Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar

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Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (P.A.S.S.) is a self supporting NGO formed in year 2003 with the aims to educate the public of recycling for charity. Since its inception P.A.S.S. have given humble charities including environmental conservation more than RM 5,000,000.00. Our green projects are fully endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and also WANGO (World Association of NGO). The target groups include orphans, broken families, underprivileged children, the sick, the disabled, needy single mothers, community projects, schools and...

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Kasih Jing Yuan

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Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Kasih Jing Yuan is a non-profit organisation which is established to provide shelter and care to homeless patients.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ikhlas Kuantan Pahang

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Founded in 2020 as a registered charitable organisation ,Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ikhlas has been dedicated to conserving the environment and caring for the underprivileged communities in Malaysia.We strive to accomplish our mission to help reduce food waste the source , alleviate hunger and poverty , and to educate the next generation through our food bank assistance program , central kitchen ,food collection and delivery fleet , community outreach service , education program and volunteer...

Shah Alam Buddhist Society

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The Shah Alam Buddhist Society (SABS) was officially registered on December 15, 1990 in Sri Muda, and the first Management Committee established on January 13, 1991. Over the years, as its activities increased, so were the members. It was obvious that the current premise was inadequate to meet the growing membership. In April 2003, SABS acquired a one-acre land in Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam, from Selangor State Government to set up a Buddhist temple. Under the leadership of the President, Dato Vincent Lim, efforts were made to raise funds to complete...

Pit Stop Community Cafe

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About A community cafe in Kuala Lumpur working to find solutions to urban hunger and poverty by marshalling volunteers and repurposing food. We are a social enterprise working towards solutions for current urban issues such as homelessness, urban poverty and hunger. We are also a hub for anyone willing to volunteer their time, skills and financial resources towards making Malaysia a better place. While we believe in giving a hand up, not merely a handout, we also believe that a hungry person needs to be fed before they can be further assisted. If you would like to contribute...


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Charity Food Basket is a free food camp that provides ration for two weeks and encourages people to work to earn and not be dependent on just handouts. Among the items in the basket are cooking oil, canned food, lentil seeds, instant noodles and biscuits. Charity Food Basket is very well organised and operates out of large containers on a piece of private land. The rations are handed out every first Sunday of each month. Chew collects donations from all over the Klang Valley. Charity Food Basket Society Klang, is a non-racial, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organisation and a...

Charisma Movement

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About Charisma Movement is a youth-led organization created to encourage volunteerism by providing a reliable and sustainable framework for community service & leadership projects to be carried out in Malaysia. Charisma Movement is an organization created to encourage youth volunteerism by providing a reliable and sustainable framework for community service and leadership projects to be carried out in Malaysia, a beautiful country nestled in the exotic South East Asia. Interested to be part of Charisma Movement? Interested? FIND OUT...


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The Institute for Medical Research (IMR) was established by the British in 1900 as the Pathological Institute in Kuala Lumpur, with the aim to promote the health status of the local population and “to explore the great and unknown field of tropical medicine”. The IMR has since expanded her role and made significant contributions to biomedical research and other medical disciplines. The research efforts of the IMR have contributed significantly to the knowledge, understanding, treatment and control of some major tropical diseases in the country and region including beri-beri,...

Persatuan I-Inspire

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Persatuan I-Inspire (PPM-007-14-17112016) is a non-profit organisation registered with the Registrar of Societies, Malaysia on the 17th of November 2016. The purpose for Persatuan I-Inspire is to help people attain self-actualization and for them to lead successful and meaningful lives. Towards this goal, all our activities and programmes are designed to encourage and help people to realise fully their potential as a human being. OUR BELIEF Everything is made of ENERGY and together we co-create our collective reality. OUR VISION We believe that TOGETHER we can create a better world for the...

How to volunteer?

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1. If you want to get started volunteering, start with identifying who or what you feel passionate with, be it a segment within the community, animals or environment that you would like to be involved in. 2. Find an organisation that’s a good fit for you, and then decide what you have to offer. Then you can apply to volunteer at that organisation and get started in your new position. 3. Check out the following volunteer sites to help you find opportunities in your area: NGOs –  NGO hub                                 Campaign based projects –...

How to select a charity for CSR campaigns or donations?

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1. Pick a charity that matches your aims, size and goals. If you are a small business, working with a local charity in your neighbourhood is a start to build relationship, goodwill and create impact that you may be able to track immediately. 2. Find charities that practice transparency or have processes in place that meet that goal. Smaller or poorer charities may need some support with this, and your partnership could help improve that. Commit together so both parties are clear about the approaches in your CSR campaign in an honest and responsible way. 3. Impact measurement...

Requirement to be a registered home

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You can start your research at your local Registrar of Societies (ROS) branch. For example, if your organisation is in Taiping, your ROS branch may be in Ipoh. Find out where your nearest ROS branch before you start compiling your documents.You will need a society constitution in place, the names of the members of your society committee, as well as meeting minutes and resolutions stating you want to set up a non-profit organisation or society.These basic templates of a Constitution or meeting minutes can be found at the ROS office or have a look online. See ROS’s link (Link:...

How to publicise your cause / event

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Keep a goal in mind. Don’t forget what it is you’re trying to achieve with your event. It could be to raise funds, awareness or lobby for a particular cause or change in legislation. Find your audience. Think about who are the people you want to engage, it could be donors, volunteers, government agencies or policymakers that could help you achieve your goal. Money. Have a think about your marketing budget, would you have enough to hire an external party or can you do it yourself? Materials such as posters, flyers or advertisements will incur cost, such as hiring a designer and...

How to apply for tax exemption from the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN):

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Here is the official guide on how to get tax exemption for NGOs. You can download it here. (Link: 20140703095206967.pdf)

Every donation goes to Touching Hearts Welfare Society, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and is exempted from tax under sub-section 44(6) of Income Tax Act 1967. For those donating to Project PPEs for East Malaysia Hospitals, kindly mentioned 'PPE' in the 'cause of donation' column below. Kindly email [email protected] after your transaction is successfully completed to receive a receipt. The receipt will feature the following fields:
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