DIODE Youth Camps

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What are DIODE Camps?  The DIODE Camps are leadership camps catered for youths aged 8 to 19. Each of these camps target a specific age group and contains unique key learning points to help youths overcome challenges that are relevant to their stage of life. Through the DIODE, we hope to help youths discover their leadership potential, encourage them to build healthy relationships with other youths and  empower them to make a difference in the community. How will DIODE benefit me? Camp participants will discover their leadership potential through engaging sessions and simulations,...

Dignity for Children Foundation

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Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, dedicated to providing holistic care and education for urban underprivileged children. Since its inception in 1998 with just 20 students in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Dignity has grown into a learning center that now serves over 2,300 children from more than 25 different nationalities, ranging in age from 2 to 19 years. Registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia, Dignity operates as a company limited by guarantee (CLBG) with a focus on charitable objectives. The foundation offers...

CyberCare Youth Organisation

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Established in April 1998, CyberCare is a homegrown NGO incorporated under the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia. Our social objective is to empower youth from the underserved communities to discover and develop their full potential through the use of information technology and life skills coaching. In the long run, we hope to help transform the landscape of social welfare from one of handouts to one of sustainable community care, where the youth can rise to lead and serve the communities they come from. Some of the programmes we have organised include: • Make a Difference (‘M.A.D’)...


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Who are we Cr8TvT@Heart (creativity at heart) is a nonprofit child guidance centre that acknowledges young people who often encounter emotional, physiological and social difficulties because of challenging situations they may find themselves in. Our programmes The programmes for young people build emotional resilience and facilitate learning through creative arts. Advocacy on mental health of young people. Publication of therapeutic story books written by children for children. Conduct creative arts workshop for parents and carers to enhance a better relationship and...

Buddhist Gem Fellowship

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Who are we Buddhist Gem Fellowship or commonly known as BGF started in 1980’s to promote the growth of Buddhism and create a better world for all beings. We started as a “Graduate Fellowship” but change the name to “Gem” to look into growing needs of our community. History Every year thousands of young Buddhists graduate from universities and colleges, but their talents go untapped. This was a big loss to the Buddhist community. Without new ideas and involvement from graduates, Buddhist societies could only run routine activities that attract a small crowd. BGF was formed to...

Social Innovation in Malaysia

Social Innovation Lab

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  The Social Innovation Lab is an organising point for social innovators to create new ventures. The Lab works with the public and social organisations to build innovative solutions to social problems over three-to-six month engagements. Design thinking, rapid prototyping, and user validation play an important role in the way we develop new projects. Projects can come from within or outside the lab and teams work on social innovations over engagements of three to six months. Project teams immerse themselves in the context where a problem is happening to gain insights directly from the...

Playcentre Library Association

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Who are we Playcentre Library Association Association is a registered non-profit organisation formed in August 1988. The Association functions as a children’s library with a playgroup activity component. It is entirely run by a group of dedicated volunteers and has been doing so for the past 30+ years and counting. The Association receives no funding from any government source nor is it sponsored by any organisation or commercial enterprise.   Our services Library Membership is RM 16.00 (includes RM 1.00 for every new registration) and is renewable on a yearly basis. Playcentre Library...

Sempurna Community Services

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How the organisation started: I am just a retired teacher who wants to give back to society. I have always believed that helping the poor and needy is not merely an act of charity – it is also an act of social justice. I approached the local developer, Dato Tan Seng Leong, to give me the free use of a shop lot to start this community centre in early 2009. For the first two years, I used up all my monies from my EPF to finance this project. In 2011 and 2012, it was funded by the Nanyang Press Foundation. What Sempurna Community Services does: I provide three free services –...

Living Hope

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Who are we Founded by Dr. Peggy C. Wong, Living Hope is an organisation dedicated to be the voice for the unheard cries of the poor, needy and marginalized children living in Malaysia and internationally. Dr Wong started Living Hope in May 2007 as a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to bring both awareness and resources to these children. She firmly believes that education is the one and only way out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Living Hope provides food and education to the poorest of the poor children living in Malaysia and internationally and to give them a LIVING HOPE for a...

Fugee School

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Who are we Fugee School is on a mission to enable refugee children to realise their potential – by equipping them with academic, vocational and life-skills, in an environment free from discrimination and exclusion. We live to develop our students critical and creative thinking. tailor our curriculum to address the specific needs refugee children face due to trauma and disruption as a result of displacement. encourage our students to discover their strengths and develop them. We believe that every child deserves the right to have dreams and ambition, and the chances to achieve...

United Learning Centre

United Learning Centre

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Who are we United Learning Centre (ULC) is a volunteer driven centre providing children of Burmese refugees with an education. These children do not have access to schools in Malaysia due to their parents’ refugee status. The centre provides education for the children to help prepare them for resettlement in a third country, without this education, especially learning the English language, most of these children end up begging on the streets or be victims of human traffickers.  School equipment such as computers, books and meals, as well as activities to complete the education...

Hilla Community Centre

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Hilla Community Centre History Hilla Community Centre in Ampang, Selangor, began as a compassionate response by a small group of Korean expatriates and Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur to the plight of refugees. Their primary objective was to provide basic education to children. The initiative started in premises offered by a Korean language studio in Ampang, commencing with an informal English class for Afghan children in October 2007. This humble beginning marked the birth of Hilla Community Centre, where “Hilla” translates to “hope” in the Pashto language,...

St Nicholas’ Home, Penang

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St Nicholas’ Home, Penang is the leading Education and Vocational Training centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Malaysia. We seek to provide the best trainings for BVIs, equip them with living skills and find them employment so they can live independent lives. We have multiple programs that are tailored to different levels of vision loss. We provide these courses in-house taught by experienced trainers/teachers on a six-acre land equipped with the best in class accommodation and amenities. In addition, we also seek to serve BVI children by providing Taska classes and BVI senior...

SOLS Group

SOLS 24/7

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 About SOLS 24/7 (Company reg. no: 811025-T) is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental organisation, providing education and social services without prejudice, beyond borders, to under-served communities. We carry out activities on our own and work with partners for strategic outreach. SOLS 24/7′s unique education programs are offered in five countries, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Laos and India. In recognition for his community development work and efforts in unifying youth, SOLS 24/7 Founder and International Director, Dr. Madenjit Singh won the inaugural Better...

Bethany Home

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Bethany Home is a training center located in Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia. It was established in 1966 and provides training and support to children and adults with a variety of disabilities including Epilepsy, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. The home’s policy is to equip, encourage, and support people with a disability to become as independent as possible within their own families and community. The address for Bethany Home is Simpang Empat, 36400 Hutan Melintang, Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia. They are open from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00,...

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