YMCA Penang Deaf Club

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Who are we YMCA runs a Centre for the hearing impaired whereby tuition for Primary and Lower Secondary students (both deaf camp; normal students are accepted), pre-school camp; speech training on Saturday for children of aged five and below are held. Our teachers are non-deaf with the knowledge of sign language. Education programme are planned to help expose or train the children/youth to be self-reliant in this modem society. Besides these activities, the Centre is also extending its service to assist the deaf people to find suitable jobs in its ‘ Helping the Unemployed Deaf’...

The Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children (REACh)

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Who are we The Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children set up in 1987, also known as Lions REACH, provides free services for autistic children and their families. The centre is manned by a few dedicated and committed Lions and supported by the public and the Lions family throughout Malaysia. From a small group of four children, our centre is now offering free services to more than 55 children, ranging from 3 years old to 21 years old. We have also started another centre in Butterworth since 1998, to meet the increasing needs from the northern region in Malaysia. Both of...

Pusat Harian Harapan Bakti (Centre for Special Children)

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Who are we Pusat Harian Harapan Bakti, Balik Pulau (School For The Mentally Retarded Children) Balik Pulau, Penang was set up in March 1983 to cater for children with learning difficulties in the South-West District of Penang in Malaysia. It was officially declared open on 16th February 1984. Our objectives Support the children’s right to education Develop realistic goals for the children so that they will be more able to function purposely in community Protect the basic human rights of mentally retarded children. Encourage parents and family involvement in the child present...

Persatuan Membantu Orang-orang Kurang Upaya (Akal) Negeri Kedah

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Who are we The society was officially registered with 11 core members. The number of core members has since increased to more than 50. Our services The society’s main project is the ‘Day Centre for Special Children’. Together the 11 members combined their resources to set up the Day Centre by renting the lower part of a two storey kampung (village) house. (The owner of the house stayed with his family on the upper storey). It was very small, only able to accommodate about 20 people. Two years later, the local government donated a single storey bungalow at the current...

Persatuan Untuk Insan Bermasalah Intelek Perak (Sekolah Semangat Maju Sitiawan)

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Background Established in 1991, Sekolah Semangat Maju Sitiawan is one of six schools under the wing of Persatuan untuk Insan Bermasalah Intelak Perak or Perak Association for Intellectually Disabled (PAFID). The objective of the school is to provide education/training for children with intellectual disabilities. Sekolah Semangat Maju Sitiawan provides education for about 70 mentally disabled children and the school is run on a non-profit basis managed by volunteers. Parents of the children are also trained to take care of the children’s special needs. The New Zealand government supports the...

Persatuan Pemulihan Orang Cacat Negeri Perak

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY When Established: February 1977 The society (PPOC Perak) was officially registered on February 12th 1977 with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies (ROS). Our main project is the sheltered workshop (Kinta Valley Workshop) for the disabled and the blind, situated about 5 kilometres from the town of Ipoh. Persatuan Pemulihan Orang Cacat Perak (PPOC Perak) merupakan salah satu Syarikat NGO berdaftar dibawah Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat di mana ia ditubuhkan secara rasmi mendaftar pada tahun 21 Febuari 1977 dan berdaftar dengan Pertubuhan Malaysia...

New Horizons Society (NHS) Early Intervention Centre

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Who are we New Horizons was birthed as a result of the coming together of a group of like-minded individuals who saw a great need to provide practical help to an ever increasing number of children with learning disabilities. The Canning Garden EIP Centre opened in March 1995, providing an “early intervention programme” (or EIP) for children aged 6 months to 6 years old. Subsequently, the programme expanded to cater to young ‘home-based’ children who could not attend lessons at the centre due to various circumstances. Due to the high demand for services and long waiting list for...

Association of the Network for the Needs of Children with Disability (Perak)

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Who are we Association of the Network for the Needs of Children with Disability (Perak) was officially registered by the Registrar of Societies in 1996.(Reg no. 4213/96). Network was formed by parents who have children with disability together with professionals & interested individuals. The main aims are:- 1) To create and foster a cooperative networking of the various social agencies involved in meeting the needs of children with disabilities 2) To promote continuous, effective planning to benefit the children with disabilities and their parents and carers 3) To ensure the availability...

