Bambusa Foundation

in Environment, Orang Asli

The formation of Bambusa Foundation is to advance the progress of Forest, Wildlife, Marine, Geological and Human Conservation in Malaysia, with Research, Education and Awareness efforts towards reducing and reversing the damage that has been done by decades of High-Environmental Impact and Human activities. As a Non-profitable Organization, our aim is to be a Private Foundation that engages the best minds from multiple disciplinary fields that involves the most passionate and agile industry partners towards establishing ourselves as a foremost Conservationist in...

Lightup Borneo

in Orang Asli

Lightup Borneo adalah NGO yang membantu orang asal di Sabah dan Sarawak supaya memperolehi bekalan eletrik dan lampu. Kami percaya kepunyaan bekalan elektrik dan lampu dapat membantu meraka memperolehi maklumat dan meningkatkan kesedaran mereka terhadap hak asasi sebagai orang asal dan rakyat Malaysia. Cara Kami Membantu:Cara untuk menjana kuasa elektrik adalah dengan menggunakan penjana mikro dan piko-hidro (micro- and pico-hydro generator). Air bertekanan tinggi yang mengalir dari paip PVC berdiameter besar (untuk menyalurkan air dari sungai, air terjun) memusingkan turbin roda (biasa...

Yayasan Al-Khalifah

in Orang Asli, Tax Exemption

Yayasan Al-Khalifah (YAK) adalah sebuah Badan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO) yang bukan berorientasikan keuntungan (Non-Profit Organization) didaftarkan di bawah suruhanjaya syarikat sebagai sebuah syarikat ‘Limited by Guarantee’, ditubuhkan pada 16 November 2006. Unit Program Pembangunan Dan Dakwah Orang Asli (PPDOA) adalah unit khas fokus dalam melaksanakan program dakwah dan kemanusiaan Orang Asli seluruh negara. Akaun Maybank Islamic:AL-KHALIFAH FOUNDATION | 5640 1611 8396

Pertubuhan Angkatan Gabungan Rakyat Asli Sabah (AGARAS)

in Orang Asli

AGARAS merupakan Pertubuhan Badan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO) yang asli untuk memperjuangkan Hak Asli Rakyat untuk pribumi Sabah We are committed to undertaking various programs and activities for Children, Youth, Men, Women, Old age and other marginalized segments of the society irrespective of their caste, creed, age, sex, color and religion, in rural, urban and tribal areas, and resettlement colonies to realize the ideals and objectives of the constitution of Borneo in order to protect, promote and advocate human rights. We will also work for the social, economic, cultural and educational...

Penan Women Project

in Orang Asli, Social Enterprise, Women

The Penan Women Project is a project initiated by the Miri Women Weaving Association (MWWA) in Sarawak. Officially registered on 14 March 2016, MWWA was set up to help needy nomadic and semi-nomadic Penans in Limbang and Miri divisions of Sarawak. The association is founded by Shida Mojet with Ann Wong as its current chairperson. MWWA helps the Penan learn about income generation while tapping into their resources and knowledge about traditional crafts like weaving. Their mission is to help the Penan women get out of poverty by making and selling handwoven products such as affordably...

Hopes Malaysia

in Environment, Orang Asli

Who we are and what we do:  Marginalised communities in Sabah are trapped in the poverty cycle due to poor infrastructure and remoteness of the rural areas. Founded in 2016, Hopes Malaysia (HOPES) is an emerging civil society organization (CSO) at National Level (Malaysia) that focuses on sustainable community development projects to meet the basic needs of the underprivileged rural Sabah community. Hopes Malaysia uplift the local rural and needy communities by empowering them, improving their standard of living and breaking the cycle of poverty via our initiatives.  We are...

Persatuan Kebajikan Makatip Sabah

in Children, Differently Abled, Orang Asli, Recommended, Senior Citizens, Single parents

This premises is situated in a poor remote village named Makatip in Tambunan Sabah. I  belonged to the Order Of St. Clare Assisi  Italy. Based in London. Now resumed back to my own hometown for good in 2018.Challenges urged me to initiate this risky mission as some O.K.U.( Orang Kurang Upaya) people approached me for assistance. This people aged between 24 years old to 60 years needing sort of rehabilitation discharged from mental hospitals, prison, drug addicts, rape victims, etc. Then came along poor children , autism, juveniles neglected by parents. The District...

