Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC)

in Social Enterprise

Over the years, we have had an increasing number of individuals approaching us for information on the Orang Asli. Most of these requests were for basic information and data on the peoples; at other times, for more complicated matters or for contacts and introductions to Orang Asli communities or individuals. The growing frequency of these requests dug more and more into our time and energy. We helped wherever we could, especially since we were promised copies of their theses, reports, assignments, articles or whatever outputs they were working on. While some did keep their promise, the...

TECH Outreach Malaysia

in Social Enterprise

TECH Outreach was registered as a Non Profit, Non-Government Organisation in May 2009 with the aim of transforming disadvantaged communities in Malaysia and few other international countries, through micro credit financing and entrepreneurship development. TECH’s main focus is Women and Children. The micro-credit approach is adopted from Grameen Model initiated by Professor Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh. The target group are Women In Need (WIN) category who are heading households to sustain their family livelihood. Numerous programs are run by TECH in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal such as WIN...

Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights

in Advocacy, Education, Social Enterprise

The Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (aka Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok) was established on 19 March 2011 to promote and protect human rights in Malaysia through education, training, capacity building, media advocacy and strategic litigation. Currently, MCCHR runs four programmes: i. UndiMsia! Citizen Education Programme ( ii. Strategic Litigation and Media Advocacy iii. Resource Centre iv. Runcit

LEAP Spiral

in Advocacy, Environment, Social Enterprise

ABOUT LEAP facilitates partnerships & conversations between communities, NGO’s, government & industry aiming to unravel a history of hierarchical, colonial patterns, and to create new authentic and equitable relationships. PRINCIPLES Listen to the need Provide space for collaboration Engage relevant partners Guide solutions Follow through initiatives Persevere  for the results VISION To engage all communities and empower each other to move from reactive conservation towards proactive stewardship. To collaboratively transform a failing system to one that is healthy,...

Fuze Ecoteer

in Environment, Social Enterprise

Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures is a social enterprise that focuses on conservation work. We are a Malaysian registered tour operator with conservation and research experience. Consequently making us one of a kind in Malaysia. We believe that people play the most important role in conservation. Hence why we believe in educating people of all ages about conservation by experiencing nature. In this digitalized age, more and more people forget what it’s like to play in the rain. To feel the wind on their cheek and to see stars in the sky. Due to that, we aim...

DIB Coffees of Hawaii

in Social Enterprise, Youth

Who are we DIB Coffees of Hawaii is a unique Community Business project for the deaf, and we are proud to declare that we are a “Made-in-Malaysia” brand. DIB (which stands for Deaf-in-Business) is the first gourmet coffee chain in Malaysia operated fully by deaf personnel, guided and trained by a few hearing Coaches. With the support and encouragement from our customers and community, DIB will be able to provide more employment opportunities to deaf Malaysians and possible business ownership to deaf employees who dare to dream. DIB Coffees of Hawaii is a non-profit establishment, and all...

Action To Mobilize All Humanity (ATMAH)

in Social Enterprise

Who are we ATMAH was established in 2001 in response to the rapid increase in crime and other social problems plaguing squatter or lower income communities. ATMAH (Action To Mobilize All Humanity) was set up to empower these communities with education for a better tomorrow. To achieve this, ATMAH has initiated programmes that emphasise academic improvement and value based education to groom responsible citizens with the tools to be successful. In the beginning, ATMAH™’s operations were focused on communities in Kg. Medan. Today ATMAH runs various year round and ad hoc programmes across...

Cheshire Home Malaysia

in Social Enterprise

ABOUT Leonard Cheshire was born in Chester, England on 7th September 1917. He was educated at Stowe School and Merton College, Oxford. Following the outbreak of the 2nd World War he joined the Royal Air Force and became the youngest group Captain at the age of 25. During the war he was chosen the official British observer of the atomic bomb dropped at Nagasaki. He was awarded the Victorian Cross in 1944. After the war he dedicated his life to world peace, the sick and the disabled. He was created a Baron in 1991 but he died on 31st July 1992. In response to a personal request, the first...

SOLS Group

SOLS 24/7

in Education, Social Enterprise

 About SOLS 24/7 (Company reg. no: 811025-T) is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental organisation, providing education and social services without prejudice, beyond borders, to under-served communities. We carry out activities on our own and work with partners for strategic outreach. SOLS 24/7′s unique education programs are offered in five countries, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Laos and India. In recognition for his community development work and efforts in unifying youth, SOLS 24/7 Founder and International Director, Dr. Madenjit Singh won the inaugural Better...

Eden Handicap Service Centre Bhd

in Social Enterprise

Who are we Eden Handicap Service Centre is a non-profit charitable organisation (NPO) which provides various free services to disabled individuals. The centre is not related to any business groups, enterprises or companies. It was started in 1991 with a simple concept: to help the disabled come to terms with their disabilities, to engage them in fellowship with other disabled and able-bodied friends, and to provide adequate training to place them in suitable jobs. The centre’s focus is on the physically and mentally challenged children and young adults from diverse backgrounds,...

Voice of the Children

in Social Enterprise

Who are we Voice of the Children (VoC) was founded in 2008 to advocate on issues affecting children. VoC recognizes that the welfare and protection of every child in Malaysia can only be realised through the adoption, implementation and enforcement of the Convention of the Rights of the Child in Malaysia. As part of its core mission, VoC advocates for law and policy reform to ensure that every child in Malaysia is protected from all forms of abuse and is no longer at risk of violation. VoC was established in order to fill a gap in existing children’s services, which traditionally have...

Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB)

in Social Enterprise

Who are we The Mission of the Malaysian Association of the Blind is to empower persons with visual impairment by providing them with services and opportunities for greater participation, involvement, and integration into society, as well as to promote prevention of blindness. The Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) is the premier voluntary organisation in Malaysia serving visually impaired persons. It provides services that help the blind and prevent the tragedy of avoidable blindness. Established in 1951 by the then Department of Social Welfare to look after the general well-being of...

United Voice

in Social Enterprise, Tax Exemption

Who are we United Voice is a self-advocacy group for persons with learning disabilities. Its vision is to form a national body for persons with learning disabilities in Malaysia. Our objectives To provide a meeting place for persons with learning disabilities where they help and support each other. To develop leadership, independent skills, and confidence among members so that they can speak for themselves and make their own decisions. To speak and act on behalf of other persons with learning disabilities. To promote self-advocacy and form self-advocacy groups throughout Malaysia. To make...

Dignity & Services

in Differently Abled, Social Enterprise

BACKGROUND/HISTORY Description of Charity Dignity & Services (D&S) is an advocacy movement speaking and acting on behalf of and alongside persons with learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities). D&S aims to be an independent voice to ensure that persons with learning disabilities are offered the basic human right of being treated as other human beings. Dignity & Services was incorporated in Malaysia on 29th July 1991 (Company No : 221939-T). Aims To enable persons with learning difficulties to express their thoughts, feelings and views about their own lives and the...

Reach Org

in Social Enterprise

Who are we When Established: 09/2001 By Whom: Residents of Cameron Highlands R.E.A.C.H. is a community-based organisation established for the preservation, restoration and maintenance of Cameron Highlands as an environmentally sustainable agriculture and hill resort within a permanent nature reserve. R.E.A.C.H aims to: Maintain a balance between environmental protection and development and to safeguard water catchment areas as a vital resource both for supply to the highlands and the lowlands as well as for hydroelectric power. Promote and support projects, including raising funds, in...

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