Blue Life

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Blue Life is active in development of communities, conservation of ecosystems and ecotourism. We are working for people’s well being and environmental preservation in Asia and the Coral Triangle region. Blue Life supports blue economy solutions and ecological services to sustain livelihoods and landscape beauty in coastal areas. Like the three circles of Blue Life, the three main mission is to develop the community to implement proactive eco-services and to promote ecotourism. We enhance the unity of environmental conservation, biodiversity, climate adaptation, social development with...


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SPArKS’s Aims and Objectives The aims and objectives of the Society shall be as follows: To promote the advancement of the Performing Arts in Kota Kinabalu and to create a public interest in Performing Arts, which include music, dance, drama, films, comedy, opera, magic acrobatics, marching arts such as brass band and theatre. To develop talent and creativity in Performing Arts by providing opportunities for performances and workshops. To expose local talent to international standards by inviting international artistes to perform in Kota Kinabalu. To liaise with the State and...

Animal Projects and Environmental Education (APE)

in Animal Welfare, Environment, Social Enterprise

Who we are APE is an ethical Social Enterprise that works collaboratively with stakeholders to develop sustainable conservation solutions The 21st Century is witness to increased pressures on the Earth’s natural resources and is calling out for a new approach which balances the needs of people and environment based on the principles of sustainability. Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn. Bhd. (APE Malaysia) is a Social Enterprise that focuses on conservation as a means to enable the wider change towards a sustainable future. Flagship Malaysian species such as orangutans,...

The Truly Loving Company

in Environment, Social Enterprise

The Truly Loving Company  The Truly Loving Company is a social enterprise that uses a corporate profit model to build a brand to generate long term, sustainable income for charities. The “TLC” brand produces mainly household products that are as good if not better than many of the major brands you can name. These include: kitchen cleaners floor cleaners bathroom cleaners fabric care We don’t test on animals nor do we compromise on product standards. What also sets us apart is that 100% of TLC’s dividends are given to charity. While there are many socially responsible...

Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM)

in Social Enterprise

The Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (“TeAM”) has been formed by a group of Malaysian Technopreneurs to further the interests of Technopreneurs and to assist in the development of the technology based industry in Malaysia. Membership to TeAM is open to all individuals related to technology industry in Malaysia. Membership to TeAM is divided into 3 types namely, Member, Honorary Member and Student Member. Since its founding, TeAM’s efforts in accelerating the adoption, growth and development of the ICT industry in Malaysia has resulted in a number of successful key initiatives...

Sabah Foundation

in Education, Social Enterprise, Sponsors

INTRODUCTION : The Sabah Foundation, today operationally referred to as the Yayasan Sabah Group was established through Enactment No. 8 of the Sabah State Legislative Assembly in 1966. The man behind the establishment of Sabah Foundation was the Father of Independence of Sabah, the late Tun Datu Haji Mustapha bin Datu Harun, whose vision was to promote a Malaysian consciousness among the people of Sabah. The objectives of the foundation are providing education and educational facilities for all Malaysians in Sabah; creating opportunities for a more equitable distribution of economic wealth...

Recycle & Reward

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Recycle & Reward program is  a door to door recycling scheme that collect most of your recyclables unlike other recycle companies which are selective on what item they take and only provide outdoor bins or storage at which you have to sent it by yourself.  

Penang Suya Meiyarivagam

in Social Enterprise

Penang Suya Meiyarivagam (PSM) @Suya Arivaalayam (Persatuan Keilmuan Murni Kendiri Pulau Pinang) is a Non-Government Organisation which has been operating for more than 13 years in Penang Malaysia. Penang Suya Meiyarivagam (PSM) previously known as Suya Arivaalayam, Dhyana Ashram Penang Branch under the advisory of Dhyana Ashram has been functioning since 1999 with the assistance, support and resource from 20 volunteers and is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation registered as a society known as Penang Suya Meiyarivagam ( Reg.Num:1368-08-PPG ) with the Registrar of Societies, Malaysia...

Pawsome Animals

in Animal Welfare, Social Enterprise

Unofficially started in 2007, Pawsome Animals has emerged as a small team of altruistic citizens, led by a den mother of endless energy, Nicole-Ann Thomas. If given the chance, Pawsome would get itself onto an acre of land and turn it into a haven for animals (and humans who can co-exist with animals). Pawsome has first-hand experience in rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing strays, deliberately abandoned and injured animals. Simply put, we advocate respect for all living things. So many of us do not see how we’ve contributed to the imbalance between our needs and that of other species...

EYE Project

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EYE Project Management is about empowering youths in their areas of passion and helping them to develop critical skills through experiential platforms such as the Student Leadership Symposium & EVE (developed internally) or through partners/clients via events & engagement at campuses or venues nationwide that is provided by EYE as a service. EYE acts as the go-to youth marketing & engagement agency, ensuring that clients receive the best best feedback and ROI when it comes to engaging youths, while possibly building a pipeline of potential talent for them as well. Other than...


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About The Internship Program for Leaders Description The Otak-Otak Program is built around a first of its kind, unique talent development schedule consisting of leadership training and site visits. We successfully graduated more than 110 interns since 2011, and are now currently in the process of selecting the Best and Most Promising for our fourth cohort.  Our core mission is to connect top student leaders to Malaysian companies, select the 50 best interns to be placed in internships with our Corporate Partners, and to build meaningful internship experiences for both the Corporate...


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We are a firm that provides creative highly customised training and coaching solutions. Powered by two intensely passionate individuals, we are not only driven but love to make a difference in others. We don’t believe in working alone and have many like hearted (and minded) associates that share our vision and mission. This partnership is founded by Yasmin Ahmad (TzeYasmin) and Rosihan Juara (Juara). Each with their own field of expertise and this combination has created a dynamic synergy in the firm. Even though young in age, the combined experience of the two partners totals to more than...

Mang Tha

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About Empowering women through fair trade Mission Mang Tha women create bags, purses, pencil cases, table runners, cushion cases, etc. Mang Tha products are sold both locally and internationally. Aside from producing its own range of products, the project also responds to specific orders. From 30 to 45 women receive monthly income from these activities, which benefits radiate into their families and communities. The income generated through selling also permits to fund Mang Tha’s classes, emergency fund and other activities. Company Overview Mang Tha is the women program of...


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Corporate Overview Launched on November 20th, 1999, offers daily news and views in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil, delivering over 40 million page views and 1 million hours of reading time to over 2 million absolute unique visitors (Google Analytics, Jan 2012). As of July 2008, Malaysiakini became the most read news website and the most popular Malaysian website ( Malaysiakini’s editorial position is built on fast, accurate and independent news, and well informed and diverse views. Malaysiakini’s Letters section has generated active...


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Leaderonomics is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming developing nations through leadership development. Leadership is what makes nations, organisation and communities great. Lack of leadership destroys and diminishes societies. Our goal is to enable every single person to fulfil their potential as the leader they were meant to me be.  Everyone can learn to be a leader. We dream of bringing leadership development to the remotest parts of developing nations, ensuring that everyone who aspires to be a leader, is provided the tools, practice and processes to enable them to...

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