Who are we

Yayasan Pemulihan Orang-orang Cacat Kelantan is a charitable foundation established to alleviate the plight of the people with disabilities and to give them a meaningful life. The new building of the Yayasan, which was funded by donation was officially opened in year 2000. The Yayasan is the brainchild of the chairman of the board of trustees; the result of his compassion for the local disabled community.

There are over over thousands of disabled persons registered with the Department of Social Welfare in Kelantan. However it is believed that there are many who has not yet registered. Thus Yayasan aims to reach all disabled persons in Kelantan.

Our services

The Yayasan helps the disabled through various activities such as rehabilitation, therapy, home visits to the disabled person’s house, and social and sporting activities. In fact in three years the Yayasan has been able to assist in the establishment of numerous centres to allow greater access to rehabilitation programmes for people in remote areas in the State.

The Yayasan hopes to do more but as their services are free of charge, they are faced with financial constraints. Thus contribution from the public is a necessity to sustain their existence.

Our objectives

  • Improve the quality of life of the disabled
  • To be the catalyst in creating a caring society, concerned with the plight of the disabled
  • To liaise for the disabled persons in getting treatment, rehabilitation and welfare services from voluntary organisations, relevant government departments or agencies.
  • To be training and reference centre for the disabled and those interested in the disabled.
  • To act as resource centre for studies on rehabilitation of disabled persons

Our programmes

Rehabilitation : Basic physiotherapy and counseling services, educating caregivers of disabled persons on therapeutic treatment thus enabling them to continue the programme at home, and referring any disabled persons who needs further medical treatment to hospitals for appropriate actions.

Education: Conducting campaigns and seminars to raise awareness among members of society of the need to assist the disabled, organise training programmes to improve skills of staffs and co-ordinators of rehabilitation centres, and maintaining close co-operation with other welfare organisations and institutions of higher learning.

Socio-economic Assistance: Assisting the disabled in applying for financial assistance from the government, agencies, private sectors and social organisations; and assisting those with skills to procure employment.

Our dependents

There are about 710 dependents currently registered. The number is expected to grow annually.
>50% are children suffering from Down’s Syndrome and cerebral palsy, whilst the remaining 50% are adults who are physically handicapped or suffer from other forms of disability.

Our needs

Volunteers are welcome to help with functions, supervise computer classes, and early intervention programmes. Non-cash donations such as wheelchairs, and other tools for the disabled are also welcomed.

For a donation to support our good cause, you can bank in directly into our account:-

Account name: Yayasan Orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan
Account number: 21433440078380
Bank: RHB Bank

Yayasan Pemulihan Orang-orang Cacat Kelantan

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