Women Biz Sense / Persatuan Usahawan Wanita Timur Laut & Barat Daya Pulau Pinang

in Advocacy, Education, Women, Youth

Who we are Our Vision: To be a role model organisation for women entrepreneurs in Penang Support We offer help and encouragement to each other in business and friendship. Education We learn and apply relevant, practical knowledge so we can improve our businesses, relationships and the community. Network We look for opportunities to connect people with each other, helping everyone to reach out to more customers, business partners and referrals. Social Responsibility We contribute time, energy and money to uplift the community, especially charities concerning disadvantaged women and...

Malaysian Yoga Sports Association

in Advocacy, Children, Education, Support Groups, Talent, Tax Exemption, Women, Youth

Who we are Malaysian Yoga Sports Association is a non-profit tax-exempt organisation founded in 2013. It celebrates the authentic yoga teachings of all traditions, the diversity, harmony and integrity of yoga practices throughout the country and the world. Our mission is to lead the Malaysian yoga community (and the world-wide yoga community), set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga. Malaysian Yoga Sports Association is open to all yogis and yoga organisations in Malaysia. MYSA supports the international standards for yoga teachers...

Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation

in Advocacy, Other Communities, Recommended, Refugees

Who we are Special things come about when you least expect it. Rizq ar Rahman was born out of such an unexpected but significant meeting a few years ago between two ladies with very different backgrounds but united by an incredible drive to make the world a better place. Our founders, Assila Emir & Fatima Syeda Jaleel, came together bringing along their own passion and strengths in different areas of charitable work and turned it into a foundation with the hopes of being an umbrella over many charitable projects. The name Rizq ar Rahman, which means “All provision (is from)...

Consumers Affair and Protection Society of Sabah

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Matlamat kami (1) Melindungi dan menjaga masyarakat pengguna dari pelbagai unsur penipuan, pemerasan, pemalsuan dan penindasan oleh pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab. (2) Memupuk kesedaran pengguna supaya arif dengan hak-hak mereka dan bersuara mengikut landasan hak-hak asas pengguna seperti berikut:- (a) Hak untuk mendapatkan keperluan asas (b) Hak untuk mendapatkan keselamatan (c) Hak untuk mendapatkan maklumat (d) Hak untuk membuat pilihan (e) Hak untuk bersuara (f) Hak untuk mendapatkan ganti rugi (g) Hak untuk mendapatkan pendidikan pengguna (h) Hak untuk mendapatkan alam sekitar...

The People’s Foundation (Yayasan Rakyat)

in Advocacy, Children, Support Groups

Who we are Formerly known as The Galeziaro, the social enterprise has been re-branded to The People’s Foundation to meet and serve its niche objective. The only motive of creating this foundation is to help the people as much we can. Owned by a young entrepreneur, also recently elected Member of Youth Parliament, Darshini pledges to utilize all the funds contributed to this foundation directly to the needy. The purpose of The People’s Foundation is to elevate awareness and focus on moving toward the following nine categories: Helping Children Expanding Education Preserving...

Fur Kids Farm

in Advocacy, Animal Welfare

Who we are Fur Kids Farm (FKF) began with one puppy called Ruff. He was beaten up and was in a very bad condition. He was neglected by a neighbour. One day he wandered away and luckily showed up at our gate. We stood up against the neighbour, kept him & nursed him to health. Today Ruff is a healthy boy and his loyalty & dedication to us is beyond words. Ruff’s past suffering made us want to reach out to other animals that are ill-treated and are in danger. So, we started rescuing animals. In the span of two years, to date, we’ve rescued about 200 animals that have been...

Indigenous Peoples Network of Malaysia /Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS)

in Advocacy, Orang Asli, Support Groups

Who we are A coalition advocating indigenous peoples’ rights in Malaysia. There were plans to establish a national network was conceived and discussed by activists and supporters of the indigenous movement in the early 80s . The decision to establish this network wase made during a meeting in Poring , Sabah in 1992. In 1996 , formal meetings and the establishment of a network eventually held in Kudat , Sabah . At that time, this network consists of 10 organisations of indigenous peoples from all over the country . JOAS been registered in Sabah under the Business Names Ordinance of...

