In early 1995, Sister Huang Guo Yen from Seremban learned about Master Cheng Yen’s World of Tzu Chi from the book “A Thousand Hands, Buddha’s Heart”. Almost immediately, and at Sister Echo Chien’s encouragement, she returned to Taiwan to seek her roots. Upon learning more about the work of Tzu Chi, Sister Huang set out to promote Tzu Chi in Seremban. At the same time, the parents of Brother Hu Zhen Jun were kind enough to provide the first floor of their shophouse to be used as the centre. This started the mission of aiding the poor and educating the rich.

Seremban is about 70 km from Melaka, and it was covered initially by the ten odd Tzu Chi staff from Melaka who used to travel north to guide and monitor the work of helping the needy.

In September 1995, Tzu Chi Teachers’ Association was officially formed in Melaka and that prompted teachers in Seremban to participate. In 1996, about thirty teachers who were teaching Still Thought programme gathered once a month, thus bringing about the formation of Seremban Teachers’ Association. The monthly gathering also brought in many teachers who later became Tzu Chi volunteers.

In April 1999, upon recognising Tzu Chi, Sister Nie Mei Yan and Sister Zhou Sai Hua pledged and bought a strategically located double-storey shophouse (with an area measuring 3,000 sq ft each floor, 6,000 sq ft both floors) for Tzu Chi to set up a Liaison Office. Renovation work for the Liaison Office started in October.

At the end of March 2000, following the completion of software and hardware facilities, the Seremban Branch was officially open on April 16. The training course for Tzu Chi trainee commissioners from Central and Southern Malaysia was also held on the same day, bringing together Tzu Chi volunteers and officers to share their thoughts and good wishes.

The set-up of Tzu Chi Seremban has significantly brought together kindminded people to aid the poor and educate the rich. Its increased activities and the need for further development saw to the upgrade of the contact point to that of a Liaison Office. This was realized in December 2002, marking a new milestone for the propagation of Tzu Chi work in Seremban.

Sister Nie Mei Yan, the person-in-charge of Seremban Liaison Office, lives in Kuala Lumpur, but she has no complaints about travelling frequently between Kuala Lumpur and Seremban for meetings and activities. Setting herself as an example, she takes on seemingly impossible challenges, and as such, has touched the hearts of many who have unanimously supported her by participating in the activities.

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