Wetlands International is the only global NGO dedicated to the conservation and wise use of wetlands. We work globally, regionally and nationally to achieve the conservation and wise use of wetlands, in order to benefit biodiversity and human well-being. Wetlands International operates worldwide through 12 regional offices [link page main site offices] and seven project offices, all supported by our headquarters in the Netherlands.

We are supported by governmental and non-governmental members and by numerous sponsors, supporting the more than 100 projects that our worldwide organisation is currently conducting. Our projects [link to office project site] vary from field work, for example, aiding local communities in replanting degraded wetlands, to investigating the state of the world wetlands and advocating our views at governmental meetings.

In Malaysia, Wetlands International has been instrumental in the country’s accession to the Ramsar Convention in 1994, the designation of Tasek Bera as the first Ramsar Site for Malaysia and the implementation of the Ramsar Convention. The Government of Malaysia is a country member of Wetlands International since 2002.

Wetlands International Malaysia has developed several major regional programmes on waterbird and wetland monitoring and conservation action, including the Asian Waterbird Census (since 1991), the Asia-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy (1996-2006) and the Asian Wetland Inventory (1999-2004).

Today, Wetlands International Malaysia focuses its activities in the following areas:
• Informing stakeholders and decision makers about the status and trends of wetlands in Malaysia
• Mainstreaming the role of wetlands in sustainable development
• Show the importance of the services and values of wetlands in Integrated Water Resource Management
• Conserving wetland species and habitats, in particular migratory waterbirds.

We provide technical, project and information services to a range of national and state government agencies and organizations to build capacity and to facilitate wetland conservation activities, and to ensure their wise use.
What our mission means for our daily work
This mission is the ‘umbrella’ for our activities. To give a brief example what this mission means for us:

We explore all kind activities to conserve wetland species with a focus on waterbirds and fish. Thousands of volunteers monitor millions of waterbirds annually. We collate and analyse this information to provide overviews of population trends and guidance for site designation to governments and wetland managers.

We work on the conservation of networks of sites that support migratory waterbirds (flyways), by checking their condition through regular moitoring programmes, raising awareness among the people living around these wetlands about their values and by enabling stakeholders and governments to conserve and manage them.

We also help people to conserve and restore wetlands for the services they provide – such as drinking water, fish, reeds for building material etc. We advise local organisations how to use their wetlands in a sustainable way and enable them to take action themselves. We inform their governments about the importance of wetlands for biodiversity and people and about ways to ensure their wise use.

We carry out research to elucidate and quantify the role of wetlands in water management. For example wetlands can play a role in water purification and in mitigating floods and droughts. We advise governments on how to integrate wetland management into water resource management programmes at the catchment or basin scale.

Guidelines for our work

In carrying out our work through all our offices and with partners, Wetlands International maintains the following core values.
1. Our work is globally relevant
2. Our work is based on sound science
3. We work through partnerships with a wide range of sectors
4. We respect traditional values and knowledge
5. We work in a transparent and accountable way

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