Maybank Hindu Staff Society

in Children, Education, Environment, Health, Women, Youth

MHSS is a non-profit organisation aimed at assisting the less privileged and illiterates in educating the community for a better living standard through programmes that cover Child welfare, Education, Health, Rural Development and Women empowerment.

Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT)

in Animal Welfare, Environment

MYCAT is a collaborative partnership of the Malaysian Nature Society, TRAFFIC, Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia and WWF-Malaysia, supported by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia. MYCAT was formed on the 4th of September 2003, the first Malaysian partnership focused exclusively on the conservation of tigers, their habitats and prey species. This unique partnership was a first, not just here in Malaysia but in tiger conservation globally. It is a platform for communication and collaboration with an emphasis on sharing...

Kechara – A Tsem Rinpoche Organisation

in Children, Education, Environment

We aim to assist people in improving their quality of life by developing inner peace, love, wisdom and happiness. The range of services and programmes offered by Kechara is based on authentic Buddhist teachings from an unbroken lineage featuring a systematic approach to the stages of the Buddhist path to Enlightenment. We emphasise practical ways to integrate Buddhist principles into everyday lives.

Inov Lab

in Education, Environment, Health

Inov Lab is a global network built based on the philosophy of lifelong learning. We aim to cultivate social entrepreneurs and facilitate the development of innovative solutions in order to generate positive impact in the society and environment.

Grace Community Services

in Children, Education, Environment, Health, Senior Citizens, Tax Exemption, Women, Youth

Grace Community Services is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that was founded in 1990 with a primary mission to provide assistance to the less fortunate in society. Based in Klang, Selangor, the organization has remained dedicated to this mission for over 30 years. Key Highlights: GCS offers various services, including shelter for homeless individuals, food for the hungry, clothing for those in need, and counseling for those in distress. Over the years, GCS has achieved significant milestones, including providing shelter for over 2,000 destitute women, caring for over 800...

Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur

in Environment

Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur is an environmental organization dedicated to spreading the message of environmental stewardship by providing free trees to enhance the greenery of the Earth. Since 2013, they have generously distributed more than 40,042 plants to various recipients, including homeowners, schools, marginalized communities, community gardens, and wildlife habitats. Their mission is to encourage widespread planting, promote biodiversity, and foster a deep love for nature. Within the realm of environmental stewardship and awareness, Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur actively engages...

Free Relation

in Children, Education, Environment, Youth

About Us An organization based on an ideal sense of good networking among youths and the young.   Description A project developing online discussion platforms to generate active engagement among World Young and the youth Movement.Members around the world will be central to each fellowship. Free Relation Fellows will organise and lead a series of online discussions and information sharing sessions on key networking issues that they will identify in consultation with the Secretariat and Management Board. Materials for, and the results of, each discussion will be compiled, presented, and...

LEAP Spiral

in Advocacy, Environment, Social Enterprise

ABOUT LEAP facilitates partnerships & conversations between communities, NGO’s, government & industry aiming to unravel a history of hierarchical, colonial patterns, and to create new authentic and equitable relationships. PRINCIPLES Listen to the need Provide space for collaboration Engage relevant partners Guide solutions Follow through initiatives Persevere  for the results VISION To engage all communities and empower each other to move from reactive conservation towards proactive stewardship. To collaboratively transform a failing system to one that is healthy,...

Hawksbill Eco-Club

in Environment

About Menjadikan kelab sebuah organisasi yang berteraskan peningkatan kesedaran terhadap pemuliharaan alam sekitar berkaitan penyu di Melaka. Melakukan syarahan kesedaran tentang usaha konservasi penyu di Melaka, menjual hasil kraftangan tempatan, mengumpul sumbangan bagi tujuan pemuliharaan penyu, memberikan pendidikan dan informasi tentang penyu secara percuma kepada orang awam di Pusat Penerangan Penyu Melaka Mission 1)Menjadi persatuan berasaskan pemuliharaan alam sekitar berkaitan penyu yang kukuh di Negeri Melaka. 2)Mengumpul dana secara berterusan untuk program kesedaran serta...

Fuze Ecoteer

in Environment, Social Enterprise

Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures is a social enterprise that focuses on conservation work. We are a Malaysian registered tour operator with conservation and research experience. Consequently making us one of a kind in Malaysia. We believe that people play the most important role in conservation. Hence why we believe in educating people of all ages about conservation by experiencing nature. In this digitalized age, more and more people forget what it’s like to play in the rain. To feel the wind on their cheek and to see stars in the sky. Due to that, we aim...


in Advocacy, Environment, Orang Asli, Women, Youth

ABOUT PACOS Trust is a community-based organisation (CBO) dedicated towards supporting indigenous communities in Sabah. Although registered under the Trustees Ordinance (Sabah) only in 1997, it has been actively involved with communities since 1987 as a different legal entity. PACOS Trust sees itself as on organisation that strives to empower indigenous communities through systematic building and strengthening of community organisations, which can act collectively on its own. AIMS PACOS Trust has three main goals: 1. Ensure that indigenous communities have their customary land (NCR) and the...

Happy Family Homes Malaysia (formerly Habitat for Humanity Malaysia)

in Environment, Other Communities

Happy Family Homes Malaysia believes in a mission to build homes one at a time, with the ultimate goal of creating happy families, thriving communities, and contributing to the happiness of the nation. This non-profit organization works in collaboration with the needy and receives invaluable support from dedicated volunteers and generous donors. Approach and Objectives Their approach centers on several key objectives: 1. **Promoting a Culture of Care**: They aim to reach out and instill a culture of care in communities, particularly among those who lack decent housing. 2....

Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF)

in Animal Welfare, Environment

Our mission To promote a caring Malaysian society through creating awareness and a balanced approach to animal welfare for the well-being of animals and mankind. Since 1995, massive port development around Pulai River Estuary have destroyed large tracts of seagrass beds, which are home to the Spotted Seahorse, Hippocampus kuda. The Spotted seahorses, which once thrived in the Pulai River Estuary, are losing their habitat as well as numbers. SOS is particularly concerned that they may vanish soon. Report Abuse If you know of your neighbours or people who are neglecting or abusing their pets....

AIESEC in Malaysia

in Education, Environment, Youth

BACKGROUND/HISTORY AIESEC facilitates international traineeship exchanges and supporting activities that provide practical learning experiences for our trainees and that facilitate the learning of our members and other stakeholders. Objective AIESEC’s core activity is the international exchange placement programme. This operates by establishing short to medium term positions in companies for overseas young professionals. AIESEC offer comprehensive preparation, reception and reintegration, which take the AIESEC programme beyond conventional corporate placements. The programme is...

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM)

in Environment

BACKGROUND/HISTORY Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) is a grass-roots, community non-governmental organisation involved in environment and development issues. Since its inception, SAM has worked closely with numerous affected communities throughout Malaysia. Objective: To educate the public on the need for ecologically sound development. To assist communities which have been adversely effected by so-called development. To advocate for a development model that is ecologically sustainable, socially just and fulfils the human needs of the majority. NEEDS The Friends of the Earth International...

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