Emzee Football Club

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EMZEE FOOTBALL CLUB, a non-profit youth soccer club officially recognized by the PEJABAT PESURUHJAYA SUKAN MALAYSIA (Malaysia National Sports Council) on July 28, 2017, under registration number 8955/2017, was established with the primary goal of providing young players access to progressive playing philosophies and advanced coaching. The club prioritizes quality over quantity and emphasizes individual athlete development over team results, fostering a competitive yet enjoyable learning environment. The club’s mission is to offer soccer players aged 10 to 24 the opportunity to...

Bharath Arts and Cultural Society Malaysia

in Culture

BHARATH ARTS AND CULTURAL SOCIETY MALAYSIA (BACUS) iIs a registered, national nonprofit, educational organization in the field of classical music and dance who believe in the mandate to build bridges of understanding between different cultures. We have been pioneers in introducing the genre of structured Certification of Indian Music and Dance in Malaysia. BACUS is a non-profit organization founded by a group of professional musicians and dancers. It aims to encourage people everywhere to enjoy and learn about Indian Music and the Arts, through organizing and supporting seminars, summer...

MPA – Malaysian Puppetry Association

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Malaysian Puppetry Association was founded by Dr Loy Chee Luen and Mr Gan Eng Cheng with objectives: Promote and preserve traditional and contemporary Malaysian puppetry Organise exhibitions, seminars, workshops and professional training as well as festival Documentation, research and education in Malaysian puppetry Fostering spirit of unity through Malaysian puppetry Collaboration between artists locally and internationally Traditional Puppetry in Malaysia Traditional puppet performances in Malaysia include shadow puppets, glove puppets, rod puppets and string puppets. The origins...

Persatuan Archeo-Adventure Tamadun Sungai Batu Kedah

in Culture

OBJECTIVES Foster interest in and appreciation of archeology and anthropology and directly build awareness of the history and identity of the nation as a continuation of the generations to come . Organize a conservation and exploration of archaeological sites Sungai Batu and materials together experts and archaeologists country . Organize and carry out activities to disseminate awareness of archaeological knowledge based on scientific research through the media , publishing , science programs , lectures, exhibitions , promotions , advertising , and other events . Cooperate with any...

Sarawak Creative Community

in Culture

Persatuan Kesenian Hiburan & Kreatif Sarawak is the largest creative arts non-governmental organization (NGO) in the state of Sarawak, and in fact, it’s the biggest creative arts and culture-based NGO in Malaysia, with almost 40,000 members from different backgrounds. They are located at Lot 63, Jalan Maigold Phase 2, Desa Senadin, 98000 Miri, SARAWAK, Miri. Persatuan Kesenian Hiburan & Kreatif Sarawak has been involved in several recent initiatives: Bidayuh Mystique Festival 2022: This three-day festival featured various activities such as the Traditional Bidayuh Dance...

The Japanese Language Society of Malaysia

in Culture, Education

Founded in 1968 as non-profit making organization, we are committed to promoting deeper understanding and meaningful relationship between the people of Malaysia and Japan through international cultural exchange and active promotion of the learning of Japanese language and cultural among Malaysians. Since then, we strongly believe that only through the mastery of Japanese language could our relationship with the Japanese be more meaningful, much deeper and long lasting. By learning their language we learn not only of their culture, value and thoughts but also of our own. Hence,at JLSM...

Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club

in Culture, Health

Founded in August 2008.Mission: To share the joy of laughter and other happy and joyous activities to the community. Laughter Yoga Malaysia (马来西亚大笑瑜伽) runs under the umbrella of the Johor Bahru Happy & Joyous Club since August 2008. It is a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) in Malaysia. Lee-Jean, a certified laughter yoga teacher, trained by Dr Madan brought Laughter Yoga to Johor Bahru (JB), the capital city of Johor, Malaysia. Her first Certified Laughter Yoga Leader program was conducted in Sept 2008 and till date, 38 of such programs had...

