Marine Research Foundation

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The Marine Research Foundation is a non-profit research foundation based in Sabah, Malaysia and incorporated under the Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1951 Cap. 148. MRF was set up to further the understanding of marine ecosystems and functions, and conserve the abundance and diversity of marine flora and fauna through research, conservation and education activities. The Marine Research Foundation carries out a number of projects related to biodiversity assessment and conservation, providing management-oriented solutions to Government administrations and conservationists. Some examples of...

Trade Records Analysis of Flora and Fauna in Commerce, South East Asia (TRAFFIC)

in Animal Welfare, Environment

Who are we TRAFFIC has an enviable reputation as a reliable and impartial organisation, a leader in the field of conservation as it relates to wildlife trade. TRAFFIC was established in 1976 and has developed into a global network, research-driven and action-oriented, committed to delivering innovative and practical conservation solutions based on the latest information. TRAFFIC is governed by the TRAFFIC Committee, a steering group composed of members of TRAFFIC’s partner organizations, WWF and IUCN. A central aim of TRAFFIC’s activities is to contribute to the wildlife...

World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF-Malaysia)

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History WWF-Malaysia is a national conservation trust affiliated to the WWF global network. Working to promote harmony between human beings and nature for four decades, the organisation to date runs more than 90 projects covering a diverse range of environmental protection and nature conservation work in Malaysia. WWF-Malaysia has come a long way since its coming into being on the 13th of January 1972. In the early days we had solely focused on wildlife conservation such as saving endangered species like the tigers and turtles, today our work has extended to encompass marine and forest...

in Animal Welfare

Who are we is Malaysia’s leading Pet Adoption Portal. We strive to find a loving home for every pet, uphold animal welfare and advocate responsible pet ownership. Find a pet by clicking here. Mission aims to achieve the following goals: 1) To provide a unified, convenient resource for rescuers, shelters and pet owners to find homes for animals 2) To provide an effective collaboration infrastructure for animal lovers 3) To educate the public in responsibly caring for their pets and expose animal...

Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue

in Animal Welfare

Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue Foundation is a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer dog rescue organization serving the Selangor area in Malaysia. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs left homeless for a variety of reasons – dogs in public pounds where they are at high risk of euthanasia due to pet overpopulation, dogs given up by their owners because of difficult circumstances, and those in danger of abuse or neglect. We place dogs in loving, responsible, committed permanent homes, following a comprehensive adoption process which includes taking considerable care in finding good matches and...

Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT)

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MYCAT is a collaborative partnership of the Malaysian Nature Society, TRAFFIC, Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia and WWF-Malaysia, supported by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia. MYCAT was formed on the 4th of September 2003, the first Malaysian partnership focused exclusively on the conservation of tigers, their habitats and prey species. This unique partnership was a first, not just here in Malaysia but in tiger conservation globally. It is a platform for communication and collaboration with an emphasis on sharing...

Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (PETPOSITIVE)

in Animal Welfare, Differently Abled, Health, Senior Citizens, Tax Exemption

Who are we PETPOSITIVE IS an animal-assisted therapy organisation that uses pets to help disabled and elderly persons live positive lives. We work with all types of animals, depending on the interest of our clients. We also work on other issues by helping disabled people, especially the poor get proper healthcare, support to fighting for the rights of the handicapped in Malaysia. The Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (PETPOSITIVE) Registration No: 0705-06-WKL Official Correspondence Address: c/o Antony Leopold, Vice President, No. 1.12, 1st Floor, The...

Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd

in Animal Welfare, Education, Senior Citizens, Women, Youth

ABOUT Pusat Kebajikan Good Shepherd (PKGS) is a not-for-profit organisation founded and operated by the Good Shepherd Sisters since 1960. The Good Shepherd Sisters is a worldwide Congregation of women religious present in 73 countries in six continents. See The focus of PKGS is to make visible the mercy and forgiving love of God, specifically to those who are marginalised and broken, especially women, girls and their families, restoring in them their worth and dignity. We reach out and welcome each person with respect and dignity, accompanying each one with care...

