Yayasan EZ Prihatin (YEZP) merupakan sebuah organisasi yang berdaftar dibawah Bahagian Hal Ehwal Undng-Undang (BHEUU), Jabatan Perdana Menteri pada tahun 2019. YEZP komited untuk menjadi ‘Sahabat Asnaf’ disegenap pelusuk dunia tidak mengira latar belakang, keturunan, kaum dan fahaman politik melalui kerja-kerja kebajikan.

Yayasan EZ Prihatin (YEZP) is an organization registered under the Legal Affairs Division (BHEUU), Prime Minister’s Department in 2019. YEZP is committed to being a ‘Friend of Asnaf’ in all corners of the world regardless of their background, lineage, race, and political beliefs through charity work.

In 2022, Yayasan EZ Prihatin was able to deliver donations such as:

  • RM1.5 Million total donation disbursed on Ramadhan 2022
  • 10,000+ families that received the benefits of Basic Needs
  • 500+ recipients of Health Equipments
  • 8 orphanages that receive the donations of Wet Goods every month

They also have active campaigns like supplying wet goods as daily necessities of care centers, construction projects for Masjid Kampung Berhala Gantang, and food supply for SRA Kuala Selangor Elderly Home.

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Yayasan EZ Prihatin (YEZP)

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