Persatuan Peranakan Cina Kelantan

in Culture, Support Groups

Persatuan Peranakan Cina Kelantan (PPCK) ditubuh dan didaftar pada 15 Febuari 1989. Tujuan penubuhannya adalah demi memikul satu harapan supaya Peranakan Cina Kelantan yang tinggal di kawasan luar bandar iaitu sekitar lembah sungai Kelantan dapat hidup dengan selesa, harmoni, permuafakatan yang harus dan mampu mengikuti arus pembangunan negara. Pengekalan budaya harmoni dan bersikap kesederhanaan adalah menjadi intipati dalam perjuangan Persatuan ini. Persatuan ini juga menanam hasrat yang mendalam supaya Peranakan Cina Kelantan dapat mempertingkatkan mutu hidup dan taraf pendidikan yang...


in Culture

MUKA SPACE is a multi-award winning theatre company founded by brothers, Beijing-based Dr. Deric Gan and Malaysia-based Easee Gan, in November 2013. MUKA SPACE’s main objectives are to produce groundbreaking Malaysian theatre and encourage cross-disciplinary performances as well as more collaborations between artistes from different fields locally and internationally. MUKA SPACE has staged a host of award-winning plays, both original and adaptations, such as Dear Elena Sergeevna (2012), Fiery Family (2014), My Husband’s Wedding (2014), The Dawns Here Are Quiet (2015), Richard III...

Persatuan Penganut Sri Raghavendra Swami Brindavan

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Sri Raghavendra Swamy Miruthiga Brindavan(SRSMB), also known as Persatuan Penganut Sri Raghavendra Swami Brindavan, is a non-profitable organization established in the year 2000 in Malaysia, as a center for religious, spiritual and cultural practice. SRSMB, in fact, is the very first Miruthiga Brindavan outside India who follows the principles of SriMan Madhvacharya. The consecration was sanctified with the holy soil called Miruthiga blessed by H. H.1008 Sri Sri Sushmeendra Thirtha, the 22nd pontiff of Sri Mutt, Mantralaya. Since its consecration SRSMB received a large followers/devotees not...

Kelab Warisan Sungai Klang

in Culture, Environment

(River conservation and historical bridge preservtion) Mission : Integration of Klang people,history, culture and art to promote Kota Bridge Vision: To become the role model riverside,The ICON of KLANG! 巴生之光 Objective: 1. Clean the Klang River 2. Recreate and Beautify the area surrounding the awesome Kota Bridge 3. Introduce the Klang River as tourist attraction Message from the founders My name is Jordan and I live with my family next to the Klang River. Few years ago, I visited London for holiday together with my family. I was photographing the Tower Bridge and looked down to...

Freedom Film Network

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About Us The Freedom Film Network (FFN) is a not-for-profit body established to support and develop social documentary filmmaking within the context of freedom of expression and values contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) in Malaysia. We are a collective of filmmakers with a passion for sharing stories that can make an impact and contribute to a more just, equal and peaceful world. Making films that highlights the unseen, unheard and untold in Malaysia requires much passion and grit. There is almost no support to produce, distribute and self sustain from...

Persatuan Melayu Miri

in Culture

Mission 1. Membentuk bangsa Melayu yang bersatupadu, prihatin, berkerjasama, bersikap terbuka dan bersatu hati. 2. Membentuk bangsa Melayu yang beriman dan bertaqwa. 3. Membentuk bangsa Melayu yang berkualiti dari segi ilmu dan pendidikan. 4. Membentuk bangsa Melayu yang progresif dan berdaya saing dalam bidang ekonomi. 5. Membentuk bangsa Melayu yang sihat, cergas, cerdas melalui kegiatan kebudayaan dan sukan.


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Our Mission Statement NGO Monitor provides information and analysis, promotes accountability, and supports discussion on the reports and activities of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) claiming to advance human rights and humanitarian agendas. Aims and Objectives The aim of NGO Monitor, as outlined in the mission statement, is to generate and distribute critical analysis and reports on the output of the international NGO community for the benefit of government policy makers, journalists, philanthropic organizations and the general public. We intend to publicize...


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SPArKS’s Aims and Objectives The aims and objectives of the Society shall be as follows: To promote the advancement of the Performing Arts in Kota Kinabalu and to create a public interest in Performing Arts, which include music, dance, drama, films, comedy, opera, magic acrobatics, marching arts such as brass band and theatre. To develop talent and creativity in Performing Arts by providing opportunities for performances and workshops. To expose local talent to international standards by inviting international artistes to perform in Kota Kinabalu. To liaise with the State and...

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