Quality education that cuts through inequality
Exposure matters. We bring professionals to introduce their industries to the kids who need it most

We believe children from every social class deserve the opportunity to be all that they can be. Beyond schools, they need broad based exposure to build confidence and skills to confidently navigate life

Studies have shown that high-achieving children from poor families have lower odds of success than low achieving children from affluent families. Opportunities available for children are limited by the social connections of their parents

We want to bridge the gap by bringing a community of professionals to introduce students to wide ranging subjects and skills to provide truly holistic learning

We bring professionals from diverse industries like film, law, technology etc to introduce kids from low income families to these diverse topics. This gives them broad based exposure outside of formal schooling to build confidence and skills to navigate life and flourish.

Running for 3 years and introducing over 15 industries per cohort, it is the most comprehensive supplementary program available, focused on a holistic education. It reaches kids when they are developmentally curious and helps equip them with psychosocial skills listed by WHO as necessary for healthy development and to prepare young people to adapt to changing social circumstances. We equip kids 10-13 years old with these skills.

The program is modelled after the IMC Weekend School, which was designed by a clinical psychologist. It has been running for more than 20 years and has shown students in their program having better professional prospects, more confident in developing their capacities and better connected to society.

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