Persatuan Kebajikan Makatip Sabah

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This premises is situated in a poor remote village named Makatip in Tambunan Sabah. I  belonged to the Order Of St. Clare Assisi  Italy. Based in London. Now resumed back to my own hometown for good in 2018.Challenges urged me to initiate this risky mission as some O.K.U.( Orang Kurang Upaya) people approached me for assistance. This people aged between 24 years old to 60 years needing sort of rehabilitation discharged from mental hospitals, prison, drug addicts, rape victims, etc. Then came along poor children , autism, juveniles neglected by parents. The District...

Early Steps Care Centre

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Early Steps Care Centre (formerly known as Step-By-Step Early Intervention Centre) began as a community project started by Cheras Baptist Church in response to the increasing need for early intervention services in our city. Our Vision: To be the visible expression of the holistic mission of Christ to the Special Needs Children. To become an efficient and effective Centre that provides educational programmes and support for all types of special needs children, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Developmental Disabilities/Mental Retardation, Sensory Processing Disorder,...


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Tentang Kami PERSATUAN KESEJAHTERAAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA (PKRM) adalah sebuah pertubuhan kebangsaan yang menjalankan sebahagian tugasan Kerajaan dalam menjaga kebajikan masyarakat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum. PKRM bertanggungjawab untuk membina Negara berteraskan prinsip-prinsip yang berteraskan kepada perjanjian Kerajaan demi meringankan beban rakyat dan memberikan pelbagai kelebihan serta bantuan tanpa mengira status, ras dan agama demi mencapai matlamat yang diukirkan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri. PKRM berharap untuk mendapatkan sokongan daripada setiap pihak supaya kita dapat berganding bahu...

Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai Malaysia

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Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai Malaysia (PPM-036-10-0712-2016), is established in 2017 and is located at PJ Old Town. This Centre is a home for disabled and special needs individuals, providing care for those with autism, Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy, visual impairment and other disabilities. Currently, the Centre looks after 26 handicapped and disabled children and adults, with only 5 helpers. Some of the residents of the home have been abandoned by their parents, whereas others have been left there to be cared for by the Centre as the parents themselves did not have the ability to care...

Special Olympics Selangor

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SPECIAL OLYMPICS SELANGOR is a non-profit international program of sports training and athletic competition for persons with intellectual disabilities. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics International is the world’s largest amateur sports with more than one million athletes in over 150 countries and the only organisation authorized by the International Olympic Committee to use “Olympics” worldwide. Our Mission is to provide year-round  sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with...

Persatuan Kebajikan OKU Hati Berganda Selangor

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Persatuan Kebajikan Hati Berganda Selangor was established on August 2018. From here on, we began to have a close relationship with children and people with disabilities. Love is spread all over every corner of our center. We provide shelter for those who are physically and mentally deficient (Down’s syndrome, autism, meningitis, hyperactive disorder, etc). In addition to taking care of their daily meals, we give them personal care, teach them simple daily self-reliance training activities, and a comfortable and clean environment, so that they have a happy home. We are a non-profit...

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Dan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Kurang Upaya Negeri Johor

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Johor Disable Children Charitable and Cares Organisation was established to provide and giving shelter, individual care, health well-being, self management, training and education to the children with multiple incurable disabilities. Our organisation provides full time service to needy children. To those who wish to help, we are looking forward for your continuous support which can be made to PERTUBUHAN KEBAJIKAN DAN PENJAGAAN KANAK-KANAK KURANG UPAYA NEGERI JOHOR RHB Bank (20106200113945...

IDEAS Autism Centre

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About Us In October 2012, the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) took the initiative to set up the IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC) in Rawang, Selangor, as part of our effort to provide care for those in need, and at the same time to research and develop a sustainable social enterprise model that can be replicated to help underprivileged children. The IAC is registered with the Department for Social Welfare (reg no: B/TI 151/2012) Good quality care should be accessible for everyone. Early intervention care (3-9 years) is the most critical stage for children with autism and it...


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About Mengumpul seberapa ramai parents & tenaga pengajar bagi anak autisme untuk bersama-sama bertukar pandangan dalam mendidik anak autisme

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Waja Home

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History: Waja Home Founded in January 2008, by Mr. Luke Devanbu and family. Waja Home cares of 30 children’s whose range to 3 to 17 years old such as forsaken by families at risk, where the children have lost their one or both parents, OKU (Slow Learners) and some from very poor background. To develop unprivileged children’s and orphans. Our children’s are cared our family members who work on 24 hours, providing rehabilitation and care for the children’s. We as a family working to get a better future for all the children’s in Waja Home.           Our...

PJ Mentalink Care

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Who are we We are a mental care home in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We have recently started an old folks home / retirement home which is affiliated with our main home. We are located very near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, PJ Mentalink Care accepts patients and acts like an alcohol rehab for certain types of patients. We have many workers, and most of them are skilled in fields like nursing and patient welfare. We make every effort to ensure our staff are attentive and caring at all times Our Mission ​​We believe that PJ Mentalink Care should be part of the...

The Society For The Deaf In Selangor & Federal Territory

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The Society For The Deaf In Selangor & Federal Territory was registered on 29th September 1975 is an organization that envisions a society that uphold the Rights and dignity of all children and adult through empowerment programs. We create equality communities by establishing effective prevention education, early intervention, Sport empowerment activities as well as by providing treatment and support services for child, adult and their families. • Working with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Persons of Disability, our central focus is the implementation of programs...


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About Negeri Sembilan Association of the Deaf (NESDA) is a self-help organizations and operated by Deaf. Its objective is to increase the standard of living in line with the Deaf community in terms of knowledge, skills, sports, human right and leadership activities ​Persatuan Orang Pekak Negeri Sembilan atau ringkasan NESDA (Negeri Sembilan Deaf Association) adalah sebuah organisasi bantu diri OKU Pekak yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 2006 di bawah Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan (ROS).   NESDA berperanan sebagai sebuah NGO sukarela yang diamanahkan bagi menjaga kepentingan warga Pekak...

Great Heart Charity Association / Persatuan Kasih Sejati

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Who we are Established in 2010, Great Heart Charity Association is a non-profit charitable organisation in Malaysia. We aim to provide substantial and meaningful assistance to people who face difficulties in their life. Individually, we may not able to change the world to become the one we want to live in but we may be able to help people substantially on an individual or community level. As a result, our core value is making charitable giving a part of everyone’s life. Our services Read about our programmes, here. What we need You can support our initiatives, by donations, more details,...

Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Dan Warga Emas

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Who are we PERKEKWA ( Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa and Warga emas Alor Gajah Melaka ) is a charity body strive to provide a comfortable life for the underprivileged and the old folks which are not been taken seriously by the community. Our needs Food, Furniture, Cash donation for utilities Medical staff (doctors, nurses, therapists) Urgent! Our Home is in dire need of adult diapers. Anyone who can donate, please feel free to contact 012 3983411 or our secretary, Mr Thomas at 014 6262615. Thank you very much. Our upcoming activities Charity Concert March 2015 Charity Dinner...

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