Zero Strays Miri is a volunteered based, not for profit organisation that aims to reduce the population of stray dogs and cats in Miri through neutering campaigns and rehoming.

Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) program is the process of catching a dog or cat that is fit for mating or reproducing, then take it to a veterinarian for neutering (surgical procedure that prevents the animals from mating or giving birth), then release them from where they were found.

TNR program is the most efficient and effective humane way to control and reduce the population of strays, proven result and supported by many countries as well. We focus our practice on TNR because it is impossible to rehome every single stray of Miri. The process of rescuing the strays, housing them temporarily while waiting to be adopted is a far slower process to tackle the uncontrolled breeding of strays, creating an increase in number of stray population.

By practicing the TNR program, together we can control and start reducing the numbers of strays in a large scale, preventing the endless sufferings of strays on the streets.

ALL of our volunteers, dedicate their time and effort to help as many dog/cats in Miri WITHOUT any SALARY. It is important to understand that the organisation is voluntarily based. It is the responsibility of each Miri citizen to help tackle the issues of strays. Thank you to all of them


  • To make Miri city a stray-free city by 2023.
  • To have reinforced animal protection and welfare laws in Miri.


  • To reduce the number of strays and the spread of diseases in Miri through the Trap, Neuter and Release Program (TNR), zone by zone.
  • To provide shelter through foster care, and adoption opportunities for younger or injured strays in Miri who are not suitable for the TNR Program.
  • To educate the public about their responsibilities as pet owners and to cultivate loving attitudes toward animals.
  • To bring together the efforts of animal lovers to improve animal welfare and to reduce animal abuse in Miri.
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