Malaysia Hindu Sangam

in Advocacy, Education, Other Communities, Support Groups

Who we are Malaysia Hindu Sangam  is a brain child of the late Shri K. Paramalingam KMN. He was a barrister at law and was then the Director General of Public Trustee Department. He was greatly assisted by the late Shri K. Ramanathan, a lawyer by profession and an ardent Hindu. Shri K. Ramanathan was the president of Malaysian Indian Congress from 1950 – 1951. He was also the founder of Malaysian Arulneri Thirukkuttam. By the encouragement and inspiration given by the learned saintly Shri K. Ramanathan, Shri K. Paramalingam moved fast and gathered few devout Hindus, who liked to...

National Early Childhood Intervention Council (NECIC)

in Advocacy, Children, Support Groups

Who we are The National Early Childhood Intervention Council (NECIC) was initiated by a group of NGOs and set-up in 2011 with the role to promote and emphasise the crucial components of effective early childhood intervention. The National Council acts as a forum to discuss, advocate, monitor and review all policies and actions related to children with disabilities. Besides our main activity which is the biennial national conference, we are constantly engaging in dialogues with groups such as UNICEF, Child Rights Coalition of Malaysia (CRCM), SUHAKAM and government agencies such as PEMANDU,...

Suriana Welfare Society for Children

in Advocacy, Children, Orang Asli, Single parents, Support Groups

Who are we Suriana Welfare Society For Children is a registered child focused non government organisation(Reg No 0892-10-SEL) set up to advocate for children in crisis. Established in June of 2010, the organisation has a mission of speaking up for the protection of children in crisis situations. Suriana seeks to advocate rights of children through empowering the community, training and development programs and as well as projects within the community. Our mission 1. Protection – To actively advocate the rights of children in Malaysia. Children have the right to live in an environment...


in Advocacy, Animal Welfare, Environment, Youth

Who are we MESYM.com is run by a group of volunteers who are strongly passionate about environmental issues, and who see great potential in providing a central, online platform for the Malaysian environmental scene. We gather in solidarity and goodwill, with the common aim of making the world a better place. We aim to streamline the environmental movement in Malaysia, through these interconnected functions: To provide a central repository of information on environmental movements: who’s doing what – when, where, why and how To provide a voice and platform for experts to share their...

Global Peace Mission Malaysia

in Advocacy, Support Groups

Global Peace Mission (GPM)  is a non-governmental organisation officially  formed in 2001 in response to humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.  But prior to the official formation, for more than two decades and under various names, GPM has provided emergency assistance to various communities in South-east Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Middle East,  Africa and Eastern Europe. GPM has extended various assistance to communities in more than 20 countries such as Afghanistan, Albania,  Bosnia Herzegovina, Cambodia, Chechnya, Indonesia, Iraq, Laos, Kashmir, Kosovo, Lebanon,...

Eastern Regional Organisation For Planning & Housing – EAROPH

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EAROPH as a non- governmental multi-sectorial organisation encompassing the private, public and academic sector was established to foster the exchange of insights and experiences among countries in the EAROPH region. It promotes a better understanding of Human Settlements and encourages excellence in planning, Development and management to improve the quality of life and sustainability of human settlements. Historical Background The Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Housing (EAROPH) was founded at its first Congress help in New Delhi, India in 1956, at a time when emerging...

Kompleks Penyayang Bakti Sungai Buloh

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Kompleks Penyayang BAKTI lahir atas dasar kesedaran terhadap perlunya sebuah institusi yang memberikan khidmat kebajikan berbentuk integrasi kepada mereka yang kurang bernasib baik seperti kanak-kanak, warga tua dan ibu-ibu tunggal. Penwujudan kompleks ini adalah hasil gabungan tenaga Badan Amal Kebajikan Tenaga Isteri (BAKTI) sebagai badan NGO, Tetuan Yarisan Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (Swasta) dan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia (Kerajaan). “Pakatan Tiga Pihak” ini melambangkan keperihatinan setiap sektor masyarakat Malaysia terhadap mereka yang kurang bernasib baik serta menjadi contoh...

Persatuan Autisme Kuching/Kuching Autistic Association

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Who are we Kuching Autistic Association (KAA) Resource and Education Centre (formerly known as Sarawak Autistic Association Resource and Education Centre) was formed by a group of parents of autistic children and professionals on 18 January 1998. How can you help Government agencies, corporate bodies and the general public can extend their help through financial assistance to enable KAA to build a better future for the autistic children and individuals in Sarawak. Better educational and vocational training for them will enable them to lead more independent lives so that they will be less of...

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