PDK Selayang (Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Selayang)

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Pertubuhan PDK Selayang ini telah ditubuhkan pada September 1991. Pertubuhan PDK Selayang ini adalah sebuah pertubuhan yang memberikan perkhidmatan kepada orang kurang upaya dari segi pemulihan, pembelajaran, latihan, latihan kemahiran, motivasi kepada OKU dan family,khidmat nasihat dan juga pembangunan insan bagi Orang Kurang Upaya. PDK Selayang menyediakan perkhidmatan seperti:-Kelas Harian EIP, Kelas Harian Pemulihan Vokasional, Kelas Pemulihan Anggota, Carakerja, dan Pertuturan, kelas -kelas lain seperti kelas muzik dan juga latihan kemahiran vokasional, pekerjaan , pembangunan sukan dan...

Persatuan Pendidikan Anak Istimewa Selangor

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PPAIS ditubuhkan bagi memenuhi keperluan pendidikan dan perkembangan awal anak-anak istimewa

RC Deaf Missions Malaysia

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A cafe, merchandise store and Malaysian Sign Language (BIM) learning centerAgnes and Mario have a natural passion for Deaf community work. Since its inception in 2006, the co-founders have been providing career opportunities to several Deaf persons. They hope to empower Deaf persons through various opportunities, and add value in influencing a change in the mindsets about the capabilities of Deaf persons.http://rcdeafmissionsmerchandise.com

Cerebral Palsy Malaysia – GAPS Gabungan Anak-Anak Palsi Serebrum

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1 out of 300 children has Cerebral Palsy (CP), a neurological condition where parts of the brain which control body movement are injured. GAPS was founded and registered as a nonprofit society in 2016 to create possibilities for people with CP to have a better quality of living. GAPS aspires to create a holistic and inclusive ecosystem of support and advocacy to empower and nurture knowledge, active and healthier lifestyles and the spirit of giving within the CP community. GAPS creates awareness about CP to the society, and acts as networking mediums or hubs to educate and disseminate...

Persatuan Cerebral Palsy Johor

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Mission Their mission is to improve the quality of life of all children in Johor living with cerebral palsy. Everything we do is underpinned by our core values to promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas, quality training, rehabilitation and habilitation of children and young adults with cerebral palsy as well as a variety of other developmental disabilities.  People whose lives are affected by cerebral palsy know they can count on us to be here when it matters...

Yu Shan Disabled Welfare Centre (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Dan OKU Mesra Petaling Jaya Selangor)

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Since 2016, Yu Shan has an inextricable connection with the socially vulnerable group. Love is spread all over every corner of our center. Besides shelter and meals, we working hard to provide them proper care, education, medical treatment, and a tender loving ‘home’. for cheque and manual inter-bank transfer, please make sure payable/ deposit to our official account : Beneficiary:Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Dan OKU Mesra Petaling Jaya Selangor Beneficiary Bank:Ambank Account...

Yu Shan Johor Bahru Charity Organization (Persatuan Kebajikan Yu Shan Johor Bahru)

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Founded in 2018, Yu Shan Johor Bahru is a non-profit organization dedicated in adopting and helping children with mental or physical problem. Besides shelter and meals, they work hard to provide them proper care, education and training, medical treatment, and a tender loving ‘home’. To date they accommodate 10 disabled children here. Since they are new, they are facing shortage of funds, daily necessities and equipment. You can come to visit us during opening hours from 9am to 5pm (everyday). They welcome contributions and sponsorships from the public, as well as joining them through...

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Jayaa Sri

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Pusat Jagaan Jayaa Sri is a self funded orphanage home taking care almost 50 people without any government support 

Shan Ai Handicapped Welfare Home

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A free center for disabled children and the elderly. If you have any questions, please contact the person in charge at 016-5588578.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Orang Tua Cacat Dan Kurang Upaya Taman Connaught

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Established in January 2019, located in Cheras Taman Connaught, we are a charity center specially adopt and taking care of the social vulnerable seniors, mostly from the general hospitals which abandoned by their families, disabled or with diseases like Alzheimer. Connaught Old Folk House provides the most important factor to these seniors – Love. Regardless of race and religion, we adopt and taking care of them without any charges. So that they can have a comfort place to live. In just a few months, our center has already taken 34 seniors, and some more on the waiting list. Official...

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Orang Tua Cacat Yuan Ai Selangor

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Founded on February 18, 2020, PERTUBUHAN KEBAJIKAN ORANG TUA CACAT YUAN AI SELANGOR is a non-profit organization that currently accommodates nine elderly people.Since its establishment, the Center has maintained the spirit of giving back to the community. It has taken in people who are helpless and elderly at no charge, protecting them from the wind and rain, and offering them a sincere heart.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Impian Kuala Lumpur

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Relying Dreams Handicapped Welfare Home Founded in 2019.There are 19 children. Major symptoms include Down syndrome, autistic children.and hesitation, dyslexia, dyslexia, etc. Because we’re nonprofit organizations. The center’s main source of revenue is from the corporations and public donations Account Number: Public Bank 3211070036Account Name: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumah Impian OKUTel no.: 014-3091728Address: No.2, Sentul Bahagia 4, Sentul Pasar, 51100 Kuala...

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Amal Warga Emas Sejati Kuala Lumpur Dan Selangor

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The original intention of the Poverty Alleviation Medical and Rehabilitation Center is to help poor families and poor people who have no money for medical treatment, so that they can have a shelter, a warm place to stay, and they can recuperate here with peace of mind. However, after experiencing this epidemic, we are more aware that there are still many poor people in society who are in dire straits. In order to help poor families more comprehensively, we will step into the community as much as possible and help more needs. Although the people who help cannot be responsive, we will rest our...

Kindly Orphan & Handicap Welfare Homes

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Kindly Orphan & Handicap Welfare Homes is a non-profit NGO Charity Orphanage, established on August 18, 2020 (PPM-042-10-18082020). The center was established to help many unfortunate and helpless people in society Children, children with disabilities, children with financial problems, and various disadvantaged groups.

Lions Club Kota Bharu Down Syndrome Centre

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The centre was established in 1999 and now has 23 pupils from age 4years to 6 years attending the daily session under the guidance of 4 teachers.

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