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The shelter is housed in a part/section of the Sekolah Kebangsaan Convent Jesus Infant at Jalan Parameswara, Melaka.


These children were originally from Timor Leste where they were displaced after their parents were killed during the internal conflict in the days leading to Timor Leste’s independence in 2002. These children, as young as 2 year old ,were found wondering the streets unaccompanied countless miles from their villages where they had lived before the conflict destroyed their families. Some of these children were severely traumatized as some of them had witness first hand the atrocities on their parents.

The internal unrest in Timor Leste that has occurred since 28 April 2006 and that continues to the present and reinforced the fact that the country continues to need international support. Since 14th of June – 30th of August Loving Timor Leste Children Foundation (FHTO) was very fortunate to have the Malaysian contingent led by Col Ismet Nayan bin Ismail, protecting the children. Twelve Malaysian army personnel resided in FHTO for three and a half months. Then not only gave us protection, they also provided health services to the children and they renovated the house. Now FHTO has a library which called MALCON library. As a result both the visit of the Let. Gen Dato Shahron and of the efforts of the commander Col Ismet Nayan , following the departure of MALCON, FHTO continues to be protected by the Malaysian Police.

Whilst in Timor Leste the Malaysian Army Medical staff identified three children from FHTO needing urgent surgery and other four children need close observation. Marciela Branco and her sister Graciela have both been diagnosed with A.I.S (scoliosis). In addition they identified that the children’s supervisor, Madalena Fernandes who was already hospitalized in the Malaysian Army Clinic in Timor Leste, needs further specialist hospital treatment. Madalena, who has been so loyal to the children over the years, exposing herself to dangerous situations when we needed to search for food for the children has since been diagnosed as having Cryptococcal meningitis , Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and suspected Tuberculosis. The National Hospital of Timor Leste has neither specialist doctors nor facilities for these illnesses. As a small non profit organisation FHTO does not have the necessary financial resources to fund medical attention overseas. Even the best support from MALCON Timor Leste, we still waited against the time as the medical condition of two of the patients worsened and they became very ill.

Finally we had no choice but to take the decision to use what ever resources we had available to us and with the support of MALCON, founder’s family and friend of FHTO sent the three most urgent cases . Marciela and Madalena were admitted to HUKM( Hospital Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia) where they were being treated Marciela has also been treated for Tuberculosis. They had been in Kuala Lumpur 4 months. Unfortunately there are few kids was left behind in Timor Leste as FHTO could not afford to finance them. Only this time we secured funding to send them (Melina, Marcia, Maria and Melino) to Malaysia for their treatment however the cost of the treatment stills an ongoing problem.

Friends of FHTO are in the process of raising funds to contribute towards the medical cost of our FHTO family in Malaka/ Putra Hospital. One friend Peter Whrathal has agreed to find the funding required paying for any shortfall in the costs of drugs, and prosthesis for the 4 additional patients Melina, Marcia, Maria and Melino.Since 14 February, Valentine day, now 15 Timor Leste children/ youths residing in Malacca for Medical reason and education. However the illnesses of these children are very serious and need ongoing treatment, the cost of the treatments and drugs are not consolable. That now we need additional support from other individual or organization to support these children.

How you can help us

For accounting reasons, the shelter cannot accept funds directly from the public but interested parties could send monetary contribution on their behalf through the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – SSVP Melaka State Council Project Fund at the Melaka Public Bank Branch (Acct. No. 3142447201). They do welcome donation of items like exercise books and food items like Milo drink mix which to them are considered luxury items that the children would appreciate.

Interested parties can contact Ms. Lala Noronha directly at [email protected] to find out what items that the children would need.

Observed by a group of recent visitors, the children appear to be well looked after and had fairly well-provided modest accommodations. They have a small library as well as a few donated computers with internet connection where they could reach out to their friends and remaining family back home as well as around the world through their own written blog which is reachable at

Their monthly groceries are mostly provided by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – Melaka State Council Project Fund as well as contribution from the surrounding population. While their basic necessities were currently met, they do still need some funds to pay for traveling and medical cost for treatment that the children still need before they could get better.

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