Special Olympics Malaysia

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Founded in 1999, Special Olympics Malaysia is a nonprofit organization registered with Sports Commission of Malaysia under Akta Perbangunan Sukan 1997 Peraturan-peraturan Pembangunan Sukan (Pemdaftaran Badan Sukan) 1998 (Perauran 6) and is accredited by Special Olympics International as the National Program for Malaysia. Through accredited state program, we reach out to all states and their respective local communities and working with other NGOs, Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Kuminities (PDK), Schools and governmental agencies to engage communities for people with intellectual disabilities (ID)....

Malaysia Outreach Volunteer Experience (MOVE)

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Malaysia Outreach Volunteer Experience (MOVE) is a non-profit organization that aims to empower young people to get involved in volunteerism and humanitarian; Also to achieve, namely to strengthen the domestic economy by supporting the vulnerable groups in the B40 (Low Income) community. Malaysia Outreach Volunteer Experience (MOVE) berjiwakan ‘Buat Baik, Hidup Baik’ (Be Kind, Live Kind) menggerakkan jiwa masyarakat untuk terlibat dalam bidang kebajikan, kesukarelawanan dan kemanusiaan sejajar dengan aspirasi Matlamat Pembangunan Lestari Malaysia (SDG’s) dengan memberi pendedahan...

Small Changes Malaysia

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Small Changes, Big Differences” is the ideological root that flowered into our organization, Small Changes. In 2011, a group of motivated and enthusiastic young adults spearheaded the birth of this initiative during a leisurely but productive meet-up. Unperturbed by the limitation of time and resources, they put their heads and hearts together to bring Small Changes into existence, with the unwavering belief that any small changes they make today will lead to big differences. Almost a decade later, this belief continues to resonate through all of our members and acts as the driving...

Malaysian Youth Diplomacy (MyDiplomacy)

in Youth

A series of discussions between MyDiplomacy Founders Zaim Mohzani and Syed Nizamuddin Sayed Kassim in 2018 led to astute observations of the diplomacy ecosystem in Malaysia: aspiring diplomats have little avenue for engagement with working diplomats, and youth representation was by far and large none-existent in the international relations scene in Malaysia. Broadly speaking, there was a great gap between youth and policy-makers in foreign policy. They set out to establish a youth organisation to change that notion and Malaysian Youth Diplomacy (MyDiplomacy) was born. Since 2018,...

Institut Onn Ja’afar

in Support Groups, Youth

Institut Onn Ja’afar, often referred to as IOJ, was launched on September 7 of 2014. IOJ is a non-profit organization that provides temporary relief to underprivileged by mobilizing volunteers from private and public institutions irrespective of one’s race, religion or social background. VISIONBecoming the leading NGO in Malaysia to help the underprivileged primarily thedisabled children and homeless and to inculcate the spirit of volunteerism and empowering youths from the public and private institution. MISSIONPursuitPursuit of community-based development...

Pertubuhan Pembangunan Wanita Tamarai Pulau Pinang

in Single parents, Women, Youth

Providing Free Life Surviving Skills to marginalized community – Women, High risked Youth, ex- prisoners, Prisoners family, single parents AMARAI has been creating a platform for our community for education and skills training since 2013. We are based in Pulau Pinang and help people from a poverty background, high-risk surrounds and ex-prisoners from Pulau Pinang, Kedah and Perak. Our aim is to provide education and skills to the youth, women and all those in need, so they can build a better future for themselves. We believe on ‘’ TEACH THEM TO FISH, NOT GIVING THEM...

Absolute Malaysia – AMAL

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We are PASSIONATE about volunteering.Join us today and make a difference!Membership form : https://forms.gle/t5UefhYRfH97nZ1H8 Absolute Malaysia (AMAL) believes in making small changes by providing a volunteering network and empowerment platform that led to big differences. AMAL aims to be an absolute influence on the community and belief that one does not need to be grandeur in action to make an impact, which sometimes will lead to inaction due to the feeling of smallness by oneself, therefore, believing they will be insignificant. We believe in tapping the skills of people and...