Taman Sinar Harapan Tuanku Ampuan Najihah Seremban

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Who are we The institution was set up in 1947 by the then Ministry of Social Welfare. It is situated about 3km from the town of Seremban. In 1978, the institution was designated especially for the care and training of mentally handicapped children. Accordingly it was renamed to its current name from State Home for Children, in honour of its Royal Patron, DYMM Tuanku Ampuan of Negeri Sembilan. Until 1983, the institution provided care for all categories of mentally disabled children with low to average functioning abilities. From 1984, it accepted only children below the age of 14 and who were...

Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal, Selangor

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Who are we The centre was founded by Mr V. Rajamanikam, then with only seven children, the centre solely depended on public donations. Today, the centre accommodates almost 155 children with age-range that varies from three years to 51 years old. Despite having “adults” as our inmates, the centre still term them as “children”. The word “children” here is used loosely and it reflects the condition and the similar situation with which the young ones are facing. Most of the children are mentally disabled, meaning, they are unable to take care of themselves....

Dignity & Services

in Differently Abled, Social Enterprise

BACKGROUND/HISTORY Description of Charity Dignity & Services (D&S) is an advocacy movement speaking and acting on behalf of and alongside persons with learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities). D&S aims to be an independent voice to ensure that persons with learning disabilities are offered the basic human right of being treated as other human beings. Dignity & Services was incorporated in Malaysia on 29th July 1991 (Company No : 221939-T). Aims To enable persons with learning difficulties to express their thoughts, feelings and views about their own lives and the...

Damai Disabled Persons Association of Malaysia

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Who are we Damai Disabled Persons Association of Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan is a non-profit organisation started in 1998 by the disabled, for the disabled. Its vision is to bring forth structural and social change to eliminate prejudice and create educational and employment opportunities for the disabled. Its primary objective is to provide people with disabilities with the necessary skills to live independently. Essentially, Damai acts as a stepping stone for its members, which at the time of writing, stands at approximately 100 members. Damai provides its members with counselling,...

Pusat Majudiri Y (PMY) For The Deaf

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Who are we The Pusat Majudiri Y for the Deaf caters for a wide range of programmes and services for the Deaf and their families, geared towards the development of the Deaf, particularly in the building of self-reliance. The Pusat Majudiri Y caters for the needs of more than 500 deaf children, youth, adults and their families. Among the services and programmes are the Deaf Kids Club, Deaf Teens Club, parents Support Group, Employment Support Programme, Promotion of Deaf Awareness (through leaflets and exhibitions), Interpreting Service, Camps, and Family Life and Home Management Our...

Persatuan Kristian Shuang Fu Untuk Orang-orang Kurang Upaya, Kuala Lumpur

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Who are we Registration Number: (Registrar of societies under the Societies’ Act 1966 When Established: 07/2000 By Whom: Madam Shen Chiu Hsiang Our aims 1. Services – Occupational exploration, emotional counseling, leisure activities 2. Promotions – Social Awareness, Disabled Self-reliant Programmes, Campaign to be Barrier-Free (Building Accessibility Awareness) 3. Advocacy – Enhance and improve the welfare of disabled persons Our Services: Handicraft Training (Physically Disabled) Recycling Training (Mentally & Physically Challenge Disabled; Former Drug...

Society of Families of Persons with Learning Difficulties (PERKOBP)

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Who are we PERKOBP has its origin as an informal support group formed in early 1992 by a group of parents who were concerned with the welfare of their children with learning difficulties. At that time, about 25 families took turns to meet in their homes to discuss the needs of their teenage children who had just completed various training programmes. There were no further services available for them nor could they hold a job because of their learning difficulties. The group got itself registered with the ROS as a society on 20th Nov 1993. Currently, they have about 300 members. Membership is...

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