Great Heart Charity Association / Persatuan Kasih Sejati

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Who we are Established in 2010, Great Heart Charity Association is a non-profit charitable organisation in Malaysia. We aim to provide substantial and meaningful assistance to people who face difficulties in their life. Individually, we may not able to change the world to become the one we want to live in but we may be able to help people substantially on an individual or community level. As a result, our core value is making charitable giving a part of everyone’s life. Our services Read about our programmes, here. What we need You can support our initiatives, by donations, more details,...

Yayasan Aman

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Aman Foundation was founded on January 17th, 1983 and is a non-profit organisation with the following objectives:- Help improve the intellectual levels among low income groups through related training programmes. Plan and execute leadership training programmes for youth and young adults in rural areas. Distribute financial assistance to disaster areas and low income groups. These assistance will be in the form of medical treatment and support. Strategise and form programmes relating to social economic development in rural areas. The Aman Foundation has also established a volunteer team...

Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society – MHAS

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The Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society (MHAS) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to imparting knowledge and education to healthcare professionals and members of the public on numerous healthy ageing issues. MHAS has taken on the task of organising the 1st World Congress on Healthy Ageing on 19 – 22 March, 2012 with the Theme: “Evolution: Holistic Ageing in an Age of Change”. The Congress is to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Healthy ageing is one of the major challenges for the world. The consequences of the demographic...

Majlis Pusat Kebajikan Semalaysia Wilayah Persekutuan

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VISI Membantu kanak-kanak, remaja, wanita, warga tua dan orang kurang upaya menjadi rakyat yang taat setia dan berguna dimasa. hadapan serta menyumbang ke arah pewujudan satu bangsa Malaysia yang masyarakatnya:- – bersatu-padu dan maju; – berkualiti dan berwibawa; – bermoral dan beretika; – berbudaya ikram dan penyayang; – sejahtera serta bersyukur. MISI Menentukan kumpulan sasar mendapat layanan yang adil dan saksama tanpa mengira umur, jantina, keturunan, agama dan yang kurang upaya. Membina dan memupuk semangat tolong menolong, bantu membantu untul...


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Pertubuhan Penyayang Raudah is an organization that provides shelters and basic needs for orphanages and unfortunate children around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Persekutuan Orang Pekak Malaysia

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Perkhidmatan: Perkhidmatan jurubahasa isyarat Mengadakan kursus Bahasa isyarat Malaysia (BIM) Khidmat kaunseling untuk orang pekak Menyediakan program pembangunan komuniti untuk orang pekak (Independent Living program)


Rumah Hope

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Who are we Rumah Hope was started in 1994 as a social ministry of Good Hope Lutheran Church, ELCM in aid of five needy children and as a sanctuary for abused, neglected and under-privileged children between the ages of five to 17. The Home relies solely on public funding to maintain itself. After four years, the Home moved from an old rented bungalow in Old Klang Road to the new home Rumah Hope 1 in Paramount Garden , PJ. The construction of the home was possible thanks to generous contributions in cash and kind namely from Evangelical Lutheran Church Malaysia , Khalid Aluminium Industries...


Agathians Shelter

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Introduction: Agathians Shelter is a legally registered welfare home under the name: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Agathians Malaysia (0061-04-7) in ROS, MAKPEM, JKM and LHDN. We are a welfare home located at Petaling Jaya nurturing 35 boys who are either orphans, single parental-child, abandoned or from broken family, the age ranges between 5 till 17 years old. Our mission is to save the children from turn down to the streets. Our Aim is to fulfill all essential needs in every child’s life such as shelter, food, education, care, attention and love. Agathians Shelter was founded by Late...

Shepherd’s Centre Foundation

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Who are we Registration Number: 496903P By Whom: Pastor Jacop and Bridget David It was officially launched in 1994 as a foster home for orphans, abandoned, abused and neglected children from broken families. They shared their newfound vision to Rev. Joseph Ramayah and his wife Stella Ramayah, the senior church pastors of Christian Life Centre, Malaysia. They embraced this unique vision into their church and since then together with their church board they have been a great blessing and encouragement to this ministry. Consistently they give financial assistance and spiritual guidance to this...

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