Story of Seed (Persatuan Kebajikan Inspirasi Kemanusiaan)

in Animal Welfare

Persatuan Kebajikan Inspirasi Kemanusiaan (Story of Seed) Reg. No. PPM-016-10-25102016 is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) funded entirely by public donations, to help animals and human who are underprivileged and needy. The purpose of this NGO is to provide opportunities for those who want to be involved in volunteering work, to inspire themselves, their family members and friends. Through the activities organized by Story of Seed, we hope that the volunteers can gain a better understanding and wisdom about life. Subsequently, we hope that they can impart this wisdom and...


in Animal Welfare

Our Vision: To create a community that embraces kindness and adopts pro-life values towards animals. AnimalCare was founded by Dr Chan Kah Yein on 31st May 2009 and is registered as AnimalCare Society Petaling, Selangor (Persatuan Penyayang Haiwan Petaling, Selangor) on 6th May 2011 under the Registrar of Societies, Malaysia (Registration No PPM 012-10-05062011. Previously: No 2277-11-SEL. No PPP SEL0294/11). Our Mission: To promote the practice of One-Street CNRM (Care-Neuter-Return-Manage) for street animals. AnimalCare offers financial aid for the Neutering and Vaccination of street...

Second Chance Animal Society

in Animal Welfare

SCAS (formerly PAWS mission), started from the rescue of 12 motherless fur babies at a wet market in Jalan Kelang Lama in September 2009. It is operating as a NGO, a no-kill animal shelter. Over the years, SCAS has saved more than thousand stray dogs in Selangor and successfully rehomed about 50% of them. At SCAS shelter, we believe every dog deserves a second chance. Located in Pekan Batu 14, Cheras, Hulu Langat, Selangor. At the moment, SCAS shelter houses over 400 rescued dogs of injury, abuse and abandonment. SCAS members and volunteers are working hard to find them home after they have...

Charisma Movement

in Animal Welfare, Children, Other Communities, Support Groups

About Charisma Movement is a youth-led organization created to encourage volunteerism by providing a reliable and sustainable framework for community service & leadership projects to be carried out in Malaysia. Charisma Movement is an organization created to encourage youth volunteerism by providing a reliable and sustainable framework for community service and leadership projects to be carried out in Malaysia, a beautiful country nestled in the exotic South East Asia. Interested to be part of Charisma Movement? Interested? FIND OUT...

Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) Malaysia

in Animal Welfare

TNRM Malaysia is a non-profit, non-governmental, registered society run by volunteers. Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) is a humane alternative to euthanasia for managing and reducing community stray cat and dog populations in Malaysia. TNRM relies on sterilisation of the animals so that they don’t breed. In a nutshell,  we TRAP stray cats and dogs, NEUTER/spay them, then RELEASE/re-home after post-op recovery in order to MANAGE the stray population in Malaysia in the most humane, effective and sustainable way. WHAT WE DO TNRM begins with the trapping of community strays using...

Department of Veterinary Services/Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar

in Animal Welfare, Advocacy, Environment, Recommended, Support Groups

Do you know that you can now report animal abuse cases to DVS (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar) via WhatsApp & email? Website: WhatsApp: 019-2242233 Email: [email protected] From Browse all DVS contact details at our website, or download the PDF for your reference. Be sure to include relevant details and evidence i.e. address, photos and animal information when making a...

Cat Lovers International / Cat Beach Sanctuary

in Animal Welfare, Education, Recommended

Who are we Love cats? Please join the nonprofit Cat Lovers International! Dedicated to improving the welfare of cats in communities across the globe, we believe in ‘think globally, act locally.’ Our first major project is the establishment of Cat Beach Sanctuary in the fishing village of Teluk Bahang on the island of Penang, Malaysia where more than 100 cats rescued from desperate situations find loving care. Future projects planned include publications and educational programs, internships for veterinary students and trainings for those who wish to learn more about cat...

