Malaysian Care

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How we started The Malaysian Care story is simple yet big in dreams. Sometime in the late 1970s, a group of young Christians were inspired to put their faith into action.  A Board was soon elected in 1978, comprising 11 visionaries like Wong Kim Kong, Lim Heng Seng, Lim Wei Meng, Shirley Lee, Jack Cheah, Liew Chee Kien, Steven Chong and Doreen Chan, with David Boler, Rev. Douglas Anderson and Timothy Phua as advisors. Malaysian Care became official in 1979 as a registered establishment and started its first home “Rumah Care” which provided shelter for children whose parents were...


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Vision To provide a forum for everyone with an interest in anything and who do not wish to take themselves too seriously: (a) to pontificate (with their tongues firmly lodged in their cheek) on frivolous issues such as those concerning the state of the world, human rights, government, legal profession, judicial system; and more weighty and important matters such as movies, theatre, food, travel, books, music and anything else which comes to tickles their awesome minds in a manner that is provocative, amusing, entertaining, insulting (when they feel like it) and pretty damn ingenious; (b) to...

Konmei Motorsports

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We are motor sports organisation by Malaysia Sports Commissioner and our mission is to create a better driver to reduce accident and at the same time to create a better racing driver. Through motor sports we teach, train and develop people no just their driving but their focus, commitment and discipline just like our motto. Divided into 3 division which is Media, Automotive and Event, what we do is not just racing, we need a racing team! a team with photo and videographers, photo and video editor, someone who can blog, who can write so we can produce a media for our event and our racing...


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Who are we Cr8TvT@Heart (creativity at heart) is a nonprofit child guidance centre that acknowledges young people who often encounter emotional, physiological and social difficulties because of challenging situations they may find themselves in. Our programmes The programmes for young people build emotional resilience and facilitate learning through creative arts. Advocacy on mental health of young people. Publication of therapeutic story books written by children for children. Conduct creative arts workshop for parents and carers to enhance a better relationship and...

Buddhist Gem Fellowship

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Who are we Buddhist Gem Fellowship or commonly known as BGF started in 1980’s to promote the growth of Buddhism and create a better world for all beings. We started as a “Graduate Fellowship” but change the name to “Gem” to look into growing needs of our community. History Every year thousands of young Buddhists graduate from universities and colleges, but their talents go untapped. This was a big loss to the Buddhist community. Without new ideas and involvement from graduates, Buddhist societies could only run routine activities that attract a small crowd. BGF was formed to...

1MCA Foundation

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The setting up of 1Malaysia Community Alliance Foundation (1MCA Foundation) is to provide the general public timely, appropriate assistance and relief. Our services include Outreach Services & Crisis Relief. Our foundation will carry out the services by Mobile Services Vehicle throughout the nation, especially the rural areas. Vision: Service for the people, by the people: To fulfil the 1Malaysia spirit of serving the nation and the people Mission: -To improve the quality of life and future well being of the poor and needy segment of society -To provide timely, appropriate assistance and...

Happy Family Homes Malaysia (formerly Habitat for Humanity Malaysia)

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Happy Family Homes Malaysia believes in a mission to build homes one at a time, with the ultimate goal of creating happy families, thriving communities, and contributing to the happiness of the nation. This non-profit organization works in collaboration with the needy and receives invaluable support from dedicated volunteers and generous donors. Approach and Objectives Their approach centers on several key objectives: 1. **Promoting a Culture of Care**: They aim to reach out and instill a culture of care in communities, particularly among those who lack decent housing. 2....

Fugee School

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Who are we Fugee School is on a mission to enable refugee children to realise their potential – by equipping them with academic, vocational and life-skills, in an environment free from discrimination and exclusion. We live to develop our students critical and creative thinking. tailor our curriculum to address the specific needs refugee children face due to trauma and disruption as a result of displacement. encourage our students to discover their strengths and develop them. We believe that every child deserves the right to have dreams and ambition, and the chances to achieve...

United Learning Centre

United Learning Centre

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Who are we United Learning Centre (ULC) is a volunteer driven centre providing children of Burmese refugees with an education. These children do not have access to schools in Malaysia due to their parents’ refugee status. The centre provides education for the children to help prepare them for resettlement in a third country, without this education, especially learning the English language, most of these children end up begging on the streets or be victims of human traffickers.  School equipment such as computers, books and meals, as well as activities to complete the education...

Hilla Community Centre

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Hilla Community Centre History Hilla Community Centre in Ampang, Selangor, began as a compassionate response by a small group of Korean expatriates and Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur to the plight of refugees. Their primary objective was to provide basic education to children. The initiative started in premises offered by a Korean language studio in Ampang, commencing with an informal English class for Afghan children in October 2007. This humble beginning marked the birth of Hilla Community Centre, where “Hilla” translates to “hope” in the Pashto language,...

Amitabha Malaysia

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Amitabha Malaysia, established in 1998 with a commitment to aiding the less fortunate, initially created a haven for homeless elderly individuals with no shelter or income. Their unwavering dedication drew support from a diverse range of people who shared the same goal of helping those in need. Over time, Amitabha Malaysia has evolved into one of Malaysia’s prominent charitable organizations, continuously expanding its charitable facilities and services. Amitabha Malaysia’s mission is to improve society as a whole, regardless of religious beliefs, ethnicity, or background. They...

Persatuan Kebajikan HOPE Worldwide Kuala Lumpur

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Who we are: ‘HOPE worldwide is an international, non-profit, non-religious organization established throughout the world. It has grown from 3 programs in 1991 to over 150 programs, spanning 6 continents and 100 nations with focus on 5 areas worldwide namely: Children, Education, Health, Senior Citizens, Employment and Volunteerism. In Malaysia, we are registered with Registry of Societies and Inland Revenue (Tax Exemption Status – LHDN.01/35/42/179-6.5193). Our work focuses on Health, Children, Education & Volunteerism Program. Our aim is to improve lifestyle of...

Jumble Station

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Who are we Jumble station was established in 2008 by Mary Anne Tan, Lim Lian See and Sanice Kam.  We are a social entrepreneurship with a Singular Vision for Single Parents -via the establishment of a Thrift Shop at Subang Mewah and a Tuition Centre at Desa Mentari. Our objectives *To meet the immediate needs of poor Single Parents *To empower Single Parents in need *To turn ‘trash into cash’ to meet the dire needs of poor single parents and to provide them with the means to be financially sustainable eventually. Our needs Shop and store rental: RM1,600 for shop and store...

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ananda Cares

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Ananda Cares is a non-profit, voluntary-based, welfare organisation for women and children. We have been supporting abandoned grannies, single mothers, needy women and their children in aspects of education, medical and domestic needs. In order to do so, we provide skill training with living allowance for these women to help them sustain their livelihood independently and with dignity. The skills training include: high-quality and hygienic bakingsewingvalue-based handicrafts. For the needy families that we work with, we also provide: medical aidempathy care (for...

Persatuan Eko-Pelancongan Keindahan Alam Laut Aktiviti Manusia (KALAM)

Persatuan Eko-Pelancongan Keindahan Alam Laut Aktiviti Manusia (KALAM)

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY The mudflats and mangroves around Kuala Gula provide food and shelter for thousands of waterbirds and other species, including 13 globally threatened or near-threatened species. Kuala Gula has thus been recognised as a bird habitat of international significance. KALAM and its sister organisation, CETA were formed by the local village community as a result of a previous project by Wetlands International. The aim of the project was to promote wise-use of Kuala Gula through empowering the local community with environmental awareness and skills required to conduct sustainable...

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