Agape Counseling Centre Malaysia

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Our focus Since 1986, it has been Agape’s focus not only on the youth but also on children’s development and potentiality, especially the first seven golden years of their life. If parents could detect their children who have difficulties, be it physiological, psychological, or social, and seek for appropriate treatment and therapy, children will be able to adjust positively, facilitating children’s holistic growth, which in turn will prevent parents from feelings of inadequacy, anxieties or guilt. With increasing disciplinary problems, stress and social violence in homes...

National Human Rights Society (HAKAM)

in Advocacy, Support Groups

The National Human Rights Society, Better known locally as HAKAM, our society is a human rights non-governmental organization (NGO) that works on human rights issues in Malaysia. HAKAM promotes, preserves and defends human rights in Malaysia. The society campaigns for the abolishment of laws that are inconsistent with human rights, addresses complaints about human rights violations and lobbies the government to ratify international and regional human rights instruments. Mission To promote, preserve and defend human rights and for that purpose:- (a) to promote and encourage respect for and...

Positive Shelter Home (POSHE)

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Siapa kami Projek bernama POSITIVE SHELTER HOME ( POSHE ) adalah sabuah rumah perantaraan (half-way-home) dan perlindungan untuk kanak-kanak dan wanita dewasa pembawa HIV/AIDS. Projek ini adalah dibawah Pertubuhan Pelindungan Pembawa HIV Positif Wilayah Persekutuan dan Selangor yang telah didaftar dengan Registration Of Society (ROS) pada bulan Januari 2009. Projek ini telah dihasilkan dengan tujuan untuk melindung, menjaga dan membela hak kanak-kanak dan memulih semangat wanita dewasa. Berikutan fenomena tragik HIV/AIDS di Malaysia sekarang, jumlah kanak-kanak yatim/piatu pembawa HIV/AIDS...

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

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The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was created in 1969, the same year the United Nations General Assembly declared “parents have the exclusive right to determine freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children.” UNFPA works to deliver a world where: Every Pregnancy is Wanted Every Childbirth is Safe Every Young Person’s Potential is Fulfilled Since UNFPA started its work, the world has seen progress: The number and rate of women dying from complications of pregnancy or childbirth has been halved. Families are healthier. Young people are more connected and...

Penang Cheshire Home

in Advocacy, Differently Abled, Support Groups, Tax Exemption

History The Penang Cheshire Home was established in 1978 by Toh Puan Datuk Hajjah Sardiah (Consort of Tun Hj. Sardon Jubir, the then Governor of Penang) together with a group of volunteers, with the noble aim of housing the physically handicapped. Over the years, the Home became synonymous with the rehabilitation of the disabled. The Home began in a humble way. Donations from a generous public enabled a wing of the former Po Leung Kuk Home to be renovated and refurbished to house the pioneer batch of six residents. Our services As the years passed by, the Home steadily grew in stature and...

Asia Pacific Council of AIDS Services Organizations (APCASO)

in Health, Advocacy

The Asia Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organisations (APCASO) is a network of non-government and community-based organisations that provide HIV/AIDS services within the Asia and the Pacific region. CBOs have been involved in the HIV/AIDS epidemic at local and global levels and are one of the most distinctive features of the response to the epidemic. CBOs are based in and are made up of people from the most affected communities. Furthermore, CBOs are able to reflect and anticipate needs at the local level, which give them a unique perspective and function in the formulation of effective and...

Asrama Seri Murni

in Advocacy, Women, Youth

Pusat Jagaan Seri Murni offers a SAFE HAVEN and TEMPORARY SHELTER for women and girls in crisis situations such as: Women, mothers and their children who are experiencing abuse in their relationships or through domestic / family violence Teenage girls / women in pregnancy who are unwed or in crises Women experiencing conflict in their marriage Women in personal or family difficulties Survivors of rape or assault

Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER)

in Advocacy

The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) undertakes independent and high quality problem-oriented research on economic, financial and business issues facing the country and provides advice on macroeconomic management, development and future economic perspectives. In undertaking this task, the Institute seeks to achieve the following objectives: serve as a bridge between the government, the private sector and the universities, and become a focal point for economic, financial and business research in the country; undertake economic research projects commissioned by clients in the...

