and preserving the rights of children. For the next two years, Suriana will focus on a campaign to promote Child Safety. Training programmes and collaborative projects with the government and civil society groups will be carried out towards to work towards keeping children safe.

2. Children at Risk Diversion Programme –

Suriana is in the midst of advocating for a diversion programme with the Prisons & Welfare Department so that young offenders and those who are termed as “beyond control” will have a timely intervention to prevent further spiral into a possible life of crime. Suriana is developing a mentoring programme for juvenile offenders and those at risk so that each one of them will have a mentor who will provide guidance, advice and support.
3. Orang Asli (Indigenous) Preschool Programme

Suriana plans to empower the Orang Asli community by providing them the needed finances, resources, training and mentoring to ensure that the teachers are effective in teaching the children within their own village.

4. Low Cost Flats Drop-in Centres

Suriana Drop-in Centres will target low cost flat areas, by providing activity centres that will introduce creative activities and personal development programmes with the aim of building safe havens for the children and reducing influences of gangs, drugs and vice.

Our needs

Expenses: RM50,000 a month

We need volunteers to help raise funds or organise fund raising and awareness events.

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