This premises is situated in a poor remote village named Makatip in Tambunan Sabah.

I  belonged to the Order Of St. Clare Assisi  Italy. Based in London. Now resumed back to my own hometown for good in 2018.
Challenges urged me to initiate this risky mission as some O.K.U.( Orang Kurang Upaya) people approached me for assistance.

This people aged between 24 years old to 60 years needing sort of rehabilitation discharged from mental hospitals, prison, drug addicts, rape victims, etc. Then came along poor children , autism, juveniles neglected by parents.

The District Officer referred me to one Politician man to start with, gave me permission to make use of his less than two acres  piece of Swampy Land . I cleared the bit sort of jungle areas with the villagers support. Then managed to spent my EPF roughly less than RM 30,000 to make a four roomed Hut.

As more and more needy  people ( in all forms) intending to call in for security, however, my main purpose is to erect a decent Shelter Home.

OBJECTIVES:-To provide them proper education , good health , refuged and security for their future.


Organisation Bank Account Number: BSN 1213741100006512 (PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN MAKATIP SABAH)

Personal  Bank Account: MAYBANK 160149161774 (NORA @ SISTER MARY ANNUNCIATA BT MARCUS)

Thank you very much indeed.
Yours sincerely,
Sister Mary Annunciata @ Nora

Persatuan Kebajikan Makatip Sabah

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