SPCA Selangor

in Animal Welfare, Recommended, Tax Exemption

Who are we The aim of the SPCA is to protect defenceless animals and to alleviate their suffering. SPCA provides temporary shelter to unwanted animals in Selangor and the Federal Territory. These include mainly cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, usually pets that are no longer desired by their owners. From here, we try to re-home as many as possible but with more than 1,100 animals arriving every month (reaching some 13,000 annually), the shelter is constantly challenged by a shortage of space and limited funds. Our services 1. Adoption programme – Members of the public are...

PAWS Animal Welfare Society

in Animal Welfare

Our objectives To shelter and care for unwanted, abandoned, injured and stray cats and dogs. We need volunteers PAWS has a few full time staff but relies heavily on regular volunteers to provide extra attention to animals, to show visitors around and assist those wishing to adopt a pet. Our needs Funding: PAWS does not receive any government funding, relying completely on donations of food / money / other items and adoption fees to support its operations. Running expenses are RM15,000 to RM17,000 per month. Extra improvement projects involve additional cost and sponsors large and small are...

Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF)

in Animal Welfare, Environment

Our mission To promote a caring Malaysian society through creating awareness and a balanced approach to animal welfare for the well-being of animals and mankind. Since 1995, massive port development around Pulai River Estuary have destroyed large tracts of seagrass beds, which are home to the Spotted Seahorse, Hippocampus kuda. The Spotted seahorses, which once thrived in the Pulai River Estuary, are losing their habitat as well as numbers. SOS is particularly concerned that they may vanish soon. Report Abuse If you know of your neighbours or people who are neglecting or abusing their pets....

SPCA Penang

in Animal Welfare, Tax Exemption

The SPCA Penang, formerly known as RSPCA, was founded in 1948. It is a non-profit community-based organization whose primary roles are those of protecting and caring for animals. OBJECTIVES Promote kindness, prevent cruelty and alleviate suffering of animals. We believe that respect for life begins with concern for animals and the environment. MISSION Care for and protect abandoned animals. We are not a ‘no kill shelter’. All animals will only be taken in when the public/pet owners comply to our policies/regulations. Educate the community by actively promoting an ethical attitude in...

SPCA Johor Bahru

in Animal Welfare

Who are we The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Johor Bahru (Persatuan Menolong Haiwan) is a registered society set up to educate proper animal care and ownership. The Society aims to reduce the incidence of unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs. SPCA JB does not run an animal shelter at this time. SPCA JOHOR COMMITTEE FOR THE YEAR 2015 – 2017 The committee members consist of few districts in the State of Johor. Pengerusi – En. Karunnanithy Naib Pengerusi – Cik Sheila Setiausaha – Tasha Subramaniam Pen. Setiausaha – En Chow Kah Hung Bendahari...

Ma’daerah Turtle Sanctuary

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY When Established: 1999 By Whom: Department of Fisheries & WWF Malaysia. The Ma’ Daerah Turtle Sanctuary Centre is a hatchery and interpretation centre dedicated to the protection and conservation of sea turtles. The project aims to protect marine turtles in their natural habitat. Department of Fisheries Malaysia manages the area, while education and Awareness programmes are being conducted by WWF Malaysia. In June 2004, a local community group known as Persatuan Ma’ Daerah Khazanah Rakyat (Ma’ Daerah the People’s Heritage), or MEKAR was set up,...

Save Our Seahorses (SOS)

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Who are we SOS is a non-profit organisation committed to saving the seahorse and the Pulai River Estuary in Malaysia. SOS is comprised of a group of young scientists, students, public volunteers and local fishing communities. Since 1995, massive port development around Pulai River Estuary have destroyed large tracts of seagrass beds, which are home to the Spotted Seahorse, Hippocampus kuda. The Spotted seahorses, which once thrived in the Pulai River Estuary, is losing its habitat as well as numbers. SOS is particularly concerned that they may vanish soon. SOS is fighting to conserve what...

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