Persatuan Kebajikan Karisma Malaysia

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Persatuan Kebajikan Karisma Malaysia (KARISMA) PPM-013-06-03052016 merupakan sebuah NGO yang menangani isu berkaitan permasalahan Dadah dan HIV/AIDS di Malaysia Kepada sesiapa yang ingin menghulur sumbangan kepada KARISMA, anda boleh berbuat demikian menerusi: Akaun CIMB 8602602535 – Persatuan Kebajikan Karisma Malaysia bagi kegunaan: 1. Kos makan minum penghuni. 2. Kos perjalanan ke hospital (rawatan penghuni). 3. Bil air dan eletrik..

Limbs For Life Prostheses Centre

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Limbs For Life (LFL) is a welfare project under the Bandar Utama Buddhist Society (BUBS) that provides free artificial limbs to underprivileged amputees in Malaysia, regardless of their race or religion. LFL serves as a beacon of hope, restoring self-dignity and freeing amputees from physical constraints. By offering them a second chance at life, LFL empowers amputees to overcome challenges and regain their independence. Many of these individuals were once able-bodied and mentally sound, but unfortunate circumstances left them immobile and unproductive. The provision of free prosthetic...

Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society (KLASS)

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The Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society (KLASS) is a non-profit organization founded in 20011. It was established by a group of allies from medical professionals, volunteers, the private sector, affected communities, and People Living with HIV1. The main objective of KLASS is to provide complete sexual health services in a community health care center1. They also provide treatment literacy for HIV, AIDS, Co-infections, and Opportunistic infections related to HIV/AIDS to the community and paramedics1. KLASS is recognized by the Registrar of Societies, Malaysia, and is affiliated...

ElShaddai Centre

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ElShaddai Centre Berhad is endorsed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Malaysia as an implementing partner to run a refugee school named ElShaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC) based in Klang, Selangor. In addition to providing quality education for refugee and migrant children, ElShaddai supports these communities with healthcare, training and emergency relief. Vision Honour and dignity, holistic health, and hope for a better future for the displaced and marginalized community in Malaysia. Mission Rescue the displaced and...

National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia

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ABOUT NKF From our humble beginnings when we first registered in the year 1969, National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) strives to raise the standards of care we provide to patients with kidney failure and those who are suffering from various kidney-related diseases. In 1993, we opened the doors of our first dialysis centre at Jalan Hang Lekiu, Kuala Lumpur. Over the years, NKF has grown tremendously with the support from many parties. NKF has expanded its role from being just a dialysis treatment provider, to becoming a one-stop national resource centre for all...


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The Institute for Medical Research (IMR) was established by the British in 1900 as the Pathological Institute in Kuala Lumpur, with the aim to promote the health status of the local population and “to explore the great and unknown field of tropical medicine”. The IMR has since expanded her role and made significant contributions to biomedical research and other medical disciplines. The research efforts of the IMR have contributed significantly to the knowledge, understanding, treatment and control of some major tropical diseases in the country and region including beri-beri,...

Pink & Teal EmpowHer (Persatuan Kesedaran Kanser Wanita)

in Health, Women

Pink & Teal EmpowHer (Persatuan Kesedaran Kanser Wanita) is a non-government charity organization, which aspires to increase awareness and screen women for breast and cervical cancer irrespective of race, religion, cultures and boundary. We aim to provide screening with utmost compassion, professionalism and care.

Science and Wellness Organisation

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Science & Wellness Organisation (SWO) is a non-profit organisation established to focus on research for actual causes of lifestyle diseases and issues plaguing Malaysians today.  ​Our activities started in 2009 but formally registered with Registrar of Societies Malaysia only in February 2012. Ever since our incorporation we have conducted many events and activities to educate the general ​public about our findings and share simple solutions that can be implemented to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life.  ​For those who are underprivileged, SWO plays an...

Persatuan Penyakit Motor Neuron Malaysia

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What is MND? MND stands for motor neurone disease and is a group of diseases which cause a loss of function (degeneration) of nerve cells which control muscles (so called motor neurons). These cells are located in the brain and the spinal cord. ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is particular form of motor neurone disease, often the abbreviations MND and ALS are used interchangeably. The symptoms of motor neurone disease can vary a great deal between different individuals and involve weakness of particular muscle groups, such as the muscles of the legs, arms, throat and...

Assunta Integrated Social Services (ASSISS)

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Assunta Hospital has established a culture and legacy of community service since 1961. Starting with free clinics to underprivileged populations, the hospital has since restructured their community service initiative with the establishment of Assunta Integrated Social Services (ASSISS), which encompasses: Assunta Mobile Clinic Pastoral Care Social Welfare Program ASSISS Palliative Services ASSISS Wound Care Services ASSISS Geriatic Enrichment Services ASSISS Wound Care Services For Donors – We accept donations of all kinds, which include but not limited to: Non-perishable foods (e.g....

National Heart Association of Malaysia

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The Vision To reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Malaysia. The Mission To promote quality cardiovascular care through education & research; and to influence health care policies.   The history of the National Heart Association is also the history of the growth and development of cardiology as a specialty in the country. The latter is closely associated with improvements in the socio-economic standards of the population and increased public demand for a better service for the community. Among the several factors that prompted the growth of cardiology and became the...

Teddy Mobile Clinic

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Origin of Teddy Mobile Clinic We are not an organization. We are just a group of individuals who want to provide our love and care to the less fortunate. In August 2015, our mobile clinic was formed. The vision of our group was to start a free mobile clinic to provide free medical care for the homeless, urban poor and everyone else who cannot afford it. What do we do? Most of the homeless and urban poor are ashamed to be seen in public as some of them feel they are not socially accepted by the community. Our intentions are not to change the current healthcare system, but to be the first...

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Malaysia

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Our society was established since 2003, in collaboration with University Hospital (UH), Hospital University of Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) and General Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). Our main goals are as follows: Provide patients suffering from MS with a support network To increase public awareness about MS To encourage earlier diagnosis and treatment before their condition becomes adverse To seek government assistance in approving the availability of the medicine to sufferers who cannot afford to buy the same because the medicine is costly and as such, not many patients can afford to...

Breast Cancer Foundation

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Formerly known as the Pride Foundation, the Breast Cancer Foundation has taken pride in its role as a leader in breast cancer awareness, empowerment, and support programs. Over the past 12 years, the Breast Cancer Foundation has collaborated on numerous awareness campaigns with both the public and private sectors. Additionally, it has organized empowerment programs aimed at helping breast cancer survivors lead fulfilling lives after successfully overcoming the disease. The foundation has also extended direct support to breast cancer patients through initiatives like the Pride Patient...

Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association (MIASA)

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Overview Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association (MIASA), or Persatuan Kesedaran Dan Sokongan Penyakit Mental – is a mental health NGO based in Selangor. It was founded in September 2017 and registered under ROS with the registration number PPM-027-10-14092017. OBJECTIVE The objective of MIASA is to promote awareness on the importance of mental health and mental health issues and provide support for patients and carers through our various programs and support initiatives. Being patient-initiated, MIASA has a strong...

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