Malaysian Association of Social Workers (MASW)

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In Malaysia, professional social work was introduced by the British Colonial Administration as early as the 1930s but it was mainly focused on problems of migrant labourers from India and China. It was only after World War II, when social problems of displacement, juvenile delinquency and poverty became more prominent, that a Department of Social Welfare was formerly established in 1946. Social work services were introduced in terms of financial aid for the needy, probation programs for juvenile delinquents, protection homes for women and girls, and residential care for the disabled and the...

Institut Kajian Dasar (IKD)

in Advocacy

Institut Kajian Dasar (IKD) ditubuhkan oleh Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim pada tahun 1985 sebagai penubuhan nir-laba bukan kerajaan yang berdedikasi untuk melahirkan kebangkitan kebudayaan, pembentukan masyarakat madani dan mempromosi interaksi antara negara- negara Asia Tenggara dan di luarnya. Juga menawarkan forum untuk para sarjana, pembuat dasar, dan lain- lain untuk berinteraksi, menganjurkan persidangan, seminar, latihan dan perundingan dalam isu- isu semasa yang penting. Objectif IKD Menjalankan, atau bekerjasama dalam menjalankan kajian berkaitan pembangunan ekonomi dan sosial di...

Institute for Indigenous Economic Progress (INDEP), Sabah

in Advocacy

Objectives 1. To promote and enhance intelligent and well researched decision making amongst indigenous individuals, and organizations that are essentially established for these peoples themselves. 2. To assists in bringing the indigenous peoples into the mainstream of NATION BUILDING

Association of Women Lawyers, Federal Territory and Selangor

in Advocacy, Women

Who We Are The Association of Women Lawyers is responsible for the promotion of the rights, welfare and professional development of women lawyers and law graduates in Malaysia. It is an organization to eliminate discrimination and ensure full and equal participation of women lawyers and law graduates in the legal and related fields. It aims to ensure the attainment and full enjoyment of all rights for women from all walks of like based on principles of substantive equality. Our missions To promote and increase the participation of women in all levels of judicial, legal and public...

Sustainable Development Network, Malaysia (SUSDEN)

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Who are we Established since 1995, SUSDEN’s education and awareness programmes have been effective in spreading the urgency for a sustainable world. In 2003, it launched the Initiatif Penita programme to bring forth the importance of gender equity in the sustainability aspect. Penitajaya Sdn Bhd, through the publication of Majalah Penita enables this process and supports the various outreach programmes of SUSDEN as a partner with a common concern. Our objectives 1. To transform the capital-centred approach to a people-centred and sustainable one. 2. To protect and conserve Malaysia as...

Penang Institute

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The Penang Institute is the public policy think tank of the state government of Penang. Established in 1997 as the Socio-economic and Environmental Research Institute (SERI), it has now been rebranded to better reflect the aspirations of the state to transform Penang into an international and intelligent city. With the tag-line, “Making Ideas Work”, the Penang Institute seeks to spur bold thinking in the key areas of economics, socio-politics and sustainable development. The Institute’s approach assumes three main thrusts: To undertake research and analysis of public policies in order...

Women’s Centre for Change, Penang

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Who are we WCC is a registered, tax-exempt, non-profit organisation set up in 1985 to help women and children facing crisis, irrespective of race, religion, or social background. Our work is to provide immediate assistance for women needing crisis intervention, as well as to undertake programmes to promote gender equality in our society. As a membership organisation, WCC elects a General Committee at its Annual General Meeting. This committee is responsible for both decision-making and guidance of WCC’s work functions which are co-ordinated and implemented by full-time staff with the help...

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