DoGood Malaysia

in Advocacy, Youth

Do Good is a public service initiative that has been created by a team of peace loving individuals to promote good universal principles and inspire positive values that will help make the world that we live in today, become a better place for all. We serve as a research and learning centre, focusing on good moral values and practices, and actively enjoining good and forbidding evil. We cover all social, economic and political aspects of human life and the environment, and strive for a better world for...

Kelab Belia Tinagayan – KEBAT

in Support Groups, Youth

KeBaT (PPBM9801 / 15) has been registered with the Registrar of Youth Department since 27 May 2015 and the main focus is on volunteer activities, humanitarian and youth development. Since 2015 until now, we already do more than 100 programmes and this year we have managed to do Food Aid Project in Sabah (Semporna, Tawau, Kota Kinabalu) during a pandemic, build a musollah (2 for this year), a house for orphan siblings and the upcoming project still under discussion. KeBaT also is a coordinator and strategic partner with other NGO from Peninsula Malaysia to doing a project in Sabah....

LEAD Institute

in Education, Youth

LEAD Institute is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing youth leadership in underserved communities in Malaysia. What We DoWe address youth unemployment by developing youths in underserved communities through our intensive, action-packed social entrepreneurship programme called MYHero. MYHero aims to equip youths with social entrepreneurial skills to address some of the most pressing social issues in their own community. Through this programme, youths will develop entrepreneurial and soft skills to succeed in life. Our VisionOur vision is to create a world where...

Youth Trust Foundation – myHarapan

in Youth

Since our establishment in August 2010, the Youth Trust Foundation, also known as myHarapan, is dedicated towards empowering young Malaysians by supporting youth projects and initiatives that contribute to current nation-building efforts. We achieve this by providing various platforms and opportunities that help them scale, sustain, expand and multiply their impact. We are an independent Not-For-Profit based in Malaysia. The age of these youths sometimes skews the judgement of certain quarters of the public and even themselves! The fate of our country lies in their very able hands,...

Yayasan Perintis Malaysia

in Support Groups, Youth

Pertubuhan Perintis Malaysia (MyPerintis) is a NGO founded on 30 June 2015 that promotes Youth Empowerment. With its core focus in education, employability, and entrepreneurship, MyPerintis was sparked by the desire to inspire youth to rise above their challenges, to dare explore their maximum potential and to make an impact in the world that advocates meaningful & progressive change as caring and productive citizens.

Persatuan Belia Infiniti (Infinity Youth Association)

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Infiniti Youth Association (I.Y.A) is a NGO registered society under the Youth Organisation (ROY) and Minister of Youth & Sports since 2011 (PPBM 7504/11) At IYA, we are passionate about young people and believe that they should have a voice in everything that affects them, and that the performance of services will be improved by taking proper account of that voice. We believe that young people have the energy and potential to improve their own lives and those of the community, now and as they grow up. We are an independent charity and the partner of choice for government, local...

Persatuan Kebajikan Komuniti Harapan Selangor

in Children, Youth

Persatuan Kebajikan Komuniti Harapan Selangor (PKKHS) is a non-profit organization formed to aid and help the needy especially youth aged 8 to 18 from broken family and single parent family. In our Daniel Training Centre (DTC) funded by PKKHS, food, education, hostel and character building training are provided to the youths. DTC is focusing more on character-building of the youths and also technical skills for their future career development. Fund raised for DTC are used for hostel maintenance, food, Staff cost and education fee. PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN KOMUNITI HARAPAN SELANGORMBB...

Persatuan Permotoran Borneo Sabah

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BORNEO MOTORING ASSOCIATION SABAHPersatuan permotoran borneo, sabah telah ditubuhkan pada 07 ogos 2012 pertubuhan di bawah Seksyen 7 Akta Pertubuhan 1966 nombor pendaftarannya ialah PPM-006-12-07082012 pendaftar pertubuhan Malaysia ianya merupakan persatuan penggiat permotoran yang menjalankan aktiviti aktiviti sihat seperti amal kebajikan, program pertandingan hiasan kenderaan, program jelajah (konvoi), juga bekerjasama dengan pihak jabatan kerajaan bagi melaksana tanggungjawab seperti kempen keselamatan jalan raya,kempen jenayah dan jabatan jabatan lain, dimana persatuan ini juga...

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