Persatuan CHILD (Caring and Helping Individuals Learn and Develop)

in Children, Education, Support Groups

Who are we CHILD (Caring and Helping Individuals Learn and Develop). CHILD was formed in October 1995 and was fully registered with the Registrar of Societies in 1998. The Society was formed to complement the Government’s effort in providing the following facilities for children and teenagers: Our services Provides counselling, support, job placement and assistance for children with Learning and Intellectual disabilities. Runs the CitaCita Learning Centre for Children with Special Needs. Also has a Helpline, support groups and resource centre for parents. Our aims To setup a learning...

Persatuan Untuk Insan Bermasalah Intelek Perak (Sekolah Semangat Maju Sitiawan)

in Children, Differently Abled, Education, Support Groups, Tax Exemption

Background Established in 1991, Sekolah Semangat Maju Sitiawan is one of six schools under the wing of Persatuan untuk Insan Bermasalah Intelak Perak or Perak Association for Intellectually Disabled (PAFID). The objective of the school is to provide education/training for children with intellectual disabilities. Sekolah Semangat Maju Sitiawan provides education for about 70 mentally disabled children and the school is run on a non-profit basis managed by volunteers. Parents of the children are also trained to take care of the children’s special needs. The New Zealand government supports the...

Indigenous Children’s Learning Centres (ICLC)

in Children, Education, Orang Asli

The Indigenous Children’s Learning Centres (ICLC) was founded in 2011 as Borneo Child Aid by Rosalyn Dawila Venning, with her husband Torben Venning’s support. Rosalyn, having grown up in Tawi-Tawi, Philippines, intimately understands the culture, communities, and challenges in the area. While initially based in Sabah, Borneo, Rosalyn and Torben now oversee the project from their home in Denmark, visiting the Philippines regularly. ICLC’s Executive Director, Michael Dawila Venning, brings a biologist’s perspective and a deep connection to Sabah. He aims to...

Protect and Save the Children (PS the Children)

in Children, Education, Support Groups

Who are we Protect and Save the Children (P.S. The Children) began as a project in April 1999 in response to the need for a voice for sexually abused children. What began as a project had evolved in January 2002 into a full fledged, registered non-profit association. P.S. The Children is an organization that envisions a society that upholds the Rights and dignity of all children through protection from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. We create safer communities by establishing effective prevention education as well as by providing treatment and support services for child survivors and...

American Universities Alumni Malaysia

in Education, Sponsors

BACKGROUND/HISTORY A non-profit organisation where its membership is open to persons who have attended colleges or universities in the United States and to those who have been awarded American degrees through program conducted in Malaysia. Objective To establish and maintain contact among all U.S. alumni in Malaysia. AUAM’s activities are oriented to specific goals; to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, to organise education, cultural and social activities, and to promote international understanding and goodwill. Some of its activities includes exhibition of works by American...

AIESEC in Malaysia

in Education, Environment, Youth

BACKGROUND/HISTORY AIESEC facilitates international traineeship exchanges and supporting activities that provide practical learning experiences for our trainees and that facilitate the learning of our members and other stakeholders. Objective AIESEC’s core activity is the international exchange placement programme. This operates by establishing short to medium term positions in companies for overseas young professionals. AIESEC offer comprehensive preparation, reception and reintegration, which take the AIESEC programme beyond conventional corporate placements. The programme is...

Foundation for Community Studies and Development (FOCUSED)

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  BACKGROUND/HISTORY When Established:     09/1993 FOCUSED’s objectives are :- 1. To uplift the quality and standard of living among the poor. 2. To transform the mindset of the poor towards self-reliance and development of their own communities. FOCUSED is in contact with over 30 villages under its Orang Asli community development programmes. They have adopted 1 low-cost flats community as their urban community building project. Its programmes include Teens’ Service Centre (serving the young people from 12-18 years old), Teens’ Voice Centre (serving the young people...

Persatuan Eko-Pelancongan Keindahan Alam Laut Aktiviti Manusia (KALAM)

Persatuan Eko-Pelancongan Keindahan Alam Laut Aktiviti Manusia (KALAM)

in Education, Environment, Other Communities

BACKGROUND/HISTORY The mudflats and mangroves around Kuala Gula provide food and shelter for thousands of waterbirds and other species, including 13 globally threatened or near-threatened species. Kuala Gula has thus been recognised as a bird habitat of international significance. KALAM and its sister organisation, CETA were formed by the local village community as a result of a previous project by Wetlands International. The aim of the project was to promote wise-use of Kuala Gula through empowering the local community with environmental awareness and skills required to conduct sustainable...

Centre for Environment, Technology and Development, Malaysia (CETDEM)

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY CETDEM is an independent, non-profit, training, research, consultancy, referral, and development organisation. CETDEM actively addresses diverse environmental issues as: The impacts of long-term climate change on Malaysian society. Sustainable energy Sustainable transport Organic farming (sustainable agriculture) Sustainable development Objective CETDEM is committed to improving environmental quality through the appropriate use of technology and sustainable development. CETDEM has generated income from its training events & seminars, sales of publications and the...

Rimba Ilmu

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY Rimba Ilmu is a tropical botanical garden located within the University of Malaya campus in Kuala Lumpur. It houses a living collection of over 1,600 species, as well as the University of Malaya herbarium and its own Environmental Education Programme. Its living collections, mostly from Malaysia, represent one of the most important biological conservatories in Malaysia. The Rimba Ilmu is a member of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and the South East Asia Botanic Gardens Network. The Botanical Garden and the Rain Forest Exhibition is open to the public...

Information on Registration for People with Disabilities

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Information on Registration for People with Disabilities People with disabilities can register themselves at their respective district office of the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM). The registration is on a voluntary basis and is only open to Malaysian citizens. The registration forms can be obtained from JKM. The benefits of registration include: – Healthcare benefits – Vocational and academic training in special schools and institutions – Financial assistance (for example, free road tax, discounted tax on National car or motorcycle excise duty, low cost housing,...

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)/VTOC

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The YWCA of Kuala Lumpur, established in 1913, is an organization dedicated to the development of women and girls, regardless of their race, religion, culture, language, or socio-economic circumstances. The YWCA has a four-fold mission: Helping women and girls recognize their equal value in society and their potential to contribute to it. Enabling them to achieve self-determination and self-reliance in all aspects of life. Motivating and empowering them to reach their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Developing their leadership skills and moral...

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