Fur Kids Farm

in Advocacy, Animal Welfare

Who we are Fur Kids Farm (FKF) began with one puppy called Ruff. He was beaten up and was in a very bad condition. He was neglected by a neighbour. One day he wandered away and luckily showed up at our gate. We stood up against the neighbour, kept him & nursed him to health. Today Ruff is a healthy boy and his loyalty & dedication to us is beyond words. Ruff’s past suffering made us want to reach out to other animals that are ill-treated and are in danger. So, we started rescuing animals. In the span of two years, to date, we’ve rescued about 200 animals that have been...

Animal Projects and Environmental Education (APE)

in Animal Welfare, Environment, Social Enterprise

Who we are APE is an ethical Social Enterprise that works collaboratively with stakeholders to develop sustainable conservation solutions The 21st Century is witness to increased pressures on the Earth’s natural resources and is calling out for a new approach which balances the needs of people and environment based on the principles of sustainability. Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn. Bhd. (APE Malaysia) is a Social Enterprise that focuses on conservation as a means to enable the wider change towards a sustainable future. Flagship Malaysian species such as orangutans,...

Pawsome Animals

in Animal Welfare, Social Enterprise

Unofficially started in 2007, Pawsome Animals has emerged as a small team of altruistic citizens, led by a den mother of endless energy, Nicole-Ann Thomas. If given the chance, Pawsome would get itself onto an acre of land and turn it into a haven for animals (and humans who can co-exist with animals). Pawsome has first-hand experience in rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing strays, deliberately abandoned and injured animals. Simply put, we advocate respect for all living things. So many of us do not see how we’ve contributed to the imbalance between our needs and that of other species...


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Who are we is run by a group of volunteers who are strongly passionate about environmental issues, and who see great potential in providing a central, online platform for the Malaysian environmental scene. We gather in solidarity and goodwill, with the common aim of making the world a better place. We aim to streamline the environmental movement in Malaysia, through these interconnected functions: To provide a central repository of information on environmental movements: who’s doing what – when, where, why and how To provide a voice and platform for experts to share their...

Dr Dog Malaysia

in Animal Welfare

Who we are Dr Dog Malaysia is an animal assisted therapy (AAT) programme has assisted numerous people such as the elderly, physically handicapped, mentally impaired, also orphans. Our aim is to reach out and bring a sense of happiness and comfort to patient that needs it most. Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment. The goal of AAT is to improve a patient’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. Advocates state that animals can be useful for educational and motivational effectiveness for participants. A therapist who brings...

Lost Animals Souls Shelter

in Animal Welfare

About Lost Animal Souls Shelter (LASS) is a non-profit, no-kill, canine welfare organization that houses more than 250 destitute abandoned dogs. LASS operates on public donations and voluntary aid and as such would sincerely appreciate donations in the form of cash, sponsorship, dog food, cages, bowls, leashes, collars etc. A pair of extra hands to continuously bathe the dogs to keep them clean and fresh would be most welcome. LASS is based in Bestari Jaya, Kuala Selangor. Please donate LASS is so into the believe of “A Dollar A Day Saves a Life” and would sincerely...

Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre

in Animal Welfare, Education, Environment

This truly unique Elephant Orphanage of Kuala Gandah will give you a very rare opportunity to learn about these displaced gentle giants, and also the chance to ride them through the jungle, with the help of an elephant guide, or mahout. For the brave and adventurous, there are opportunities to take the elephants down to the river and help give them a bath! There really is no better opportunity than this to get in touch with these grey giants. It is estimated that there are only 1,200 wild Asian Elephants, also known as Elephus Maximus, left in Malaysia and this is the only conservation centre...

Borneo Rhino Alliance (BORA)

in Animal Welfare

Borneo Rhino Alliance (BORA) is an NGO based in Sabah. Active since year 2008, BORA cares for the last three living Sumatran rhinos left in Malaysia, in managed facilities in Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Our mission is to prevent the extinction of the Sumatran rhinoceros. The Sumatran rhino is one of the most endangered animal species anywhere in the world. Due to hunting for its horn and forest loss over the past millennium, its population had decreased to a few remnant individuals by the mid twentieth century. Exact numbers are unknown, but fewer than ten rhinos survive in Borneo. Now, the...

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