TRACC (Tropical Research And Conservation Centre) is a marine conservation organisation in Sabah, Malaysia that works on meaningful solutions to marine conservation problems at all levels, from Federal Government to Bajau Laut communities with a staff of a handful full time scientists, a large support staff and an army of local and foreign volunteers.

Projects TRACC have engaged in of recent times in the aim of marine conservation include:

    • Running a marine conservation project on Pulau Pom Pom, restoring the reef from decades of bomb fishing
    • Working with the government to formulate scientifically sound, practical and economically robust conservation policy
    • Teaching ocean science and marine biology courses
    • Conducting educational and outreach programs for Malaysian schools and villages
    • Pursuing social reform regarding the over exploitation or destruction of marine and other resources (E.g. Turtle eggs, Shark fin, Live fish trade, Shell collection, Mangrove destruction, Dredging etc.)
    • Developing meaningful economic alternatives to destructive fishing

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