Helping Hands Penan

in Orang Asli, Social Enterprise, Women

Helping Hands Penan is in existence for more than 8 years now, it was formed casually by a few expat wives who got together to help the Penan across the border of Brunei in Limbang, Sarawak . Over the years , with more volunteers joining us, mainly traveling wives of those working in the oil and gas industry in Brunei and a few local Bruneians, HHP expands to East and West Malaysia with our networks in Miri, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu , Kuala Lumpur , Penang and Johor Barhru. . On 12th February 2016 , Helping hands Penan is finally registered in Malaysia. We rely on volunteers to carry out our...

Kaseh Class

in Education, Orang Asli

Overview Kelas Kaseh is an educational community that envisions the empowerment of education for the underprivileged through volunteerism. History Kelas Kaseh began in 2015, a proponent from Projek Tuisyen Sayang, Kelas Kaseh’s founder,Khairul Azkar and Ahmad Hafiz took to their own initiative in building Kelas Kaseh. The first ever Kelas Kaseh class began in Sungai Buah Dengkil when Khairul received the opportunity with 40 students and 40 volunteers from a farrago of different backgrounds ranging from working professionals to university students and even school children! Khairul Azkar...

Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia /Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS)

in Advocacy, Orang Asli, Support Groups

Who we are A coalition advocating indigenous peoples’ rights in Malaysia. There were plans to establish a national network was conceived and discussed by activists and supporters of the indigenous movement in the early 80s . The decision to establish this network wase made during a meeting in Poring , Sabah in 1992. In 1996 , formal meetings and the establishment of a network eventually held in Kudat , Sabah . At that time, this network consists of 10 organisations of indigenous peoples from all over the country . JOAS been registered in Sabah under the Business Names Ordinance of...

Suriana Welfare Society for Children

in Advocacy, Children, Orang Asli, Single parents, Support Groups

Who are we Suriana Welfare Society For Children is a registered child focused non government organisation(Reg No 0892-10-SEL) set up to advocate for children in crisis. Established in June of 2010, the organisation has a mission of speaking up for the protection of children in crisis situations. Suriana seeks to advocate rights of children through empowering the community, training and development programs and as well as projects within the community. Our mission 1. Protection – To actively advocate the rights of children in Malaysia. Children have the right to live in an environment...

Food Aid Foundation

in Children, Differently Abled, Environment, Orang Asli, Recommended, Refugees, Senior Citizens, Single parents, Social Enterprise, Sponsors, Support Groups, Youth

Who we are The Food Aid Foundation is managed by professionals with experience in the food services industry and supported by a team of staff comprising of employees and volunteers; with a pool of cooks and drivers, we are ready to serve those in need. Our Values and Accountability We Honour Lives, respect the dignity of every person and treat all with equality and compassion regardless of their race or religion. We Keep Faith with the public trust through efficient and compassionate use of resources entrusted to us and are mindful that our objective is accomplished through the generosity...

Gerai OA

in Orang Asli, Social Enterprise

Gerai OA is a volunteer-run, nomadic stall selling crafts by the Orang Asal (indigenous minorities) of Malaysia; 100% of sales is paid to the named artisan. Mission To document, revive & revitalise the heritage crafts of the Orang Asal, the indigenous minorities in Malaysia. This is done via publications, photos, workshops & sales. And 100% of the sales monies is returned to the artisan, their businesses or NGOs. Company Overview Gerai OA (Indigenous People’s Stall) is a nomadic, volunteer-run stall selling Orang Asal heritage crafts, books, CDs & DVDs by or about the the...

EPIC Homes

in Environment, Orang Asli, Social Enterprise

Epic Homes aims to build relationships between the urban and rural divide through the act of building homes for underprivileged communities, currently focusing on the indigenous people of Peninsular Malaysia, the Orang Asli. Our Philosophy We believe that the presence of relationship is what truly differentiates a ‘Home’ from a ‘House’. When an Epic Home is built, a family does not just get a new house, but they also become connected to a larger community who genuinely cares for them; a community that seeks to understand their challenges, and who seeks to solve it together with...

Asrama Darul Falah PERKIM (ASDAF)

in Orang Asli, Support Groups

Asrama Darul Falah PERKIM (ASDAF) diasaskan oleh Tuan Haji Yaakob bin Lazim yang ditubuhkan pada 19 Ogos 1995, adalah sebuah asrama yang menempatkan anak-anak Orang Asli peringkat sekolah menengah sahaja. Mereka terdiri daripada anak-anak fakir miskin, saudara baru (muallaf) dan anak-anak yatim. Mereka diambil dari kampung-kampung di kawasan pendalaman semenanjung untuk diberi pendidikan akademik dan agama di Kuala Lumpur. Pada masa ini, jumlah anak-anak adalah seramai 41 orang dimana majoritinya adalah berasal dari Pahang, Perak dan Selangor. Sumber kewangan asrama ini adalah bergantung...

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