Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia

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Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA) is registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. It is a member of the Union for International Cancer Control and Reach to Recovery International. BCWA aims to prevent premature deaths due to breast cancer and improve the quality of life for individuals affected by breast cancer. The Association’s objectives are to: • Provide emotional, social and material support for individuals with breast cancer. • Strengthen the capacity of individuals with breast cancer to self-manage during and after treatment • Promote public education...

1MCA Foundation

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The setting up of 1Malaysia Community Alliance Foundation (1MCA Foundation) is to provide the general public timely, appropriate assistance and relief. Our services include Outreach Services & Crisis Relief. Our foundation will carry out the services by Mobile Services Vehicle throughout the nation, especially the rural areas. Vision: Service for the people, by the people: To fulfil the 1Malaysia spirit of serving the nation and the people Mission: -To improve the quality of life and future well being of the poor and needy segment of society -To provide timely, appropriate assistance and...

Happy Family Homes Malaysia (formerly Habitat for Humanity Malaysia)

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Who are we We believe in building one house at the time to build a Happy Family, a Happy Community and towards creating a Happy Nation. We are a non profit organization building homes for the needy with their participation and supported  by generous volunteers and donors. OUR APPROACH   Objectives To reach out and promote the culture of care in the community to those lacking a decent place to live. To lend a hand to those in need of a safe and decent living environment. To promote the spirit of volunteerism in both the local and global community. To promote...

Fugee School

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Who are we Fugee School is on a mission to enable refugee children to realise their potential – by equipping them with academic, vocational and life-skills, in an environment free from discrimination and exclusion. We live to develop our students critical and creative thinking. tailor our curriculum to address the specific needs refugee children face due to trauma and disruption as a result of displacement. encourage our students to discover their strengths and develop them. We believe that every child deserves the right to have dreams and ambition, and the chances to achieve...

United Learning Centre

United Learning Centre

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Who are we United Learning Centre (ULC) is a volunteer driven centre providing children of Burmese refugees with an education. These children do not have access to schools in Malaysia due to their parents’ refugee status. The centre provides education for the children to help prepare them for resettlement in a third country, without this education, especially learning the English language, most of these children end up begging on the streets or be victims of human traffickers.  School equipment such as computers, books and meals, as well as activities to complete the education...

Hilla Community Centre

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History A small group of Korean expatriates and Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur (Ampang, Selangor) recognised the predicament faced by the refugees and started an initiative to help them. The main effort is to provide basic education for children and was started in premises provided by a Korean language studio in Ampang. Initially an informal class had been started to teach simple English to Afghan children. A small group of 7 children started class in October 2007. Teachers served on a voluntary basis. Some Korean expatriates, Malaysian individuals, Uzbekistan nationals and a German...

Amitabha Malaysia

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Who are we The centre was founded in 1998. With a single objective to help the needy, a home to house and fed old people with no home and no income was set up. This perseverance of continuity had eventually moved people from all walks, soon more people join into this objective to help, and to help, Amitabha Malaysia has become one of the most prominent charity in Malaysia today and has since set up a numerous charitable facilities and services, still with the same perseverance of continuity, perseverance of helping people in need. Amitabha Malaysia aims to create the betterment of society....

Persatuan Kebajikan HOPE Worldwide Kuala Lumpur

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Who we are: ‘HOPE worldwide is an international, non-profit, non-religious organization established throughout the world. It has grown from 3 programs in 1991 to over 150 programs, spanning 6 continents and 100 nations with focus on 5 areas worldwide namely: Children, Education, Health, Senior Citizens, Employment and Volunteerism. In Malaysia, we are registered with Registry of Societies and Inland Revenue (Tax Exemption Status – LHDN.01/35/42/179-6.5193). Our work focuses on Health, Children, Education & Volunteerism Program. Our aim is to improve lifestyle of needy...

Jumble Station

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Who are we Jumble station was established in 2008 by Mary Anne Tan, Lim Lian See and Sanice Kam.  We are a social entrepreneurship with a Singular Vision for Single Parents -via the establishment of a Thrift Shop at Subang Mewah and a Tuition Centre at Desa Mentari. Our objectives *To meet the immediate needs of poor Single Parents *To empower Single Parents in need *To turn ‘trash into cash’ to meet the dire needs of poor single parents and to provide them with the means to be financially sustainable eventually. Our needs Shop and store rental: RM1,600 for shop and store rental...

Sai Ananda

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Who are we Sai Ananda was set up in 1992 with the objective of helping improve living conditions of the low-income community in Kg. Laksamana, Batu Caves. At present, it runs a myriad of weekly and yearly activities geared towards helping the community (areas covered/targeted are Kg. Laksamana, Kg. Wira Damai, Pinggiran Batu Caves, Indian Settlement, Kg. Bota, Kg. Bahtera, Kg. Kertas). Activities include free tuition and support to 200 children and teenagers. Members: 1. Coordinator – 1 (Ayavoo Arumugam) 2. Asst. Coordinator -1 (Vimala Subramaniam) 3. Voluntary EHV teachers –...

Persatuan Eko-Pelancongan Keindahan Alam Laut Aktiviti Manusia (KALAM)

Persatuan Eko-Pelancongan Keindahan Alam Laut Aktiviti Manusia (KALAM)

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY The mudflats and mangroves around Kuala Gula provide food and shelter for thousands of waterbirds and other species, including 13 globally threatened or near-threatened species. Kuala Gula has thus been recognised as a bird habitat of international significance. KALAM and its sister organisation, CETA were formed by the local village community as a result of a previous project by Wetlands International. The aim of the project was to promote wise-use of Kuala Gula through empowering the local community with environmental awareness and skills required to conduct sustainable...

Kuala Gula Community Ecotourism Activity (CETA)

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY CETA was established with the assistance of Wetlands International under the Kuala Gula wetland conservation and wise use project. The mission of CETA is to protect the natural resources of Kuala Gula and improve the understanding of the importance of mangroves for tourists. CETA also creates an alternative livelihood for the local community. CETA members are qualified nature guides from the local community. Tour activities include mangrove trail, wildlife and bird observation, slide show on mangrove ecology, seafood, and visit to cottage industry. NEEDS On the weeekends,...

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