Rumah Nur Hikmah

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The home for orphans and single mothers, Rumah Nur Hikmah, was set up in January 2005. The objective of the home is to provide protection, a comfortable living and happiness to its occupants. It is also meant to provide adequate education to the children so that they do not lag behind others and have the same opportunity for success as other more fortunate children.The majority of the children and single mothers who live in this home are from Wilayah Persekutuan and Selangor. Currently, there are 45 orphans comprising 20 boys and 25 girls, all between the ages of 2 to 15. There are also five...

Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Perlindungan Teratak Nur Insan Kuala Lumpur Dan Selangor (NURI)

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Who are we NURI has been registered with ROS and approved on 8 September 2007 ( WKL 1746-07 ). However , the activity began November 2007 with only eight orphans and poor children, being funded by NMC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT SDN BHD. In May 2008 the number of residents increased to 15 people and in 2009 after receiving approval from the Department of Social Welfare number of residents to 30 people , 14 male inmates and 16 female inmates. How you can help Donate: Bank account details: Account no: 3986237702    PUBLIC BANK BERHAD, Branch: MEDAN IDAMAN GOMBAK,...

Kompleks Penyayang Bakti Sungai Buloh

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Kompleks Penyayang BAKTI lahir atas dasar kesedaran terhadap perlunya sebuah institusi yang memberikan khidmat kebajikan berbentuk integrasi kepada mereka yang kurang bernasib baik seperti kanak-kanak, warga tua dan ibu-ibu tunggal. Penwujudan kompleks ini adalah hasil gabungan tenaga Badan Amal Kebajikan Tenaga Isteri (BAKTI) sebagai badan NGO, Tetuan Yarisan Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (Swasta) dan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia (Kerajaan). “Pakatan Tiga Pihak” ini melambangkan keperihatinan setiap sektor masyarakat Malaysia terhadap mereka yang kurang bernasib baik serta menjadi contoh...

Asrama Anak-Anak Yatim Damai Kuang

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Sejarah kami Idea untuk menubuhkan sebuah pusat perlindungan bagi anak-anak yatim di Kuang ini, bermula pada pertengahan tahun 1989. Sejarah bermula apabila seorang bapa telah meninggal dunia dengan meninggalkan 9 orang anak kecil dalam tanggungannya. Susulan daripada kejadian itu, anak-anak yatim tersebut telah dijadikan keluarga angkat oleh Tuan Haji Suhaimi Bin Dzajuli selama lebih kurang sebelas bulan. Kebetulan pula pada masa itu, Tuan Haji Suhaimi Bin Dzajuli adalah Imam masjid Al-Islahiyah batu 17 ¾ Kuang. Hal ini pula diketahui oleh ahli jawatan kuasa Masjid Al-Islahiyah dan...

Melati Putih Single Mothers Association

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Melati Putih Single Mothers Association (Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Melati Putih)

Pertubuhan Membantu Pesakit Parah Miskin Malaysia (PMPPMM)

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The Malaysian Association Help For The Poor Terminally Ill (PPPM) was established in 1997 by retired officials of the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. Its mission was to: Provide Aid to terminally ill patients of Malaysian origin without bias to race , religion and creed. Provide courses and knowledge to members that are involved in volunteer work in the country. Setting up with the approval of the relevant governing bodies, care centre’s and elderly homes for terminally ill patients that are recommended by the government. Provide basic financial aid and support to members of the public...

Persatuan Kebajikan Thirumular Malaysia (Agathiar Charity Organisation)

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Who we are Today a lot of people give donations to charitable organisations, and many such organisations work powerfully in Malaysia. Our “Persatuan Kebajikan Thirumular Malaysia ( also known as Agathiar Charity Organisation) Reg. No : 1821-03-7 is one such organizations in Dengkil, Selangor Darul Ehsan, founded on 22th November 2003, operates on the principles of practising compassion by doing charitable deeds for any person who is suffering from hunger, illness, poverty and deprivation of basic needs such as food, clothing, education and shelter. We practice these action regardless of...

Home For Single Mothers

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Residential centre with support programs for single mothers.

The Charity Club Langkawi (Kelab Amal Langkawi)

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Who are we A group of people committed to improving the day to day lives of underprivileged families on Langkawi.  All funds raised are used to benefit underprivileged families – the club takes minimal general expenses and those related to specific fund raising activities. How you can help You can help to improve the day to day lives of underprivileged families on Langkawi by: • DONATING cash. • DONATING food items. • DONATING unwanted clothing, shoes, toys, linen and household items. • SUPPORTING our fund raising activities. • BUYING our Cookery Book. • BUYING items...

The Little NGO

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Doing small things with great love … TOGETHER Who are we The Little NGO comprise of passionate individuals who come together to volunteer their time and effort to help the under-privileged in Malaysia. The Little NGO’s mission is to help hard core poor families, particularly those with school going children, break out of the poverty cycle through the provision of essential assistance, in terms of food, shelter and education. What we do The Little NGO is currently supporting 45 hard core poor families in Kapar, Selangor. These families have been evaluated and screened by us to ensure that...

The AUTORR Foundation Centre

Aged Unite To Organise Rest & Recreation (AUTORR) Foundation

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ABOUT The AUTORR Foundation Centre is a rest and recreation centre for senior citizens and their families. It is the first of its kind in Malaysia. The AUTORR Foundation Centre is a place where the elders can participate in fun-filled activities to keep them active and healthy. The AUTORR Foundation Centre is an excellent place for the elders to meet new friends and have social interaction with their peers. Here at the AUTORR Foundation Centre, the elders can also learn new skills and  share their lifelong wealth of experience and  knowledge with their new-found friends and the younger...

Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Rhema

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Who are we Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Rhema is a foster home which was formerly known as Pusat Rhema. The Home, based in Seremban, takes care and give shelter to orphans and underprivileged children. There are 25 children (aged between two and 17) in the Home. There are three full time staff and three part time staff looking after the Home.  The home has now extended its services to care for single mothers. Our needs We continuously require funds to cover the monthly budget. We depend very much on the generosity of the public. Below are the major monthly expenditure: kindly contact the...

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