The Truly Loving Company 
The Truly Loving Company is a social enterprise that uses a corporate profit model to build a brand to generate long term, sustainable income for charities. The “TLC” brand produces mainly household products that are as good if not better than many of the major brands you can name. These include:

  • kitchen cleaners
  • floor cleaners
  • bathroom cleaners
  • fabric care

We don’t test on animals nor do we compromise on product standards.

What also sets us apart is that 100% of TLC’s dividends are given to charity. While there are many socially responsible Malaysian companies that support charities by donating a certain percentage of their income or profits to charitable causes, TLC gives 100% of its dividends to charity.

100% to charity? What’s the catch?We’d be lying if we said there was no catch.But before that, let us tell you a bit more about TLC.

To be true to our cause, 99.99% of our shares are held by PB Trustee Services Bhd in trust for charities under a Trust Deed signed between PB Trustee Services Bhd and The Truly Loving Company.   It’s a foolproof and legal way to back up what we say.

Our Vision:
To enable everyone to care for and to support charitable causes everyday in the comfort of their homes.Our Mission:

    1. To inspire everyone through Our Vision to care for and to help the less fortunate.
    2. To provide a regular, sustainable and long term source of income to our charity partners by distributing 100% of our dividends to them.
    3. To make TLC the brand of choice by marketing TLC household and personal care products at affordable prices without compromising on product quality.

Core Values:

We believe that we should all care enough to help the less fortunate and those in need, regardless of race or religion

We believe in being fair and honest in all our dealings

We believe in being open and transparent in the conduct of our business and operations

We believe that we are accountable to the community, to our charities and to our business partners

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The Truly Loving Company

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