Catholic AIDS Ministry

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ABOUT Technical areas covered: Clinical Care; Community-based Care; Distribution of Information; Education; Gender and HIV/AIDS; Human Rights; HIV Prevention(in general); HIV Testing & Counselling; Nursing; Youth Types of Information/Materials Provided: Training Materials; Educational Materials Specific Services Provided: Telephone information services; Drop-in information services; Translation Services; Reproduction of Materials; Library/Lending services; Distribution/Mailing services Services Provided To: Local Organisations  

Calvary welfare organisations

in Children, Health, Senior Citizens, Women, Youth

    Calvary Boy’s Home: Children Home, occupants are below 12 years.  Contact: 07-232 5268     Calvary Care :     Drug    Rehabilitation . Contact:  07-221 7675     Calvary Care Centre 1 :    Drug    Rehabilitation. Contact: 07-925 4426     Calvary Girls’ Home :   Children Home, occupants are below 12 years .  Contact:    07-238 6785     Calvary Healing Centre:    Drug   ...

Persatuan Buah Pinggang Sandakan (Sandakan Kidney Society)

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ABOUT Despite numerous campaigns supporting Kidney health, there are still many who neglect to care for their kidneys and there is an increasing number of locals who suffer from renal failure every year. These residents are either currently undergoing dialysis or waiting for a kidney transplant. The Sandakan Kidney Society, a non-government association established in 1997, is one of few remaining hopes for kidney patients. The Society aims to cater for as many patients as their dialysis centre can offer but due to lack of funding and limited machines, there are still many on waiting list....

Persatuan Kebajikan HOPE Worldwide Kuala Lumpur

in Health, Other Communities, Support Groups

Who we are: ‘HOPE¬†worldwide¬†is an international, non-profit, non-religious organization established throughout the world. It has grown from 3 programs in 1991 to over 150 programs, spanning 6 continents and 100 nations with focus on 5 areas worldwide namely: Children, Education, Health, Senior Citizens, Employment and Volunteerism. In Malaysia, we are registered with Registry of Societies and Inland Revenue (Tax Exemption Status – LHDN.01/35/42/179-6.5193). Our work focuses on Health, Children, Education & Volunteerism Program. Our aim is to improve lifestyle of needy...

Rumah Jaireh

in Children, Health, Recommended, Women, Youth

Who are we RUMAH JAIREH was set up in Batu Arang on the 7th of June 2005. This home caters to the following needs:- 1) HIV+ women, with or without children, rendered homeless or rejected. 2) HIV+ children made homeless or rejected. 3) Sex workers and female drug addicts. 4) Women and children with special needs who cannot be taken in by other homes or institutions, for some reason or other. Our services The home is open to all faiths and all races and will also serve as a halfway home until a suitable alternative or home can be found e.g. for unwed mothers. There are two experienced...

House of Hope Kota Tinggi

in Children, Health, Youth

House of Hope in Kota Tinggi , Johor is a  Drug Rehabilitation Centre. They also have a Youth Centre and Children’s Home.      

Hospis Malaysia

in Differently Abled, Health, Senior Citizens, Tax Exemption

BACKGROUND/HISTORY When Established: 08/1991 Hospis Malaysia, the first hospice in Malaysia was formed in August 1991. It is born out of the awareness of the importance of introducing and developing professional palliative care for the public.  Hospis Malaysia is an independent charity, and is free from affiliation to other health institutions. Palliative care is the active care for patients with fatal incurable diseases. Thus, Hospis Malaysia strives to provide the best service for patients and their families, where pain management and control of symptoms, as well as monitoring of...

Pusat Majudiri Y (PMY) For The Deaf

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Who are we The Pusat Majudiri Y for the Deaf caters for a wide range of programmes and services for the Deaf and their families, geared towards the development of the Deaf, particularly in the building of self-reliance. The Pusat Majudiri Y caters for the needs of more than 500 deaf children, youth, adults and their families. Among the services and programmes are the Deaf Kids Club, Deaf Teens Club, parents Support Group, Employment Support Programme, Promotion of Deaf Awareness (through leaflets and exhibitions), Interpreting Service, Camps, and Family Life and Home Management Our...

Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Tuaran Chapter

in Children, Health, Orang Asli, Senior Citizens, Tax Exemption, Women, Youth

BACKGROUND/HISTORY The Malaysian Red Crescent Society (Tuaran Chapter) was established in 1963 to provide health-related services to the communities within the district of Tuaran, Sabah. The district measures 1166 km2 in size and has a population of around 85,000 (2004 est.) living in 334 villages. The society aims to offer support services to the Fire, Police and Health departments during times of emergency and natural disasters. It also seeks to provide health-related services targeting poor rural folks, and organise community service projects. By recruiting volunteers the society hopes to...

Penang Family Planning Association

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY The Penang Family Planning Association is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation with charity status and formed in 1961. Our main activities: – Family planning clinics – Sexual and reproductive health clinics – Youth clinic – Reproductive health information service – Medical outreach (women’s health) – YAC for youth members & volunteer peer educator training – Youth-to-youth projects – School outreach reproductive health talks (STARGATE) – HIV/AIDS awareness education – Early childhood development...

National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) – Headquarters

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY When Established: 11/1996 NASAM (National Stroke Association of Malaysia or Persatuan Kebangsaan Angin Ahmar Malaysia) is a non-profit organisation founded six years ago in November 1996 by Janet Yeo to help Stroke survivors cope with the trauma of stroke and to provide rehabilitation facilities to help them return to a normal life as quickly as possible. NASAM’s Mission To inform the public that there is Life after Stroke through proper rehabilitation. To educate the public on stroke prevention. NASAM’s Activities Group therapy sessions are conducted from...

Yayasan Jantung Malaysia

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Who are we The groundwork for today’s solid base began in 1982. The Heart Foundation of Malaysia was established by a small group of dedicated and concerned lay people who were determined to make an impact on the control of heart and blood vessel disease. In the 1960’s, deaths in Malaysia were due to communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid and cholera. Our health system was then developing and our health facilities were inadequate to meet the needs and demands of the population. With the improved standard of living and better understanding, now, there is a...

Dyslexia Association (Kuala Lumpur)

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Who are we The objectives for which the Association is established are: To advance the education and general welfare of children and adults who are affected by dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities To promote awareness and understanding of the problems and needs of people with specific learning disabilities and thereby assist them to obtain diagnosis and treatment so their disabilities may be remedied To persuade appropriate authorities to include in teacher-training courses such instruction as would serve to qualify teachers to recognise in children what may be specific...

Pertubuhan Medifund Kuala Lumpur

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Who are we Objective: to provide Day Care Dialysis Treatment to poor and needy Malaysian Patients in the Ampang area Full Time Staff: Four (Manager,Nurse and two assistants) Every year over 2,000 Malaysians suffer End-Stage Renal Failure. Many of these Malaysians either cannot afford private hospital charges of between RM150 and RM250 per treatment session (up to RM2,000 per month) or cannot obtain treatment in government hospitals. Furthermore, these Malaysians (often elderly) may have problems getting transport to dialysis centres (dialysis must be obtained every other day). Dialysis is a...

Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia

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Who are we Persatuan Pengasih was first conceptualised in 1987 and currently it carries out 8 services, although very unique, are still interconnected to each other. Strategies and measures are being made to extend the association’s services to other states. 1. Rumah PENGASIH (Primary Treatment Service) Private Treatment and Rehabilitation Institute that has been recognised by the Malaysian government. 2. Bakti Kasih (Caring Service) Drop-In Facility and Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS-Information Centre. 3. Sinar Kasih (Secondary Treatment Service) Re-Integration into Society Programme...

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