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R.O.H is a non-governmental organisation with an aspiration to banish and build awareness on city poverty. R.O.H Food Bank Programme organises visits to the underprivileged families every fortnight. Besides delivering food supplies, we are also committed to improving living condition of the families and educating children’s minds. However, it isn’t only about providing food subsistence to the underprivileged community. We believe in the power of connecting humans, therefore through this programme, we aim to connect donors, volunteers and partners together in reaching out to more...

YAKIN Malaysia

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TENTANG KAMI ONE STOP CENTRE Perkhidmatan Pusat Runding cara Harian Pusat aduan dan runding cara Pusat khidmat nasihat Penyelaras & menyalurkan maklumat dari segi pembangunan sosial seperti bantuan kewangan, makanan, kebajikan, rawatan & perubatan, perumahan ,pendidikan dan sebagainya. Menganjurkan program pembangunan & komuniti seperti seminar, teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi, kursus motivasi dan kekeluargaan kempen-kempen kesedaran dan sebagainya untuk kumpulan sasaran YAKIN Malaysia Objektif Objektif YAKIN Malaysia adalah sebagai penyalur informasi, penyelaras dan...

Persatuan Seni Silat Gayong Maarifat Malaysia

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We are a local martial art organisation that promotes self defence and local meditation very little known to public. PSSGMM has been established since 1993 and have over 35 000 students from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and across European countries. We would like to join a bigger crowd and spread the knowledge to wider audiences. Mission 1 Syahadah 1 Gerak 1 Hati Initiative

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About Us is a platform developed by SOLS 247 and our founding partner 7-Eleven. This platform is for non-profit organisations and individuals to find the resources they need to grow and contribute more in whichever field they’re working in, to develop the third sector in Asia. members can look forward to: NGO profiling Volunteer positions Volunteer feedback and testimonials Small grant awards Event listing Project listing …and much more Our Mission To provide visibility, resources and connections for NGOs and a structured volunteer platform with...


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The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant was conceived in the year 2000 as a social development programme targeting young Malaysian women of Indian or part of Indian descent (at least one parent descending from the Indian Ocean). Unlike other conventional pageants, the Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant’s primary thrust is the personal and professional enhancement of the Malaysian woman of Indian descent. It is a pioneering event filled with glamour and world-class presentation. Held on a national scale, it is now a finely etched programme that draws participants from all corners of Malaysia...

Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu Bersatu Berhad (MTEM)

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Apakah itu MTEM? Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu Bersatu Berhad (MTEM) adalah sebuah payung organisasi yang mewakili 47 pertubuhan badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) ekonomi Melayu diperingkat nasional. Terdapat kira- kira 120 organisasi NGO ekonomi Melayu diperingkat negeri turut berada di bawah payung MTEM. Platform nasional yang ditubuhkan ini merupakan antara yang pertama seumpamanya di Malaysia dan turut mewakili lebih 500,000 perniagaan Melayu. Misi 1 badan, 100 organisasi, 1,000,000 ahli. Objektif MTEM Memimpin polisi dan inisiatif dalam meningkatkan kualiti hidup dan penyertaan masyarakat...

Astronautical Association of Malaysia

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About Us The Astronautical Association of Malaysia was established in 2009 with the objective of generating interest and promoting knowledge in the field of aerospace and science among the younger generation. The patron of the association is Malaysia’s first Angkasawan, Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor. The association’s committee members comprise of former candidates of Malaysia’s first Angkasawan programme. Committee Members President Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin Vice President Mohamad Haizam Secretary Busto Rama Assistant Secretary Shafini Ashraq Treasurer Theenkin...

Akademi PERMATA IHSAN Putrajaya

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Akademi PERMATA IHSAN dahulu dikenali dengan nama Kelas Putrajaya Prihatin ia adalah salah satu projek utama yang dijalankan dengan kerjasama baik pihak Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, Putrajaya. Kelas Putrajaya Prihatin telah diwujudkan pada April 2016 dan memberi fokus khidmat pengajaran dan pembelajaran tambahan secara holistik kepada anak-anak komuniti Putrajaya. Kelas diadakan pada setiap hari Rabu, Khamis dan Ahad, jam 8 – 10 malam di Aras 3, Dewan Solat Tambahan Lelaki, Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, Putrajaya. Kelas ini disokong oleh rakan tutor dari pelbagai latar...

Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation

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Who we are Special things come about when you least expect it. Rizq ar Rahman was born out of such an unexpected but significant meeting a few years ago between two ladies with very different backgrounds but united by an incredible drive to make the world a better place. Our founders, Assila Emir & Fatima Syeda Jaleel, came together bringing along their own passion and strengths in different areas of charitable work and turned it into a foundation with the hopes of being an umbrella over many charitable projects. The name Rizq ar Rahman, which means “All provision (is from)...

Our Lady of Lourdes, Klang

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Church of Our Lady of Lourdes (OLL) is a Catholic Church located at Jalan Tengku Kelana, Klang, Malaysia. The current parish priest is Fr. Frederick Joseph.

Malaysia Hindu Sangam

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Who we are Malaysia Hindu Sangam  is a brain child of the late Shri K. Paramalingam KMN. He was a barrister at law and was then the Director General of Public Trustee Department. He was greatly assisted by the late Shri K. Ramanathan, a lawyer by profession and an ardent Hindu. Shri K. Ramanathan was the president of Malaysian Indian Congress from 1950 – 1951. He was also the founder of Malaysian Arulneri Thirukkuttam. By the encouragement and inspiration given by the learned saintly Shri K. Ramanathan, Shri K. Paramalingam moved fast and gathered few devout Hindus, who liked to...

Pandawas Academy

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CLOSED. Pandawas Academy has closed.

Health Equity Initiative (HEI)

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Established in 2007, Health Equity Initiatives (HEI) is a Malaysian non-government organization based in Kuala Lumpur that is committed to advancing the right to health of marginalized populations through its integrated core programs, which include community based health interventions, professional mental health services, research and monitoring activities, and evidence based advocacy. HEI also has an internship program for students of medicine and psychology. HEI primarily works with refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia, and the organization believes community decision-making and...

Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia

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Visi Membangun pandangan hidup (world view) masyarakat Islam berlandaskan minda quranik dan menyatukan pemikiran ke arah kemajuan negara. Misi Membina imej Islam sebagai ajaran yang benar dan adil. Menarik lebih ramai generasi muda terlibat dalam kegiatan dakwah. Melahirkan pendakwah yang berpengetahuan luas dan berkemahiran tinggi serta mempunyai kebijaksanaan dalam menyampaikan dakwah. Menjadi badan penyelaras kegiatan dakwah Islam di Malaysia. Objektif dan Matlamat Seiring dengan misi dan visi yang digariskan, YADIM memberikan tumpuan kepada perkara-perkara berikut: YADIM berusaha...

Good Stewards

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Who we are We help people learn social values through nature as a teaching medium. Social values like growing a strong foundation, being a force for good, collaboration while maintaining individuality, life-giving leadership, and so on. We find that these values are shared by both man (social) and nature (ecological). For example, ‘fruitfulness’ is a common value and purpose in both nature and humans. And just as ‘diversity’ makes a natural ecosystem resilient, so does it foster better human societies. In building that understanding, we hope that people may be inspired by the...

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