Persatuan Kebajikan Makatip Sabah

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Persatuan Kebajikan Makatip Sabah is a charity organization located in a remote village named Makatip in Tambunan, Sabah1. The organization was established in 20191 and is run by Sister Mary Annunciata @ Nora1. The organization provides assistance to a wide range of individuals including those discharged from mental hospitals, prison, drug addicts, rape victims, poor children, individuals with autism, and juveniles neglected by parents1. The main objective of the organization is to provide proper education, good health, refuge, and security for their future1. The organization operates...

Department of Veterinary Services/Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar

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Do you know that you can now report animal abuse cases to DVS (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar) via WhatsApp & email? Website: WhatsApp: 019-2242233 Email: [email protected] From Browse all DVS contact details at our website, or download the PDF for your reference. Be sure to include relevant details and evidence i.e. address, photos and animal information when making a...

Destiny Starting Point home

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Destiny Starting Point is a specialized facility catering to delinquent boys and girls aged 7 to 17, who struggle with discipline due to challenges with their parents and school authorities. The home’s mission is to rehabilitate these young lives who may have been led astray by negative influences and nurture them to become healthy and productive individuals. At Destiny Starting Point, they create a homely environment where these young individuals can freely express themselves. They provide stability, love, security, and discipline. Having relocated to Pandamaran in 1994, they...

Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation

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The Rizq Ar Rahman Charitable Labuan Foundation is a charitable organization based in Malaysia. It was founded by Assila Emir and Fatima Syeda Jaleel, who brought their passion and strengths in different areas of charitable work to create a foundation that serves as an umbrella for many charitable projects. The name “Rizq ar Rahman” means “All provision (is from) God, the Most Merciful”. The foundation is driven by the belief that all provisions ultimately come from God and strives to serve as a conduit through which provision could be better channeled to those most in need. They...

Remedic Healthcare Foundation

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The RHF (REMEDIC HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION) is a non-profit charity organization founded by Mdm Lu Ting Ting. They work alongside a team of medical professionals and administrative experts with the mission of ensuring that the underprivileged and destitute individuals have the right to access basic medical and healthcare services. RHF strongly believes that adequate medical care is a fundamental human right, accessible to everyone, regardless of their social status, with no exceptions or interruptions. At RHF, they emphasize the importance of collective efforts to support the marginalized and...

Food Aid Foundation

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The Food Aid Foundation is led by a team of experienced professionals from the food services industry, supported by a dedicated staff comprising both employees and volunteers. Their team includes skilled cooks and drivers, all prepared to assist those in need. The organization upholds a set of core values and principles: 1. **Respect for All:** They hold high regard for every individual’s life and treat all, regardless of their race or religion, with dignity, respect, and compassion. 2. **Accountability:** The Food Aid Foundation is committed to maintaining the public’s trust by...

Persatuan Autisme Kuching/Kuching Autistic Association

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Who are we Kuching Autistic Association (KAA) Resource and Education Centre (formerly known as Sarawak Autistic Association Resource and Education Centre) was formed by a group of parents of autistic children and professionals on 18 January 1998. How can you help Government agencies, corporate bodies and the general public can extend their help through financial assistance to enable KAA to build a better future for the autistic children and individuals in Sarawak. Better educational and vocational training for them will enable them to lead more independent lives so that they will be less of...

Pertubuhan Jagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Setia

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Pertubuhan Jagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Setia is led by a dedicated management team, including Mr. Siew Too, Mr. Raymond Ong Kah Chee, and Madam Sin Kuan Lin, who are committed to improving the lives of children. They currently have a staff of 6 members. The organization provides care and support for children between the ages of 5 to 42 who have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, orphanhood, or are at risk. At present, they are caring for 39 residents, consisting of 3 Indian and 36 Chinese children. Diversity and non-discrimination are core values of this home. They offer educational...

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Sinar Harapan Petaling Jaya (PKSH)

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Who are we PKSH was formed in the year 2013 by it’s president Ms Santhi with the aim of helping “Special Needs” Children to acquire basic skills so that they can be independent when they grow up and contribute to the society. We want to help children with special needs, such as “Down Syndrome” by giving them appropriate therapies to maximise their chances of reaching normal milestones in development. Our mission To create awareness and support on all aspects towards the Down Syndrome community. Our services Early Intervention Programme Vocational and living...

Good Stewards

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Who we are We help people learn social values through nature as a teaching medium. Social values like growing a strong foundation, being a force for good, collaboration while maintaining individuality, life-giving leadership, and so on. We find that these values are shared by both man (social) and nature (ecological). For example, ‘fruitfulness’ is a common value and purpose in both nature and humans. And just as ‘diversity’ makes a natural ecosystem resilient, so does it foster better human societies. In building that understanding, we hope that people may be inspired by the...

Right to Learn Project

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Who we are A non-profit learning support for children from challenged backgrounds, funded by the Amma Foudation. What do we do We provide education support but would like to extend to: Computer training Life skills Reading and writing skills This project was founded by Yans Ganghadaran. We also provide: Free teaching Transport Books and learning materials All these with the help of funding fromf Amma Foundation. The homes that have so far benefitted from this programme are Rumah Sayang, Rumah Hope, Sri Agathian Shelter and children from low-income families at the Rumah Panjang Taman...

Rumah Kasih Charity Home

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Rumah Kasih Kuala Lumpur, established in September 2000, is a charitable organization affiliated with Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). It serves as a haven for the poor, elderly, homeless, terminally ill, and helpless individuals abandoned in hospitals. The home is advised by Hospital Director Datuk Dr. Hj. Ramlee Hj. Rahmat, chaired by Hospital Kuala Lumpur Senior Assistant Director Dr. Ng Thiew Kim, with Honorary Advisor Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Chairman of the Board of Visitors. **Services:** 1. **Free Hospice Services:** Providing palliative care to meet the needs of abandoned elderly and...

Rumah shalom

Rumah Shalom

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Rumah Shalom is a foster home for underprivileged children who come from families with difficult backgrounds. It was founded in 1997 by several concerned individuals with the aim to provide shelter, care, and education for these children so that they can grow up to be responsible citizens. Their vision is to help the children achieve a basic education and develop moral values in them. In addition, the home also provides a homely and comfortable environment for the children to grow and live. Their objectives include: Providing a loving, caring, and homely environment for children...

CHILD Information, Learning and Development Centre

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Who are we For the last 24 years, since 1984, CHILD has lent itself to the cause of Tamil schools to help them regain their rightful place, identity and self-respect in the National education system. CHILD’s engagement has helped to transform the study culture of Tamil school children and forge an amiable working partnership between parents, teachers and the community in many Tamil Schools. Meanwhile, the long-term association of 25 years with Tamil Schools has afforded CHILD the opportunity to study the Tamil school problems comprehensively and test several different remedial modalities...

House of Joy

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HOUSE OF JOY is a non-profit charitable home established on August 1, 1992, by Rev. Tang Chee Sing and his wife, Lee Ching Mun. It serves as a social concern organization providing shelter, care, and training to underprivileged orphans, children, and teenagers who have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, or poverty. In addition to children and teens, House of Joy also offers shelter and care to destitute elderly individuals. The primary objective of House of Joy is to reach out to these vulnerable populations and instill a sense of self-worth and positive transformation among children,...

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